RiMS Racing Update 1.3 Patch Notes | Performance Improvements

RaceWard Studio has just deployed RiMS Racing Update 1.3, and we have the complete patch notes for your reading pleasure. The latest update primarily brings several performance improvements and bug fixes, including The Star unlock logic bug.

You should be able to download this patch away as it has been pushed out as a mandatory download on all supported platforms. The actual size of this update hasn’t been disclosed by developers. All the relevant information regarding RiMS Racing Update 1.3 has been added in the next section.

RiMS Racing Patch Notes: Update 1.3

Here is the complete list of patch notes for RiMS Racing Update 1.3 coming out on all supported platforms:

-Performances improvements
-Improved game stability
“Hide” function added in order to improved Inventory/Shop
Al performances optimizations

  • Improved icon readability in the Motorbike Mechanics section
  • Improved HUD minimap colours
  • Improved discount manager perk efficiency

Bug Fixes

  • Autosaves logic has been reorganized in order to prevent save corruption Issues
  • R&D Management objectives are now reset correctly after a Career restart
  • Fixed icon on Private Testing leaderboards
  • Audio memory usage optimizations
  • Fixed The Star” description and unlock logic
  • Custom joypad presets are now working as intended after booting the game
  • Fixed a crash that occurred accepting an invite during an Online Challenge
  • Fixed a crash that occurred accepting an invite during Career tutorial bike selection
  • Minor graphical fixes on Million Dollar Highway track
  • Fixed a text issue on the Anti-Wheelle explanation
  • Fixed a specific crash occurring in the R&D Management area
  • Custom joypad button configurations are now saved as expected
  • Custom exhausts sound are now played as expected in the showroom area
  • Several HUD and cockpits graphical fixes
  • Fixed a crash that occurred on the Motorbike Mechanics scrollbar
  • Loading screen hints counter now is working as expected
  • Fixed ghost management when no ghost data is available on the leaderboards
  • “Where there’s a will there’s a way” now unlocks as expected

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