Rogue Company Update 1.82 Patch Notes for Sinister Shadows Update

Hi-Rez has just deployed Rogue Company Update 1.82 and we have the complete patch notes for you to go through. The update brings in a new Weapon Wrap, the new Map Wanted and updated Cosmetics and Outfits.

The servers are currently going maintenance which means you won’t be able to play the game before the update comes out. You’ll be able to enjoy all the new features Rogue Company Update 1.82 brings in a short while. Until then, you can find all the relevant information down below.

Rogue Company Patch Notes: Update 1.82 (November 9)

Here are the complete patch notes for Rogue Company Update 1.82 coming out for all supported platforms:


The Sinister Shadows Update marks a new chapter in the story of Chaac. Return to Mexico and experience a piece of his origin story with the new map, Wanted!

The Season Four Battle Pass is also here and comes packed with 50 rewards that you earn by simply playing the game. As you play, you’ll receive Battle Pass experience and work your way to the top to unlock the incredible Plague Witch Kestrel.

Battle Pass Base Bundle (1000 Rogue Bucks)

  • Nemesis Dahlia
  • Lead & Velvet Primary Weapon Wrap
  • 60 Minute Boost
  • 20% Battle Pass Experience

Battle Pass Elite Bundle (2000 Rogue Bucks)

  • +15 Battle Pass Tiers
  • Nemesis Dahlia
  • Lead & Velvet Primary Weapon Wrap
  • 60 Minute Boost
  • 20% Battle Pass Experience


  1. Fatal Wingspan Avatar
  2. Facepalm Emote
  3. Corinthian Slate Wingsuit
  4. Onyx Primary Weapon Wrap
  5. 30 Minute Boost
  6. Done for the Day Avatar
  7. Copper Shards Border
  8. 30 Minute Boost
  9. Perfecto Emote
  10. Blustery Winds Wingsuit
  11. The Shadow Title
  12. 30 Minute Boost
  13. 200 Rogue Bucks
  14. 30 Minute Boost
  15. Dark Huntsman Dallas
  16. Ghillie Camo Secondary Weapon Wrap
  17. Nature is Healing Banner
  18. 45 Minute Boost
  19. Caliber DJ Emote
  20. 45 Minute Boost
  21. 200 Rogue Bucks
  22. Crimson Soundwaves Hoverboard
  23. 45 Minute Boost
  24. Venomous Avatar
  25. Guns & Ammo Border
  26. 60 Minute Boost
  27. Explosive Results Banner
  28. Optical Camo Primary Weapon Wrap
  29. 200 Rogue Bucks
  30. Marauder Title
  31. Seismic Activity Border
  32. Own’d Spray
  33. Vulcan Forged Anvil
  34. Cyber Arachnid Banner
  35. Neonizer Primary Weapon Wrap
  36. 60 Minute Boost
  37. Macabre Landscape Border
  38. Beastmode Title
  39. 200 Rogue Bucks
  40. Moose Tracks Hoverboard
  41. Boombox Breakdown Emote
  42. Tesla Strike LR15 Fullbody
  43. 60 Minute Boost
  44. Fatal Arrangement Avatar
  45. 200 Rogue Bucks
  46. Kill or be Killed Banner
  47. Inkblot Test Primary Weapon Wrap
  48. Season 4 Avatar
  49. Sinister Title
  50. Plague Witch Kestrel


Season Four Ranked begins today, granting last season’s rewards and unlocking new ones to earn! For those of you new to Ranked:

  • You must be account level 30 to participate
  • You will play in 10 Qualifier matches to determine your Ranked Division and Tier
  • Each Division (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond) has 5 Tiers
  • Ranked points can be earned or lost by winning or losing matches


Wanted are Chaac’s stomping grounds and the city where he came back from the dead, reborn as his new self. A local hero, Chaac’s grave is adorned by marigolds, especially during a time of unrest.

The map is located in an arid region of Yucatán, Mexico, where the people want justice and freedom from the corrupt Governor. To maintain his grip on power, he has made a deal with Jackal to suppress the unruly populace. The resulting conflict has left the heart of the city in ruins when Rogue Company arrives to unearth the seeds of corruption, but they may soon learn about something far greater…


Experience the latest map, Wanted, by queuing for the Wanted Limited Time Mode, from November 8th – November 15th!

Limited Time Mode Schedule

  • 11/9 – 11/15 – Wanted
  • 11/12 – 11/25 – 6v6 King of the Hill
  • 11/16 – 11/29 – Team Snipers



Shotgun balance is challenging to get right; they can either feel too strong or too weak. Currently, grazing an enemy player with a shotgun can deal single-digit values, while full-on headshots are tremendously rewarding. These changes aim to make shotguns more consistent and reliable by shrinking the range of damage dealt per pellet.

For example, with the new Striker changes, your first pellet will deal 40% of the total damage dealt, the following four will add 10% each (totaling 80% of full damage), and the final three pellets will account for the remaining 20%. In summary, partial hits will do more damage with the new system, but we’ve reduced the damage of full hits to compensate.


  • Base and upgraded fire rates reduced
  • Hipfire accuracy reduced
  • Damage falloff increased in first and second falloff ranges
  • Damage range increased by 1 meter


  • Range reduced by 1 meter
  • Headshot damage reduced from 125 to 110
  • Bbody shot damage reduced from 88 to 75

S12 Tactical

  • Headshot damage reduced from 96 to 75
  • Body shot damage reduced from 70 to 60

Striker 8×10

  • Headshot damage reduced from 80 to 64
  • Body shot damage reduced from 64 to 52
  • Level 1 Upgrade no longer provides a damage increase

Sniper Rifles

We received a mixed bag of feedback on the scope changes. Some of you liked it, some of you didn’t, some of you were indifferent. As a result, we’ve decided to revert this change for the time being until we implement a toggle zoom on this weapon.

LR15 Fullbody

  • Reverted scope zoom change



  • Base magazine size increased from 6 to 8
  • Upgraded magazine size increased from 8 to 10



The MAW is a fast-firing, high damage weapon that is difficult to control. We want to make sure that it feels unique in that role, especially compared to its more accurate cousin, the Conviction LMG. This change will help the Maw be a bit scarier at range, which is justified because it is already difficult to control in long-distance fights.

  • Damage falloff reduced


The MX-R is a fast-firing DMR that’s at its best when you’re able to land at least one headshot during a fight. These changes will help the gun stay more accurate throughout a fight, making hitting that critical headshot more reliable.

  • Maximum bloom reduced
  • Bloom per shot reduced
  • Bloom recovery time reduced

Assault Rifles

  • Range reduced by 2 meters for the whole class
  • Maximum damage falloff range reduced by 2 meters


The KA30 is performing well statistically and has been a topic of community discussion at high levels of play. We will continue to monitor the strength of this weapon closely to see if further adjustment is warranted.

  • Headshot damage reduced from 31 to 29



  • Level 1 Upgrade improved
  • Added “ready your weapon faster after sprinting”


  • Level 1 Upgrade improved
  • Damage range increased


  • Level 2 Upgrade improved
  • Damage range increased

A3 Salvo

  • Level 2 Upgrade improved
  • Ready Weapon Faster after Sprinting


  • Level 1 Upgrade improved
  • ADR movement speed increased
  • Level 2 Upgrade improved
  • Range increased on the “Improve damage range” upgrade


  • Smoke grenades should no longer get destroyed by Molotovs


  • Level 2 Upgrade now increases damage from 150 to 175

Mirv Grenade

  • Level 2 Upgrade now increases radius from 3 to 3.25 meters
  • Level 2 Upgrade now increases outer damage from 40 to 50

Semtex Grenade

  • Level 2 Upgrade now increases base damage from 100 to 125

Active Protection System

  • Level 2 Upgrade now increases the number of projectiles that can be neutralized by 1 for a total of 2


Padded Steps

  • Cost increased to $5000

Nimble Hands

  • Cost decreased to $3000


Currently, poke damage dealt from long range is often negated by natural health regeneration before a player can take advantage of this opening. This change to natural health regeneration will improve the viability of longe range weapons such as sniper rifles and DMRs.

  • Delayed health regeneration of all rogues by 2s


  • Ronin has received a visual update


This has been a much-requested change from players, and we agree: Saint’s Drone is much easier to counter than Dahlia’s revive and thus should have access to the fastest revive speed perk available.

  • Now has Lifeline instead of Tracker Rounds
  • Now has Stalker instead of Helping Hand


Talon revealing enemy players on his team’s minimap is strong, but a true reveal is more substantial and compelling. We’ll be experimenting with rebalancing this ability’s radius along with other factors and monitoring Talon’s performance closely.

  • Radar dart will now reveal enemies within its radius


  • Account boosts (such as XP Boosts) will no longer run down while you are in the lobby or in queue for a match


  • [Nintendo Switch] Fixed an issue in the lobby that caused poor performance
  • [Nintendo Switch] Fixed an issue where players would crash when switching sides in Ranked
  • [Nintendo Switch] Fixed an issue with the Tyr that would occasionally cause crashes
  • [Xbox One] Fixed an issue where players occasionally experienced a loud buzzing in the lobby after a match
  • Fixed an issue where players received a permanent “Immune” status when downed
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally the wrong player would be marked with the bomb symbol in Demolition
  • Fixed an issue where players could not return to the main menu after surrendering in a solo King of the Hill lobby
  • Fixed an issue where friendly nameplates would occasionally not appear
  • Fixed an issue where Gl1tch could not hack sticky sensors
  • Fixed an issue that caused Saint’s ability to go on cooldown and never deploy the drone if used when dodge rolling
  • Fixed an issue where Sledgehammer Mastery wraps did not show in preview
  • Fixed an issue where Cannon would be placed in an unusual state when downed while using Gatling Gun
  • Fixed an issue on Windward where players could be damaged in cover
  • Fixed an issue where aim assist would drift off the target when swapping shoulders
  • Fixed an issue where Cannon’s ability icon would not correctly display if hacked by Gl1tch while using his Gatling Gun
  • Fixed an issue where weapons would go missing when previewing the mastery emote
  • Fixed an issue where Mack’s Lightbomb would deal damage when a melee weapon was used in the Lightbomb AoE
  • Fixed an issue on High Castle that prevented players from defusing the bomb if planted by the trash cans
  • Fixed an issue where the spin-up prompt would remain after using Gatling Gun on Cannon
  • Fixed an issue where the Gatling Gun would not mount properly on concrete dividers
  • Fixed an issue where the Gatling Gun mounted on Anvil’s Barricade would float after the barricade was destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would not follow Cannon when he was crouching with Gatling Gun
  • Fixed an issue that caused Runway’s VO to play each time the Runway player swapped spectated teammates after being eliminated
  • Fixed an issue where players would receive a second invite when the lobby leader created a custom lobby
  • Fixed an issue where players would occasionally be unable to ban or select Rogues in custom or Ranked matches
  • Fixed an issue where players would receive an “Out of Bounds” warning when jumping on boxes in Favelas
  • Fixed an issue where tripmines failed to deal damage if approached from behind
  • Fixed an issue where the “Open Store” message in the Chimera would overlap accolades, such as kill streak notifications

Rogue Company is now out for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch platforms. If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

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