Roblox Studio Update 490 Patch Notes on August 12

Roblox Corporation has just released a new update to Roblox Studio Update 490 and we have the full patch notes list here for you. You can go through the list of changes here and see what has been updated, changed or fixed in this patch for the Roblox platform. Based on the changes here, you will know why and how things affect you in your games.

You should be able to update your client with this Roblox Studio Update 490 for the new changes to take affect. Everything you need to know regarding this update has been covered in the full release notes / changelog below.

Roblox Studio Update 490 Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for Roblox Studio Update 490 that is now live for all the players who have the platform installed:


Added new property “ResampleMode” on ImageObjects so that developers can toggle between linear and nearest neighbor filtering for ImageLabel/ImageButton.Live
Luau linter now warns on uses of FindFirstChildWhichIsA and similar functions when the className argument doesn’t refer to a valid class name.Live
Changing Part.Shape is 5x faster.Pending


Explorer will now highlight entire row on selection/hovering.Pending
Autocomplete in Toolbox search.Live
Changed BasePart/PivotTo to also move descendant parts and models rather than just the part itself (this was the intended behavior). We will identify any affected places via logging and contact devs beforehand to avoid breaking live games with this change.Pending
Added new methods to Color3 to support hex color code conversions.Pending


The draggers now work correctly in all cases when your place has Workspace.SignalBehavior = Deferred set.Live
When editing the pivot of a part using the Pivot Editor with pivot snapping turned on, axis moving the pivot will now only snap it to a different object if the pivot actually physically touches that new object, not just touches its bounding box.Live
Fixed an issue with dragging a package from the toolbox.Pending
Fixed a crash when 0 arguments are passed to task.delay. Also, fixed additional task-related crashes.Pending
Fixed an issue where MeshParts could not be resized in small increments.Pending
Fixed an issue with part resizing.

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Source: Roblox

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