SCUM Update Patch Notes | Hotfix

Gamepires has just released SCUM Update and we have the complete patch notes for you to read. The update is primarily a hotfix and the game now has updated translations for various languages including French and Chinese.

The update is available globally on all supported platforms and is a mandatory download. You can take a look at them down below for more information about the update.

SCUM Update Patch Notes

Here are the complete patch notes for the update:

It’s that time again! Patch has passed and here cometh the hotfix! Check it out! But first a word:

SCUM International has finally started in full swing and we can already show some results! We have added updated translations for:

  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Russian
  • Chinese simplified

Special thank you for our partners in the program and we have only just started! More translations are coming soon and we will have announcements about Community ambassadors even sooner! Very interesting stuff in the future so stay tuned!

Alright on to the bugfixes!

  • Fixed the bug where footwear would decay faster than it should when mounted on vehicles.
  • Fixed the bug where canceling the loading magazine animation would sometimes cause an infinite loop.
  • Fixed the bug where dropped chests would delete loot inside.
  • Fixed the bug where camera would sometimes bug out when going prone on vehicles.
  • Fixed the bug where crafted water containers would be filled with mystery liquid on creation.
  • Fixed the bug where A4 naval underground sentries would escape to the surface.
  • Fixed the bug where loading the RPK drum mag would mess with the FP camera.
  • Fixed the bug where the MP5 magazine idle animations would bug out.
  • Fixed the bug where opening the chat while in photomode would lock the game out.
  • Fixed the bug where the bag on your back would deflate when you take another bag in your hands.
  • Removed antenna, aluminum strip and copper strip from the spawn table because they have no use.
  • Added proper sounds to loading crossbow animations.
  • You can now craft rain collector with puppets raincoats.
  • Reduced the damage boots and gloves take when in melee combat.
  • Players now get foot abrasions when running with footwear at 0% health.

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