Shadowgun War Games Update 0.4.0 is now rolling out along with the launch of Season 4: Rise of Heroes has been released and it is full of new exciting stuff and features. There are new heroes who have made their way into the game with new abilities. A new Stadium Map has also been included with the new update, There are some fresh events that will not only boost your XP, but will also reward you with some cool stuff.

There is a new Battle Pass as well which provides you XP boosters to rank up faster, and you can also push your rank quickly by getting the first win everyday. You will get different free heroes every week with unique abilities to try out in game. Show your skills to win some great trophies for your achievements in battles. Below, you will see all the patch notes of Shadowgun War Games Update 0.4.0.

Shadowgun War Games Update 0.4.0 Patch Notes

Following are the patch notes regarding the new features, new content, improvements, balance changes and more.

New Features

  • Events: Take part in themed events, boost your progress and earn great rewards!
  • Trophies: Earn and show off permanent trophies for your achievements in battle!
  • First Win of the Day: Earn double XP for every first won match of the day!
  • Free Hero Rotation: Try out different free heroes every week!
  • Unlimited Player Progression: Earn rewards every time you Rank up!
  • Ranked Unique Hero Pick: No more duplicate heroes in Ranked games!
  • Soft Currency: A new way to purchase items in the Shop!

New Content

  • 9 NEW HEROES: Discover new tactical possibilities and team combinations! Who’s going to be your favorite now?
  • STADIUM: A new map full of cover, vertical elements and plenty of opportunities for ambush!
  • New Battle Pass season with more than 100 rewards!


  • Improved Home screen to provide easy access to all the new features!
  • Improved Shop for easier navigation and transparency!
  • Improved Hero Selection screen to provide you with more information!
  • Reworked Battle Pass screen

Balance changes


  • HP reduced to 130
  • Time to heal when using MEDKIT increased to 3s
  • New animation when using MEDKIT


  • HP reduced to 130


  • Primary weapon fire rate increased by 15%


  • Primary weapon maximum ammo capacity decreased to 450
  • Primary weapon accuracy decreased by 20%
  • STONE SKIN no longer grants immunity to status effects


  • Primary weapon damage decreased by 10%
  • Primary weapon fire rate increased by 35%
  • Primary weapon ammo capacity increased to 32
  • Secondary weapon weapon damage decreased by 10%
  • TRIPLE SLASH animation significantly improved


  • Primary weapon explosion trigger proximity increased by 50%
  • SENTRY GUN fire rate decreased by 20%
  • SENTRY GUN ammo capacity decreased to 50
  • SENTRY GUN range decreased by 50%

Plus many bug fixes, stability improvements and various other quality of life improvements!

This was all about the patch notes of Shadowgun War Games Season 4: Rise of Heroes. If you would like to see updates of different games, then head on to our Patch Notes section.

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