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F1 22 just released and players are extremely excited to play it. The game is surprisingly well optimized and it plays out really great as well. However, there are still some bugs here and there in the game. With that said, we’ve included the full list of F1 22 known issues and bugs in this article.

As of yet, there seem to be no fixes for these particular issues from the developers themselves. However, as you’ll be able to see down below, some workarounds have already been released by keen fans. If you want to find them out yourself, take a look at the known bugs, issues and their workarounds for F1 22 down below. In case you just bought and downloaded the game, we have a list of the best F1 22 settings for graphics, controls etc. you might want to check out.

F1 22 Bugs, Known Issues, Solutions

Here is a list of all the F1 22 known issues and bugs, revealed by the player community, as of updated on June 30, 2022. If you are facing an issue other than the following ones, please let us know in the comments down below and we’re going to it:

Crash On Loading Screen

While the game is well optimized, there are still some issues that plague the game. Namely, the crash on the loading screen issue. Unfortunately, some players are facing an issue where the game immediately crashes when they start their team career. For now, the only fix for it seems to be to check the game files if it is launching at your screen’s native resolution or not. You can also check to see if you meet the system requirements and update your graphics drivers as well.

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No Commentator or Engine Sounds

This is an uncommon issue but some players have reported it. Chances are that you might have noticed that there are no commentator or engine sounds. While the subtitles are still displayed, you cannot hear the commentator’s voice lines. The developers are working hard to fix this issue and it should be resolved in the next update.

Steering Wheel Not Detected

Since this is a racing game, many players will prefer playing it using a steering wheel. Unfortunately, some players have reported that their steering wheels are not being detected by the game. This forces you to either use a controller or a keyboard. For now, we do not know why this issue is happening but the fix seems to be to disconnect your keyboard. If that doesn’t work for you, we’ll have to wait and see what the devs say.

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Split Timer Not Working Properly

During a race, the spit timer doesn’t always work properly. Sometimes, you might see it but other times, you won’t be able to see it anywhere. If you wish to see whether you improved your split time or not, it can be quite difficult since there is no timer to tell you.

Restricted Online Access

Surprisingly, this is an issue that many players are facing. When you want to play online, you’ll get an error that says something along the lines of “verify file integrity”. As the error states, you need to verify the game’s files’ integrity and then restart your PC. This will fix the issue but if it doesn’t you can wait and try again. Since the game is in early access, there are a few online issues right now.

F1 22 Known Issues (Official)

Apart from the above mentioned issues, here is a list of all the confirmed / acknowledged / official known issues in F1 22:


Peripherals not detected in-game. 

  • We’re investigating reports that some peripherals are not being detected by F1 22 on PC. Some reported workarounds that may help: 
    • If your wheel and pedals are connected to your PC/USB hub separately, try disconnecting the pedals and connecting them directly to the wheel instead. 
    • If you’re using Steam, try disabling Steam Controller Configuration Support. 

Performance issues (FPS drops) when using wheel and pedals. 

  • We are looking into the reports of PC performance issues when wheel and pedal peripherals are connected. A possible workaround that may help: 
    • If your wheel and pedals are connected to your PC/USB hub separately, try disconnecting the pedals and connecting them directly to the wheel instead. 

In-game Issues

Problems joining friends in lobbies or Career mode. 

  • We’re working on gathering more information on this. If you’re having this issue please provide your 16 digit report code in the AHQ thread

Loyalty Pack items disappear after claiming them. 

  • We’re aware of this issue and working to get it fixed. 

Champions Edition Upgrade items not appearing as “New” in-game. 

  • Currently if you upgrade to the Champions Edition from the standard you won’t see any of the “new” banner on your bonus content. We’re working to get this fixed. The content will be there, it just won’t show up as something “new.” 

EA App not granting Champions Edition content. 

  • We’ve seen some reports that none of the Champions Edition content has come through for some people who are playing on the EA App. We’re looking into this.

Those are just some of the issues that players are facing in F1 22 right now. Keep in mind that as of today, the game is in early access so there are bound to be certain problems. However, the developers are working hard to fix them and they should be resolved in an update or two. Till then, let us know what issue you are facing in the comments below and we (or the community) will try to help you out!

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  1. In PS F1-22 game it’s not possible to get the max speed. The speed bar (KM/U) is intermittent. It won’t get max speed.

  2. Playing online is terrible.

    50% of the times the game gets stuck on loading screens, you will get kicked out of lobbies.

    It just takes ages to finally enter a game.

  3. In my team career I get no interviews from Claire or rivalries. This is a pain as my R&D groups have low morale and missing acclaim points. Am Xbox series x

  4. The multi player career mode is a joke me and my friend try to start a career and it just come up with error codes and kicks you out mid race its ridiculous I fort warzone was bad so moved on to this and this is just as bad if not worse.. we havnt been able to finish a single race yet due to consistent error and kicking you out or crashing
    Absolute joke

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