Download Raft Trainer (20 Cheats)

You can download this Raft trainer here to use cheat codes and commands while playing this game. This is a completely free trainer for the PC version of the game for those who are having trouble with the difficulty of the game. The best part is that you can now download this trainer for almost any version of the Raft, and will not have to worry about automatic game updates.

There are tons of cheats like infinite health, infinite resources, infinite item durability, and one hit kill just to name a few. If you want to experience the game in its entirety, then I’d suggest that you play it normally. However, if you want to try out different things or are having trouble with the difficulty of the game, this trainer will help you out a lot!

Raft Trainer (Cheats)

Download Raft Trainer (20+ Cheats)

You can download the Raft trainer here for PC. As long as you play the game in offline mode, you shouldn’t have any issues. Keep in mind that your account can get banned for cheating if you use this trainer online with friends. So, be extremely careful of the mode that you play.

Here are all the cheats you can activate from the trainer including their respective binds:

Num 1Invulnerable/Ignore Damage
Num 2 Infinite Health
Num 3 Infinite Food
Num 4Infinite Water
Num 5 Infinite Oxygen
Num 6 Infinite Building Durability
Num 7Infinite Items
Num 8Infinite Item Durability
Num 9Set Game Speed
Num 0One Hit Kill
Num .Freeze Daytime
Num +Daytime +1 Hour
Num – Daytime -1 Hour
Ctrl+Num 1No Crafting Requirement
Ctrl+Num 2No Building Requirement
Ctrl+Num 3Unlock All Crafting Recipes
Ctrl+Num 4 Instant Grill & Purify
Ctrl+Num 5 Instant Fishing
Ctrl+Num 6 Set Move Speed
Ctrl+Num 7Set Swim Speed
Ctrl+Num 8Set Jump Height

If you are curious as to how these effects work, here is a detailed explanation:

  1. Infinite Building Durability: Takes effect when building durability decreases.
  2. Infinite Items: Takes effect when item quantity changes.
  3. Infinite Item Durability: Takes effect when durability decreases, durability will set to max.
  4. No Crafting Requirement: When activated, you can craft items even if you don’t have enough materials.
  5. No Building Requirement: If you want to disable these options after they’re enabled, you need to restart the game to restore their effects.

Here’s how you can get the trailer up and running on your computer:

  • Download the trainer from the link mentioned above
  • After doing so, open the .EXE file
  • Now, open Raft
  • After doing so, you should be able to use any of the cheats that are mentioned on the trainer.

Can I Get Banned for Using This Trainer?

No, you will not get banned for using the Raft trainer. You just need to make sure you are playing the game in offline mode. Cheats and trainers are designed to help you pass through a difficult mission or quest, but are strictly not to be used when trying to play the game online or in co-op / multiplayer mode.

Is Raft Trainer Free to Use?

Yes, this trainer is completely free to use and play the game with. It only works on the Windows PC platform, so do not expect it to work with the consoles i.e. PlayStation, Xbox, etc.

After downloading the trainer, launch it and run the game. You should hear a ringing sound whenever you press a hotkey to activate a command. If you are playing Elden Ring, you can even use this trainer over there too, or the same goes for Total War: Warhammer 3 and Lego Star Wars. Let us know in the comments below if you managed to download the trainer and use it.

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