PUBG New State: List of Supported Countries for Second Alpha Test

PUBG New State is about to launch their Second Alpha Test and here is a list of the supported countries and regions. Since the very first announcement back in February, the team behind PUBG New State have been teasing us with all sorts of upcoming new features and game content we can expect with the launch of this new mobile shooter.

The next alpha test will open later this month which would allow limited number of players from a few specific countries to experience and try out the game before it launches for everyone later this year. PUBG New State is now taking in applications for the Second Alpha Test which is open for the Asia, MENA, and Turkey-based players!

List of Supported Countries:

The following is is the list of regions (and countries) where players will be able to apply for the PUBG New State Second Alpha Test:

  • ASIA:
    • Cambodia
    • Hong Kong
    • Indonesia
    • Japan
    • Laos
    • Macao
    • Malaysia
    • Maldives
    • Myanmar
    • Nepal
    • Philippines
    • Singapore
    • South Korea
    • Sri Lanka
    • Chinese Taipei
    • Thailand
  •  MENA & Turkey:
    • Bahrain
    • Egypt
    • Iraq
    • Jordan
    • Kuwait
    • Lebanon
    • Oman
    • Qatar
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Turkey
    • United Arab Emirates
    • Yemen

Why can’t players from other regions join this alpha test?

The team at PUBG New State answered this with the following explanation on how they select regions for these alpha tests:

A lot of players outside of these regions are eager to jump into PUBG: NEW STATE, but it’s important for us to conduct a regional Alpha Test to measure performance, network stability, and key in-development gameplay systems to ensure that we can give you the best gaming experience at launch. By limiting the Alpha Test to these regions, it allows us to gather key data without diverting too many resources away from development. 

Second Alpha Test Schedule:

This test will only open for three days in which players from the regions of Asia and Middle East will be able to drop into the map, Troi, to explore the universe in the year of 2051. Here are the dates of the entire Second Alpha Test schedule for PUBG New State:

  • Application Period: August 9, 2021 (04:00 UTC+0) – August 23, 2021 (12:59 UTC+0)
  • Pre-Download Period: August 26, 2021 (02:00 UTC+0) – August 27, 2021 (1:59 UTC+0) | Please note that the game and servers will not be accessible during this time.
  • Alpha Test: August 27, 2021 (05:00 UTC+0) – August 29, 2021 (11:00 UTC+0)

As we get closer to the launch of PUBG: New State, expect a lot more content about the game to read at BRGeeks. If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

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