PUBG Mobile 1.3 Beta Patch Notes | Karakin Map, Sticky Bomb, Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle, Glider

Tencent Games has just pushed out PUBG Mobile 1.3 Beta with exciting new features and we have the complete patch notes covered here. Right on the heels of their successful launch of PUBG Mobile 1.2, the next major release is already in testing and is now available to the public as well to test out new features. New weapons, mode, map, and much more has come into the game.

In this article below, you can go through all the patch notes of the upcoming PUBG Mobile 1.3 beta. We will be discussing all the features in detail.

PUBG Mobile 1.3 Beta Patch Notes

Following are the new updates that will be taking place in the new PUBG Mobile 1.3 beta. We have the following patch notes based on what has been released to us in this beta version.

New Classical Map – Karakin

A new small map of only 2 square KM is being introduced in the game. It is open and dry, more kind of a desert. It is also filled with rocks and since it is a bit smaller than the usual classicial maps, that’s why only 64 players will be participating in a Karakin map match.

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Demolition Zone

A bad news for campers as the new demolition mode in Karakin map will destroy the buildings and everything that will be out of the circle, to ashes. So, the rotations become more important than ever before.

Bullet Penetration

Another game changing update will be coming with bullet penetration. Now the bullets will cause damage if fired against the thin walls and the enemy is behind them.

Sticky Bomb

Sticky bomb | PUBGM

A new throwable, sticky bomb is coming in the new 1.3 beta of PUBG Mobile. Players can throw the bomb on any wall and it will destroy it, as a result exposing the campers, if there would be any. So, now the strategy making is taken completely to a new dimension.


Panzerfaust new firearm in PUBG Mobile 1.3 beta

Panzerfaust is the brand new rocket launcher for the players to use. It can cause damage up to 6m of its surrounding. Moreover, it can shoot as far as 150m. One thing to keep in mind is that it will deal damage to all the characters that are 3m back, at the time of launching. The Panzerfaust will be available only in the airdrop and once fired, it can’t be reused. So, make sure to use it accordingly.

Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle

Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle

A new sniper rifle is added in the game. It will be available on Erangel and Vikendi, specifically. Moreover, it is a 7.62mm bolt-action sniper rifle. It’s bullets travel faster than even Kar98K and can kill an enemy in a single shot if they are unarmored.

Motor Glider

Motor Glider | PUBG Mobile 1.3 beta patch notes

A flying vehicle will be introduced in the new update. It is a 2-person vehicle with one driver and the other controlling the firearms. However, more fuel will be consumed if you fly at a faster speed.

New Arena Map: Code-C

A new small and fast paced arena map is now available in the beta for the players. It has numerous passages and as mentioned, is small in size. Therefore, players who like to rush-and-kill will enjoy the map more than anyone. Moreover, all the weapons will be included in the map.

This was all about the PUBG Mobile 1.3 beta patch notes. Which of the new updates do you like the most? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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