Rogue Lords Update 1.03 Patch Notes | Battles Fixes

Leikir Studio has released Rogue Lords Update 1.03, and we have the complete list of official patch notes for you to read. The latest update primarily brings several bug fixes for achievements, battles, relics, audio, events, and many more sections.

You can download and install this patch right away, and it should be a mandatory download. Here is all the relevant information regarding Rogue Lords Update 1.02. We don’t have the actual file size of this patch yet.

Rogue Lords Patch Notes: Update 1.03

Here is the complete list of official patch notes for Rogue Lords Update 1.03 rolling out on all supported platforms:


  • Fixed the achievement “The Devil is invulnerable” not resetting properly on run start


  • Fixed +2AP Elite terror effects that was creating duplicate action points
  • Fixed a bug that would make the battle UI unresponsive during the Brother Gabriel boss fight
  • Fixed a rare bug that could softlock the game when an enemy dies while playing with a very low framerate
  • Fixed an infinite loop when Hecate uses Mystical Cerement skill on an ally while having Mirror Effect on herself


  • Fixed an issue that could cause Bonus from certain relics to persist from run to run.
  • Fixed Ritual Bracelets relic : it now also increases spiritual damage (as described)


  • Fixed some audio synchronization and mixing problems
  • The Devil now speaks at a much lower rate when the player is inactive (now: after 60s then every 5 minutes)


  • Fixed a blocking issue in Polish in event “Coffin”
  • Fixed a blocking issue in Polish in event “Apprentice”
  • Fixed a blocking issue in English and German in event “Cabinet Of Wonders
  • Fixed a blocking issue in Chinese in event “Scarecrow”

World Map

  • Fixed a bug with the Devil Portal and secondary activity making you unable to use a Devil Portal


  • Fixed Hecate’s “Nocturnal ritual” description in Chinese
  • Fixed Hecate’s “Dark Ray” description in Chinese
  • Fixed White Lady’s “Torment” upgrade description in Chinese
  • Fixed the “Mask of thorns” relic description in Chinese
  • Fixed the “Crystal ball” relic description in Japanese

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