Tekken 7 Update 4.22 Patch Notes on September 28

Tekken 7 Update 4.22 is now out and deployed by the developers Bandai Namco, and here are the full list of patch notes available today. This new patch is currently rolling out to all the players, and sadly, the developers have not revealed yet what they have changed or updated in this release.

All the relevant information you may need to know regarding the Tekken 7 patch notes for Update 4.22 is covered in the next section below. You should be able to download and install this patch right away as it just went live for everyone. We do not yet have the update file size for this patch yet, we will add it here once we have it.

Tekken 7 Patch Notes: Update 4.22

Here are the complete patch notes for Tekken 7 Update 4.22 coming out on all supported platforms:

Distribution of update data Ver.4.22 has started. Fixed a bug in the system part.

In addition, this patch includes warnings and account suspension measures for accounts that repeatedly violate the Terms of Service in online mode. #Tekken 7 # tekken7

Tekken 7 is now out for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the PC platforms. If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

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  1. I play on ps5 and I get disconnected 95% of the time most of the time I can’t finish the match cuz it randomly disconnect me.It feels like a bug!

  2. Needs counters for long juggle attack.This forces players to study the character’s whole arsenal of moves instead of running online to find the cheapest way to carry an opponent across the ring.

  3. This game’s developers use to pride themselves on real martial arts based fighting.Now we have more characters with fireballs, weapons, and magic. Wheres the martial arts of the game.This game punishes good striking opponent by letting you literally carry your opponent across the screen and picked up once you land for a few more free hits just because you got caught by one hit. To much hyper gravity. No more bats,swords,knives, fireballs and extreme hyper gravity. It’s time for good ol hands and feet. At least a counter for some of that long juggling

  4. Some of these characters need to be on soul calibur with these swords and bats and fireballs. Where’s the the original all original Wang or Bruce Irving. Not that cry baby who took alot of his moves.

  5. I have takken 7 pc version. I want to play with Safina but I don’t have in my list. Please help me how to unlock safina.

  6. I’m just waiting for Dojo mode to return with a stipulation to defend your number one rank against each boss in Treasure Battle per Dojo rank stage so we can have two ways to reach the highest rank offline mode and split the points in half in Dojo mode with Devil Kazumi as the final Dojo rank stage boss and put the rank system back like was in season one by making people work earn their rank

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