Street Fighter 5 Update 3.09 Patch Notes | SFV Summer Update 2021

Capcom has just released the new Street Fighter 5 Update 3.09 and we have the full list of patch notes with us for you to read through. This patch mainly adds the two new characters to the game, called Akira and Oros. Some of you may remember Oros from the Street Fighter 3 game, many years ago. Apart from these characters, you will also find a long list of balance updates to the game.

You should be able to download and install Street Fighter 5 Update 3.09 right away as it is now live for all the players. Everything you need to know regarding this SF5 update has been covered in the full release notes below, right after the jump.

Street Fighter V Update 3.09 Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for Street Fighter 5 Update 3.09 that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:

■ New Content
– Added an Online Tournament mode.

■ Content
– Playable Character

– Stage
Rival Riverside

– Costumes
Additional costume “Story”: Oro/Akira
Additional Costume “Battle Outfit 1”: Oro/Akira
Additional Costume “Nostalgia”: Akira
Additional Costume “Swimsuit”: Akira
Additional Costume “Ad Style”: Oro/Akira (free)
Additional Costume “Track Suit”: Oro/Akira (free)

– Colors
Oro/Akira: Default Colors 3-10
Oro/Akira: Story Colors 3-10

■ Other
– Distributed commemorative gifts (special titles/dojo objects) from the Intel World Open tournament to recipients.

General Adjustments

Combo CountsThe specifics of the adjustments made to combo counts are detailed below.

– Combo Count Start Value:
The numerical value used to indicate when an air combo starts from a particular move.
The smaller a move’s combo start value is, the easier it is for that move to begin an air combo, and vice-versa.

– Combo Count Gain:
A numerical value that increases when a move is incorporated into an air combo.
The smaller the combo count gain is, the easier it is to enter an air combo, and vice-versa.

– Combo Count Limit:
A numerical value used to determine up to which point a move can land in an air combo.
The larger the combo count limit a move has, the easier that move can be incorporated into a combo.
Changes to V-Shift CommandsAltered V-Shift to also activate after forward/backward + MK + HP.

V-Shift is a powerful defensive mechanic that was first introduced in Street Fighter V.
We initially had concerns that its introduction would significantly impact regular tactics when used in conjunction with blocking and retreating, which resulted in the decision to limit V-Shift to neutral commands.

However, in certain cases just before an attack hit it, the specific timing only allowed for the use of block. This made it impossible to activate V-Shift—even if seemingly input correctly, causing both V-Shift and block to fail.
This fact the issue stemmed from incompatibility with the specifications mentioned above―rather than inaccurate input―made V-Shift more difficult to utilize than intended.

After some deliberation, we’ve decided to remedy this by allowing V-Shift to be used during forward and backward movement to improve its use in battle.

We’ve additionally determined that defense would be too powerful if V-Shift could be activated from crouching guard, so V-Shift still can not be activated during a downward input.
Made various other minor fixes and improvements.

For detailed and complete list of character related balance adjustments, check out the Adjustments PDF here.

Street Fighter 5 is now out on the PC and PS4 platforms. If you want to learn more about game news and patch notes, make sure to check out our Patch Notes section.

Source: Capcom

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