The Crew 2 Update 1.20 Patch Notes on July 7 | Season 3 Episode 1

Ubisoft has just released The Crew 2 Update 1.20 and we have the complete patch notes for you to read. The new update brings in the new season with a brand new game mode, cars and a lot of quality of life updates alongside bug fixes.

The server will go down for a maintenance period of about 4 hours at 8 AM UTC which means that the update will be live for all players at 12 PM UTC. You can take a look at the complete patch notes down below.

The Crew 2 Update 1.20 Patch Notes

Here are the complete patch notes for the update:

he release of the First Episode of the third Season of The Crew® 2 is here. This time, this Episode brings a new game mode, new cars and an incredible heap of Quality of Life fixes and improvements.

For more specific information related to the Crew® 2 Season 3 Episode 1: US SPEED TOUR EAST update, check out our dedicated article.

This update will be deployed starting from 9AM UTC on Wednesday, July 7. The estimated maintenance duration should be around 3 hours.

Please follow our official channels for any update.


Patch Size per platform

PC: Around 27.6 GB

PlayStation: Around 26 to 29 GB depending on the version.

Xbox: Around 28 GB


Vanity Items

  • Added 90 new vanity items – to be released on a weekly basis through the shop, as LIVE Summit rewards, or in the Motorpass (58).
    • 8 Smokes.
    • 20 Tires.
    • 16 Underglows.
    • 9 Nitros.
    • 12 Horns.
    • 9 Window tints.
    • 8 Rooftops.
    • 4 Outfits.
    • 4 Helmets.
  • (Fixed) Low quality texture for “THE PROFESSIONAL” Outfit while in cockpit view.
  • (Fixed) Low quality texture for “MASKED TUXEDO” Outfit while standing in the shadows.
  • (Fixed) Low resolution is present on the Cyan, Deep Blue and Yellow sideblade underglows.
  • (Fixed) Some vanity horn sound effects are not playing while previewing with boats.
  • (Added) Added 11 vanity stock tires for free: 


  • (Improved) Summit feature rework
    • LIVE Summits are now accessible at Star level of fame.
    • Reward Thresholds have been updated per platform (details in our QoL blog)
    • Individual Summit races are now rewarded (the nature of the reward may vary).
    • Added LIVE Summit tutorial.
  • (Added) 19 New LIVE Summits including:
  • 4 Premium Summits
  • 5 New mooded LIVE Summits
  • (Fixed) Exploits where players could use a plane or a boat in Escape Skills
  • (Fixed) Issue in which a specific LIVE Summit mood could stop working while flying above a certain altitude.
  • Keep track of upcoming LIVE Summits at The Crew Hub.


  • (Added) New weekly hobbies have been added.

Game Mode

  • (Added) New Time-Attack game mode.
  • (Added) Ghosts for each track / difficulty level.
  • (Added) Try & beat the ghost of your choice (World Record, friend’s…)
  • (Added) 16 events per Episode
    • (Added) of which 8 brand-new events
      • Rally Raid x2
      • Rally Cross x2
      • Alpha GP x2
      • Touring Car x2
    • (Modified) 8 Hand-picked events recommended by the community and now available in Time-Attack mode.

Stunt Mode

  • (Improved) Stunt scoring is now individual.
  • (Improved) Crew actions scoring has been reduced.

More details in our Quality of Life blogpost.


  • (Added) 1 New Motorpass per episode.
  • (Fixed) An issue that prevented vanity previews to be displayed correctly.
  • (Fixed) A issue allowing to Preview an avatar outfit on top of currently equipped clothes / vanities.

Performance Parts Switch

  • (Added) Ability to transfer all Performance Parts from one vehicle to another with minimal input required. Activity Menu
  • (Added) New “Previously on Motorflix” tab where previous Motorfix episodes are listed.


  • (Added) 26 New Vehicles
    • Shop additions
      • Pontiac GTO THE JUDGE. (SR)
      • PORSCHE Carrera 911 RSR Turbo. (TC)
      • KTM X-BOW R. (AGP)
      • Pontiac GTO THE JUDGE. (RR)
    • LIVE Summit rewards
      • Chevrolet CORVETTE C2 2.0 Edition (SR)
    • Motorpass, including
      • KTM X-BOW R Spear Racing Ed. (AGP)
      • Pontiac GTO THE JUDGE Sparrow Competition Ed. (RR)
      • Ford FOCUS RS RX Glow Motorsport Ed. (RX)
    • More to be revealed throughout the Season!
  • (Fixed) The logo on the wheels of the Bugatti Divo Emerald Edition turns blue instead of green when wheels started spinning.
  • (Fixed) Snow appeared on the interior of the Renault RS01 in cockpit view in certain weather conditions.
  • (Fixed) Players need to purchase Bentley Bacalar stock rims after replacing them with customs rims.

World (Visual & Audio)


  • (Fixed) Collecting loot after completing long events can result in an error message.
  • (Fixed) Points earned in stunt mode and during actions performed just before the finish line were not taken into account in the leaderboards.
  • (Fixed) Exploit allowing players in a Crew to spend more time in a Stunt Event than the final time shown in the leaderboards.
  • (Fixed) 4th player retains velocity from the starting grid animation after the start of the event.
  • (Fixed) Empty space between terrain and road in New York (West Manhattan).
  • (Fixed) Some cars flying around a parking lot in the Chicago area.
  • (Added) New seasonal poster in cities and in the House.
  • (Fixed) Shortcuts (one or several) in the following races: 
    • Black Hills East 
    • Canyon By Night 
    • Pikes Peak Mountains 
    • Dallas Special 
    • Golden Hills Race Track 
    • American Cars In The Midwest 
    • The Strip West 
    • Golden Hills Chaebung Cup 
    • Jersey Race Track
    • Central Woods South
    • St George
    • Big Bend
    • Big Bend Observatory
    • Coastal Range To L.A.
    • Dakota Grasslands
    • Tiger Tonic Event
    • The Giants Chaebung Cup
    • Ski Jump
    • A Tour With Alexis: Florida
    • Bay Area To Central Valley
    • Central Woods To Amarillo
    • Harlem East
    • Sleeper
    • Miami Race Track
    • Glacier Park Special Stage
    • The Middle of Nowhere
    • Along the Mississippi
    • To The Big Cow
    • Coastal Range To Oil Fields
    • Black Hills West
    • West Florida Coast
    • Oldies But Goodies Challenge
    • Palm Gate Suburbs
    • Coral Gables
    • Downtown L.A. South
    • Dallas Tiger Tonic Event
    • San Bernardino Mountains
    • Maine Highlands Cave
    • American Petrol Race
    • Temecula Wineries
    • Central Valley Endurfix Event
    • Financial District South
    • Crown of Maine
    • Coconut Grove
    • Go Against The Flow
    • Motor Trend Classic Challenge
    • Dakota Stormx
    • Dallas Squadx


  • (Added) New main menu.
  • (Added) New “US Speed Tour” landing page and start menu videos.
  • (Added) Two new LIVE Summit missions, including dedicated level art, music, sound effects and mood…
  • (Added) New HQ Bus and updated billboard posters.
  • (Added) One new weather for photomode: Storm


  • (Fixed) Players were redirected to the vehicle when selecting view bundle while sitting inside the vehicle. 
  • (Fixed) OK and QUIT buttons were disappearing while browsing the shop tabs.
  • (Fixed) UI issues when changing languages and navigating through tabs quickly.
  • (Fixed) Front wheels of MX vehicles were clipping through the floor while previewing any Smoke Vanity item.
  • (Fixed) Players are stuck in an infinite loop trying to access any HQ after collecting a large amount of performance parts.

If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

Source: Ubisoft

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