Rogue Lords Update 1.02 Patch Notes | Relic Changes

Leikir Studio has just deployed Rogue Lords Update 1.02, and we have the complete list of patch notes for you to read. The latest update brings several changes to Relics and Spellbooks. Moreover, this patch includes several bug fixes and gameplay improvements.

The latest update is available as a mandatory download on all supported platforms. All the relevant information regarding Rogue Lords Update 1.02 has been added in the next section. We don’t have the actual file size of this update yet.

Rogue Lords Patch Notes: Update 1.02

Here are the official patch notes for Rogue Lords Update 1.02:


  • “Brasero of Hell” no longer creates unusable action points
  • “Cursed Watch” now gives 2 AP every 2 turns as described
  • “Soul Drinker” will no longer heal devil essence when losing souls from any source


  • Fixed the infinite loading after closing the game on the defeat screen
  • Fixed saves becoming corrupted and the main menu loading infinitely when force closing the game


  • Fixed last lines not being properly voiced in the epilogue and conclusion books of The Spinning Wheels of the Fates
  • Fixed last lines not being properly voiced in the epilogue book of The Collar of Cerberus
  • Fixed last lines not being properly voiced in the epilogue book of The Eye of The Wyvern
  • Fixed the writing SFX looping throughout the whole game


  • You are now able to open the Spellbook when interacting with a Styx Fountain
  • You are now able to open the Spellbook when rewarded with Skills during an event


  • Fixed an issue where some events choices were not giving out any rewards
  • Fixed a blocking issue in Russian in the event “White Morning”
  • Fixed a blocking issue in Polish in the event “Scarecrow”
  • Fixed movement not being blocked while receiving a Quest
  • Fixed a bug where the game could crash in an event when the threat effect that locks a choice was active


  • Fixed a blocking situation in the tutorial when the Devil Mode is active when the Devil Portal Tutorial triggers
  • Fixed a situation in which the Skill Enhancement Tutorial could be skipped
  • Fixed a combination of keyboard and mouse allowing to bypass some Tutorial instructions, creating a blocker
  • Fixed a bug that granted a Book victory instead of a defeat when losing a run just after completing the tutorial


  • Fixed keybinding not being registered properly
  • Fixed options not saving properly when using the Reset button
  • Fixed a bug preventing options in tabs other than “Playability” from being edited


  • Adjusted fallback font size for missing characters (example: polish diacritics)
  • Fixed various typos in French and English


  • Fixed a bug where the game would prevent you from continuing to the victory screen when defeating a boss (ex: you can properly defeat Gabriel with the White lady)
  • Fixed a case where locked action points would make some skill unusable. (ex: Double Mass Awakening no longer crashes the game)
  • Fixed a bug where Lilith’s alternate passive would lose all its stacks when ending a turn. The charges are now feedbacked on the relic which gives the passive.


  • Fixed lags on the World Map when using refresh rates above 60Hz

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