Paint the Town Red Update 1.1.2 Patch Notes on January 7

South East Games has released this latest Paint the Town Red Update 1.1.2 today, and here are the full list of patch notes for you. This update adds the option on Teleporters in the Level Editor to have sounds play on entry and/or exit. The developers have also been working to ensure the game runs great on the Steam Deck which includes some general gamepad improvements in the main menu and fixes for some bugs that could occur on Linux with some CPUs.

You should be able to download and install this Paint the Town Red Update 1.1.2 right away directly from Steam. We do not yet have the file size with us, but will add it here later when we find out.

Paint the Town Red Update 1.1.2 Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for Paint the Town Red Update 1.1.2 that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:

Version 1.1.2 is a quick follow-up update to the 1.1.1 update which also fixes a bug that caused players to sometimes not teleport to the wrong spot when using a teleporter.

Version 1.1.2

  • Fixed bug causing the player to be sent to the wrong spot when using some teleporters

Version 1.1.1

  • Level Editor: Added Entry and Exit sound options on Teleporters
  • Miscellaneous system updates to better support the Steam Deck
  • Fixed issues with main menu not always being navigable with a gamepad
  • Fixed bug that could prevent gameplay on some Linux/SteamOS versions
  • Fixed thrown weapons coming out of Teleporters in the wrong direction in some cases

For a list of other game changes and updates, check out our Patch Notes section.

Source: Steam

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