Stellaris: Console Edition Update 4.02 Patch Notes on July 1

Paradox Interactive deployed their new Stellaris: Console Edition Update 4.02 today and we have the complete patch notes list covered below. This is the first hotfix for the big ‘Butler’ update that was released last week for the consoles. If you see the list of the official release notes, you will see a lot of important bug fixes have been made along with crash issues.

We do not have the total file size for this Stellaris: Console Edition Update 4.02 patch, may be you can let us know in the comments below? All the relevant information regarding this update has been covered in the full notes below.

Stellaris: Console Edition Update 4.02 Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for Stellaris: Console Edition Update 4.02 that is now out for all the supported platforms of the game:

  • Crash when managing a fleet that is merging with another fixed
  • Crash when managing a fleet after destroying a shipyard fixed
  • Crash when highlighting megastructure in Outliner fixed
  • Crash when managing custom empire while starting new game fixed
  • Crash when creating a custom empire with Syncretic Species fixed
  • Crash when customizing species portrait fixed
  • Crash in Radial menu when item became invalid fixed
  • Crash in Envoy assignment screen when empire has no envoys fixed
  • Crash when making multiple trade offers fixed
  • Fixed some random crashes
  • Machine empires can now reform their government
  • Faction leader Age and Skill now updating in Government screen
  • Fleet window for unknown contacts now hides ship names/other details
  • Fixed some localisation issues in German
  • Fixed missing DLC images on main menu
  • Fixed broken tutorials

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Source: Paradox Interactive

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