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Rec Room Update 3.29 is now available to download for all the players and here we also have the full list of patch notes. For those who don’t know, Rec Room is one of the most popular VR games available for Windows on Steam and it has just been updated with plenty of new content for VR players to have endless fun.

We do not have the file size for this patch yet, but you should be able to install this Rec Room Update 3.29 as it is live. You can find all the new changes and fixes in the release notes below.

Rec Room Update 3.29 Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for the Rec Room Update 3.29 that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:

Dear Creators, we’ve given the Streaming Camera some love:

  • Once you’ve activated the Streaming Camera, there is a shortcut to the Stream Mixer from the home page of the watch
  • The Streaming Camera now has a light on it. You can adjust the intensity and range of the light in the Stream Mixer Settings. Note: this light is only for the player using the Streaming camera — other players won’t see it. Think of it as a camera filter!
  • The Stream Mixer also has a new option called Voice Mixer — use this to soften voices as you see fit.
  • Frame Rate, Field of View, and Light Settings are now persisted to your account
  • And to make your productions even more powerful…

Dear Creators, Introducing… the Streaming Camera Point gadget!

  • Streaming Camera Points can be wired to gizmos — have fun making an animated camera rig invention!
  • The Streaming Camera Point can be found in the Palette under the Gadgets > Other Gadgets
  • Each Streaming Camera Point shows up in the Stream Mixer — use the arrows to cycle through them!
  • Each Streaming Camera Point has a configurable Camera Name. Unnamed cameras will just show up as “Custom #” in the Stream Mixer with a number in the order they were spawned.
  • Each Streaming Camera Point has a configurable Transition Time. By default, the camera smoothly follows the target over a short amount of time, but you can choose the Instant option if you want no smoothing.

Certified Inventions
In this update we are introducing Certified Inventions! “Certified” is a seal of quality. Before an invention is granted Certified status, we review it to ensure it works well, is efficient, and follows best practices. Certified Inventions can be identified by the signature blue banner in the Invention Store.
At first this list will be curated by us to emphasize CV2-powered creations, but we plan to open this up more in the future to any invention. For circuits-powered inventions especially, we may request changes to follow best practices and optimize heat usage.
If you have an invention right now you think fits this criteria, check out Certified Inventions!

General Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a hang during ^Orientation for PS4 users with their system language set to Arabic, Thai and potentially others.
  • We updated the doors in ^RecCenter to use our new room search menu. We also noticed that the community door in ^StuntRunner was getting a little stale, so we updated it to show all rooms with the #StuntRunner tag!
  • We’ve found and fixed a bug that we believe was causing some of the invincibility issues players have been seeing in RROs (especially ^Paintball). We’ll be keeping an eye on this and related invincibility issues, so if you are still seeing this issue or variations of it, please let us know through our feedback channels!
  • A confused goblin decided to steal buttons from the Room Settings page instead of the Golden Trophy, we’ve got them back in their right spots!
  • Scale and Manipulate were a bit down, so we’ve comforted them and they should be much better now!
  • Fixed an issue where deleted events could still be seen in the upcoming events tab.
  • Fixed a bug where play menu tabs sometimes showed the wrong rooms.
  • Fixed an issue where the outline effect wouldn’t show correctly on Oculus Quest.
  • Fixed an issue where the palette search would not work.
  • Fixed an issue where you could no longer Self-Scale properly.
  • Fixed a Config Menu issue where VR players couldn’t type in slider fields.
  • Fixed CV1 Trigger Zones not registering decoration objects.

Rec Room is now available for Windows / VR platform. If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

Source: Steam

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