Grinding Gear Games have released the new Path of Exile Update 1.72 that is now live for all the players and we have the full list of patch notes. This game has released several updates in the past few days, mostly bug fixes. And this one is no different as another important annoying bug has been fixed with this update.

This Update 1.72 for Path of Exile (3.13.0c) has a file size of about 476 MB on the PS4, but may vary on others. You can download this patch and install it right away before you get to playing it.

Path of Exile Update 1.72 Patch Notes

Here are the official list of patch notes for the Path of Exile Update 1.72 that is now rolling out to all supported platforms.

  • Fixed a bug where certain totem damage modifiers were not being applied correctly.

And this is it for this update. The developers have only fixed this one update as as part of this patch. If there is anything else you notice different or fixed in the game, please do let us know below in the comments. If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

[via Path of Exile]

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