Oxygen Not Included July 15 Update Patch Notes | A Breath of Fresh Air Update

Klei Entertainment has released their latest Oxygen Not Included July 15 Update and here are the full list of patch notes with us. This patch brings over several new features, game content. It also includes plenty of fixes and small changes to the game.

Since there is so much to explore in this Oxygen Not Included July 15 Update, we suggest you go through the entire list of release notes. You should be able to download and install this patch right away. Once you start Steam, this latest update will automatically start downloading.

Oxygen Not Included July 15 Update Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for Oxygen Not Included July 15 Update that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:

Base Game Breath Of Fresh Air (Since November)
Features And Major Changes

  • New Duplicant traits can be rolled, including skill-granting traits
  • Many POI buildings are now demolishable by skilled Duplicants.
    • The “Improved Construction III” skill has been renamed “Demolition” and is required to use this ability
  • Duplicants in harmful gases like chlorine or hydrogen will develop Irritation effects
  • Added Gas Meter Valve, Liquid Meter Valve, and Conveyor Meter buildings
  • Oxygen Masks are a new early-game option for helping Duplicants explore the the asteroid away from the comforts of the base
    • New Oxygen Mask Locker and Oxygen Mask Marker buildings
    • New Crafting Table (you craft Oxygen Masks here)
  • Added durability system for equippable suits (Oxygen Mask, Atmo Suit, Jet Suit) that integrates them back into other game loops
    • This system is turned off by default in the base game, and on by default in Spaced Out!
  • New Colony Diagnostics Panel gives more ongoing awareness of the game’s status, rather than relying on notifications when things go wrong
  • New Resources panel highlights new resources and allows pinning only the resources you care about
  • Food preservation changes and fixes
    • Rottable items now have two stages of cooling: Refrigerated and Deep Freeze
    • Rottable items aren’t fully preserved unless they are both in sterile atmosphere AND deep-frozen, because temperature and atmosphere effects now stack
    • Temperature and atmosphere effects have been rebalanced to account for this
    • Refrigerated food now lasts 5x as long instead of 2x
    • Food preservation times were incorrectly reported in the Codex, and were missing their refrigeration value
    • Rottable foods correctly detect if they’re in an active fridge or not
    • Refrigerators cool things to 2 degrees celsius instead of 4 degrees, so that they actually get cold enough to be refrigerated. (Note: foods in a powered fridge are always considered refrigerated regardless of temperature.)
    • Foods dropped from a fridge will no longer continue cooling off on the ground
    • Fridges now go into a low power “energy saver” mode when their contents are cooled.
    • “Unrefrigerated Food” notification now jumps to that food when clicked. (Only partially stale unrefrigerated food in storage will trigger the notification.)

Changes And Improvements

  • Duplicants can no longer sanitize a suit using a sink or wash basin
  • Duplicants faces are more reliably changed when they are sick, sunburnt, etc, including new Hypothermia faces
  • Fixes and updates to resolve some Duplicant facial expressions animation issues
  • Added movement sounds to the vomiter locomotion set.


  • Buildings with filtered storages (Lockers, Fridges, etc.) now accept deliveries in most circumstances, only stopping with major failures such as being flooded or entombed
  • Updated ui art for the Conductive Wire Bridge
  • Rearranged the tech tree to move Solid Rails earlier
  • Moved Cryofuel Propulsion and Monuments techs to a higher tier
  • Changed visual order of unlocked items within a research tech.
  • All filterable storage buildings now show a tint/status item if no filter has been selected
  • Tweaked the meter colours on some storage buildings to work when colourblind modes are turned on or off.
  • Desalinator no longer has a minimum output temperature for Brine
    • This may break some existing setups (frozen output pipes)
  • Added Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier sound


  • The “Elderly” status item is now added when a critter has less than 10% of its lifespan remaining instead of a hard coded 5 cycles

Systems & Simulation

  • Hooked up correct Lead artwork
  • Errand “offset” fixes
    • Fix exploit where Duplicants can pick up items diagonally through walls if standing on a raised tile
    • Duplicants can access constructions diagonally from a greater number of nearby positions
    • Farm Tiles and Hydroponic Tiles now allow corner access for delivery chores.
  • Bottled Gasses and Liquids can now condense/freeze.
  • Ores and Bottles will now produce secondary elements during phase transitions, e.g. Bottles of polluted water will make both dirt and steam when heated.
  • Foods in vacuum now use exclusively their internal temperature to decide if they are refrigerated or not.


  • Optimized some messaging between objects being slower than intended. In big bases, this can often save > 50% of a frame (in one base, ~63% performance was gained over many frames)
  • Deodorizers were flickering active/inactive way too often, so we tweaked the way they consume vs. process polluted oxygen to improve stability
  • Improved an expensive check related to Yellow Alert
  • Research screen now shows and hides more responsively.

UI & Codex

  • Storage filter side screens now automatically unfold categories with selected materials
  • All sandbox tools now have their own icon
  • Printing Pod sidescreen Colony Imperative information includes progress tooltips.


  • The “Resume” button in the main menu will load the latest save that matches the enabled DLC, instead of disappearing if the first save is of the wrong type
  • Added a dialog that appears when upgrading base game saves to the newest version to explain the major differences.

(note that these only apply to newly-generated worlds)

  • Worldgen borders now gradiate temperature between the adjacent biomes. This should prevent temperature “leakage” through Abyssalite. Note: doesn’t fix biomes “spilling over” the borders.
  • Display worldgen failure popup when guaranteed POIs are not successfully placed and return to main menu
  • Improved robustness of some guaranteed worldgen rules to address a number of worldgen failures
  • Improved Abyssalite border drawing in extreme temperature cases to prevent magma from spilling over into adjacent biomes in most cases.


  • We restructured the StreamingAssets folder separating the base and Spaced Out! files
  • WorldGen file structure changes.
    • Deprecated ‘pointsOfInterest’ in favor of subworldTemplateRules
    • TemplateRules by default do not allow duplicates. Use allowDuplicates=true to override
    • Moved SubWorld specific geysers to World files and changed them to be guaranteed
  • Research point constants were renamed in code for clarity
  • Updated Harmony modding library to This obsoletes all DLL mods that were not updated during the testing period. Please be kind to your modders, as this is a rather large change for them to deal with! Modders, the full details are in this post.
  • Mod uploader now shows an error if any common game data is in a mod upload package
  • Mod uploader allows selecting whether your mod is compatible with Base Game and Spaced Out!
  • DLL Mods will need to be updated to continue working with the game. Please read this post for full details.
  • New UserMod2 class: inherit from this class in your mods to use the new modding functionality
  • The UserMod2 class now has a mod property on it which will contain a reference to the Mod this assembly is being loaded by
  • mod_info.yaml has a new optional field version, a string that gets prepended with a ‘v’ in the UI
  • mod_info.yaml has a new field APIVersion. If a mod loads a DLL, this must be set to 2 to indicate that the latest version of the mod system (i.e. Harmony2.0) is being used, otherwise the mod will be disabled
  • mods.yaml has a new optional field staticID. If provided, this will be stored on the Mod object for reference, as well as used as the ID provided to Harmony. This can be used to more reliably detect when other mods are installed, regardless of how they were installed.
  • The Mod class now has a field packagedModInfo which contains the mod_info.yaml from the loaded version of that mod
  • lastWorkingBuild has been replaced by minimumSupportedBuild in mod_info.yaml. The behaviour is now: “From the mod archives with supported content, pick the one with the highest supported build that doesn’t exceed the game build.”
    • When you update a mod for testing branch, just put the existing version in an archive folder, and make your preview version have the preview build as the minimumSupportedBuild


  • Fixed numerous Duplicant traits that should be exclusive from each other
  • Fixed crashes when deconstructing a door while a Duplicant is passing through
  • Fix crash when a Duplicant is destroyed
  • Attempted fix for crash related to the Super Productive trait.
  • Fixed issue causing worker/building animation desync.


  • Fix crashes related to having a building selected when construction completes
  • Fix steam turbines deleting some of their input mass
  • Power sources no longer complain about missing consumers if there is a battery or transformer on the network
  • Fixed issue where buildings with solid parts like the Solar Panel and Fish Feeder would leave behind a “ghost floor.”
  • Buildings and objects which have been marked “Empty Storage” now save/load the errand properly
  • Gas and Liquid Shutoff valves now immediately end their flowing animation when a red automation signal is received or no gas/liquid is flowing.
  • Conveyor Shutoff now has a “Conveyor Rail Blocked” status and behaves like the other Shutoffs when blocked.
  • Fixed an issue sometimes preventing buildings from showing status items when they needed materials delivered.

Critters & Plants

  • “Wrangle” effects are now properly centered on the target critter
  • Fixed bug in flying critter death animation sound playback
  • Fixed Hatches floating in the air after being wrangled while burrowed
  • Fixed a scaling issue with the Arbor Tree where the art was blurry at certain stages of the grow cycle

Systems & Simulation

  • Fix liquid geysers not emitting if they were in a gas environment.
  • Fix crash caused by running out of TagBits. This would happen in late-game bases, especially with mods.
  • Fixed crash when changing the Bottle Emptier to Sweep Only when a Duplicant has already picked up a bottle to deliver
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a geyser’s output would transition the wrong element, which made it appear as if a different element was being emitted
  • Fixed physics where objects would slide into walls instead of away from them
  • Fixed issue allowing germ duplication in falling water
  • Splitting ores now correctly updates the temperature transfer in the sim for both parts.
  • Downgraded possible crash when ores melt to a log warning.
  • Minor adjustments to the artifact art to sit better on the ground and pedestal

UI & Codex

  • Fixed crash pressing Esc key before welcome message appears on a new game
  • Fixed formatting for drowning under Growth Halted. Before it looked as if drowning/saturated was listed twice as a status. With correct formatting it’s a lot clearer what the intent is.
  • Emission blocked tooltip displays the emitting element instead of the tile’s element.
  • Fixed Geyser codex entry
  • Fixed broken hotkeys in the overlay tooltips
  • Fixed a bug that caused sidescreen titles to not update if you clicked from one building with a sidescreen to another
  • Fixed many cases where required research skills were listing the wrong skill, and improved various formatting
  • Fixed some instances of two click sounds playing simultaneously.
  • Plant sorting was broken on the planter box sidescreen, now the crops are consistently ordered
  • Fixed crashes relating to missing UI icons – a default sprite is now substituted for missing UI icons.
  • Fixed issue preventing codex from showing accurate plant and critter references in some biome pages.


  • Fix crash if hitting escape or right-click on the load screen colony details while in-game (and possibly other modal screens!)
  • Fixed crash selecting a save with removed buildings on Colony Summary screen
  • Fix crash when entering an invalid int for Coordinates on Asteroid select
  • Fix crash that could occur if trying to load a world whose data no longer exists (i.e. a mod world)
  • Add check on the main menu that prevents crashing if the newest save file is corrupted or otherwise problematic
  • Crash Report Screen now uploads the correct save file automatically when you report the crash.
  • Dragging the order of mods on the mods screen no longer sends mods to the bottom of the list randomly. Drop position is now also calculated “between” mod entries so it’s easier to change the order intentionally
  • Prevented problematic ‘.’ character from appearing in colony names.


  • Upgraded Unity Engine to 2020.3

Spaced Out Breath Of Fresh Air Update

  • Added Classic Style Forest Cluster.
  • 5 new artifacts added to Spaced Out!
  • Added Diamond Press sounds.
  • Added Material Research Centre hammer strike sound and Artifact Analysis Station Sound & hammer strike sound.
  • Added Artifact Analysis Station
  • Artifacts now have an “encrusted” state which reduces decor, but can be cleared at the Artifact Analysis Station
  • Added sounds to rocket doors opening/closing.
  • Deploying from a Trailblazer Module and Rover’s Module moves the camera to look at the surface.
  • Added several new Monument options
  • New Regolith Asteroid added to newly generated Clusters.
  • New Cosmic Archaeology colony imperative, with animated short
  • Updated The Great Escape colony imperative for Spaced Out!
    • The Temporal Tear and Temporal Tear Opener can be found in newly generated clusters

Changes and Improvements

  • Increased Sandstone biome size in Rusty Oil Asteroid found in the Forest and Swamp Spaced Out Style clusters.
  • Duplicants can now traverse the space below the top of a Rocket Platform. They can no longer be entombed by the platform.
  • Nuclear Waste no longer dumps out of storage or completely reverts back to liquid all at once after decay is finished. Instead, it slowly drips nuclear waste over time. If in a sealed storage, the nuclear waste will deal damage to that storage and drip waste regardless of the storage (Duplicants & Nuclear Reactor are immune to this effect)
  • Updated codex entries for Beeta, Divergent, Plug Slug, Rover, Experiment 52B.
  • Updated Missing Radbolts status item on fabricators with Radbolt recipes.
  • Rockets in the starmap now play an animation when harvesting from space POI.
  • New art & FX for the nuclear waste barrel.
  • Added cobalt Atmosuit recipe to the Exosuit Forge.
  • Added audio for nuclear waste barrel fx.

Bug Fixes

  • Worldgen: Irradiated Swampy Asteroid accidentally had its Cobalt Volcanoes swapped with Aluminum ones. Now it’s back to Cobalt.
  • Worldgen: Fixed an issue where sometimes Radioactive Swamp Asteroid would fail to generate with minimum surface biome counts.
  • Fixed bug where Beeta Larvae were not triggering weight plates.
  • Fixed bug where Beetas were not detected by critter sensors.
  • Fixed bug where Plug Slugs stopped generating power if hanging from an open door.
  • Fixed bug where follow cam would break if the duplicant you were following entered a rocket.
  • Solar Panel and Drillcone module meters now move with the rocket during launch/land.
  • Corrected some critter codex names that gave the appearance of duplicate entries.
  • Fixed recipe radbolt requirement formatting in fabricator side screen.
  • Fixed issue preventing Diamond press meter from showing correct value on load.
  • Fixed some animation and selection bugs with rockets in the starmap.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when taking first timelapse screenshot
  • Material Researcher hat icon changed to yellow.
  • Worldgen: Fixed an issue where Beeta Hives would sometimes spawn entombed.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when opening colony summary screen
  • Beeta Hives have proper layering and will no longer appear behind tiles etc.
  • Beetas no longer emit radiation when they are not sleeping.
  • Oversee Planetoid button will rediscover the surface if it has not been visited by Duplicants. This fixes older saves where the surface was not revealed correctly.
  • Worldgen: Improved Rusty Oil Asteroid worldgen rules to prevent some worldgen failures.
  • Worldgen: Removed unclearable FOW in a frozen biome POI. Affects new saves only; use the sandbox to clear on existing saves.
  • Worldgen: Removed food poisoning around teleporter in Radioactive Swamp Asteroid, Oily Swamp Asteroid.
  • Fixed issue causing rockets harvesting from space POIs to show a diagnostic warning implying they were idle
  • Added proper name for Large Terra Cluster’s teleporter destination asteroid
  • Reordered Exosuit Forge recipes to so worn suit recipes appear after the suit they repair.
  • Fixed issue where Atmo Suits from pre-merge saves would sometimes lose their internal oxygen. This was causing Duplicants to be unable to use checkpoints that had previously been working.
  • Fixed misleading tooltips for rocket height limit condition.
  • Fixed crash opening Crafting Table Codex page.
  • Fixed an issue where some asteroids would not reveal their surface.
  • Adjusted “set rocket destination” tooltip.
  • Drillcone description fixed to include Cargo Module reference.


  • Spread out Colony Diagnostic checks and UI updates across frames to make performance more consistent and less spikey.
  • Resources Panel no longer updates when collapsed, preventing large performance spikes.

Changes since last testing branch update

  • Changes and improvements
    • Oxygen Masks can additionally be crafted out of Iron Ore.
    • Worldgen: Classic style clusters now use a “mini” version of the Regolith Asteroid.
    • Added Regolith Asteroid and Temporal Tear Opener descriptions
    • Localization updates
  • Fixes
    • Worldgen:
      • Tundra Asteroid Iron Volcano geyser count restored to previous numbers.
      • Fixed an issue where massive amounts of Carbon Dioxide was generated in the Radioactive biome.
      • Fixed an issue where the border on the Regolith Asteroid would sometimes have a hole in it.
    • Added missing Serum Vial recipe to the Apothecary
    • Fixed crash that could occur when a rocket enters the temporal tear
    • Fixed crash that could occur when rocket was destroyed while the camera was focused on its interior

If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

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