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Paradox Development Studios has just deployed Stellaris Update 3.1.2, and we have the complete patch notes for you to read. The update brings balance changes, bug fixes, and stability improvements.

The update is available globally on all supported platforms and will be a mandatory download. The actual size of the new update is unknown as of yet, but we’ll be uploading it here as soon as we get our hands on it. All of the relevant information regarding Stellaris Update 3.1.2 has been added in the next section.

Stellaris Update 3.1.2 Patch Notes

Here are the complete patch notes for Stellaris Update 3.1.2 coming out on all supported platforms:

Performance and Stability​

  • * Fixed a crash where releasing a vassal as a Clone Army could cause an invalid species.


  • * Fixed the Clone Army origin tooltip not having a matching ship upkeep reduction with their admirals. Also changed the bonus to scale in a cleaner way, the upkeep is now 5/10/20% based on the Army’s decisions.
  • * The Genetic Crossroads special project will now abort if a species completes Synthetic Evolution before finishing it.
  • * Fixed habitability of planets that clone armies have abandoned through lack of clone vats being locked at 0% for them.
  • * Ancient Clone Vats can now only assemble Clone Soldier pops.
  • * Going into a food deficit when using the Catalytic Processing civic will now give a -50% production penalty to alloy production. This penalty is in line with the penalty non-catalytic empires suffer from a mineral deficit
  • * Fixed players being able to move their Science Ship to blow up systems using the “Elder One” event.
  • * Fixed exploit where AI acceptance from Eminent Diplomats tradition also applied to trade deals.

Known Issues​

  • * The penalty to alloy production from a food deficit in catalytic empires is not shown in the deficit tooltip.
  • * Mastercraft Inc. Civic does not change Artisans into Artificers on an Ecumenopolis.
  • * Some inconsistencies in the number of jobs exchanged by Foundry Station designation for empires with the Catalytic processing civic.
  • * It’s possible for the Nivlac species to be created without the Radiotrophic trait in certain instances.
  • * Party Aftermath event can create crossbreed species between caravaneers and an infertile clone pop.
  • * Shattered Ring World can turn into a planet due to takeover or devastation.
  • * Mechanical pops with a Decadent Lifestyle have no pop upkeep.
  • * Awakened Empires don’t use traditions properly.
  • * Machine empires can spawn with the necrophage origin.

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Source: Paradox Development Studios

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