Call of Duty: Mobile will be celebrating their very first anniversary next month in October, and there is a big update planned for it. COD Mobile Season 11 is scheduled to be released in the mid of October at some point, which will bring the new anniversary update live for everyone.

Just like most other mobile games, Call of Duty: Mobile releases new content for the players every month in seasonal updates. Currently, we have the Season 10 (The Hunt) going on which will end next month in mid-October.

This guide will help you fill out the application to become a video review investigator in PUBG Mobile. We have already discussed about the changes brought in New Era, but most importantly, the anti-cheat system also got an upgrade. And to ban hackers from ruining the gameplay experience, PUBG Mobile team is looking towards its community of players. Just recently the team announced that they have banned over 2 million accounts in the last week alone.

As part of this new anti-cheat system, PUBG Mobile now has a video review program where you apply to become an investigator so you can report hackers and players those who cheat in games. This game was getting a lot of bad press because of such players who clearly had an unfair advantage over others, but this new system would definitely improve things overall.

The finalists have been announced and you can now vote for Esports Mobile Game of the Year at the Esports Awards 2020. Over the next few days, you will see several games that have been chosen as a finalist promoting the awards from their social media channels and will be asking for votes.

Esports Awards has been showcasing top class innovation from players, teams, games and media since 2016. They have been doing these awards to highlight top talent and epic games. Like every year, the finalists have been already announced and you (the community) can start voting now!

I don’t think anyone wants to get banned in COD Mobile on purpose, really. But there are a few who like to take risks with cheats and sooner or later get banned eventually. Like most other battle royale games, Call of Duty: Mobile also has an anti-cheat system in place that catches players with hacks on and bans them from playing the game.

There have been several reports of hackers spoiling the game for genuine players by using aimbots, speed hacks etc. In fact, if you Google up about this, you will find countless players complaining to Activision to tighten their anti-cheat system ban cheaters for life. COD Mobile has millions of users and out of those, a big chunk use unfair means to win matches and rank better.

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.19.0 update is now live globally and you can download the new patch right away from the official website. This game is the lighter variant of the popular PUBG Mobile game that is targeted towards budget phones that can easily run a smaller gameplay and enjoy similar features as its elder brother.

The new update has brought several changes to PUBG Mobile Lite. The first change is the all new lobby UI which is very similar to what we saw in PUBG Mobile 1.0 New Era update. Further, the infamous zombie mode (Survival Till Dawn) is back in the game along with a couple of new additions.