Super People January 13 Update Patch Notes for Server Maintenance

Wonder People  just announced the Super People January 13 Update and we have all the patch notes for your reading pleasure. This update adjusts the scrolling speed as well as adds quality of life adjustments. On top of that, it improves the UI among other things.

The update is available globally as a mandatory download. You can find all the relevant information for Super People Patch Notes: January 7 Update. There will be a mainatence period from 2022/1/13 08:30 ~ 10:30 (KST) and 2022/1/12 23:30 ~ 01:30 (PST). The file size for the update is not revealed just yet.

Super People Patch Notes for Server Maintenance: January 13 Update

Here are the patch notes for Super People January 13 update:

A scheduled maintenance will commence during 1/13 08:30 ~ 10:30 (KST) for quality of life improvements and bug fixes.

Please find the details below.

■ Maintenance :
❗ 2022/1/13 08:30 ~ 10:30 (KST)
❗ 2022/1/12 23:30 ~ 01:30 (PST)

■ Effects : Players will not be able to join the game

■ Maintenance Details :
1. Quality of life improvements
1) Adjustments to inventory scroll speed
– Settings – Gameplay – Inventory to change the scroll speed.

2. Balance
– Increased material spawn rate on certain play zones.
– Airdrop will appear less during the late game phases.

3. Functionality Improvements
– UI/UX have been optimized for improved gameplay.

4. Bug Fixes
– Fixed an issue where ally weapon HUD will appear when revived in certain
– Fixed an issue in the armory where the addition and removal of digital scope would not display correctly.
– Fixed an issue where FPP mode will make your face appeared awkwardly after falling from a high place.
– Fixed an issue where the UI will overlap when opening the inventory inside a vehicle while the guide was open.
– Fixed an issue where the character view would spin upon toggling the view character in the inventory and clicking on a specific area.
– Fixed an issue where the ESC key would not input while the settings texts is active and the tab is moved.
– Fixed an issue where damage would not be applied intermittently when the nitro vehicle exploded with a C4 bomb in mid-air.
– Fixed an issue where a body would move or stay mid-air if a disconnected player is killed.
– Some intermittent crash issues have been fixed.

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Source: Steam

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