Timberborn Oct. 7 Update Patch Notes | New Fences

Mechanistry has just deployed the Timberborn Oct. 7 Update, and we have the complete patch notes for you to read. This latest patch primarily brings three new decorative fences, a new model of Paper Mill, additional tips to the tutorial, and many more gameplay changes. Moreover, the developers have announced that the game will be receiving a crash fix update real soon.

The latest patch is available as a mandatory download on all supported platforms. The actual file size of this patch hasn’t been revealed yet. All the relevant information regarding Timberborn Oct. 7 Update has been added in the following section.

Timberborn Patch Notes: Oct. 7 Update

Here is the official patch notes list for Timberborn Oct. 7 Update:

Improved tutorial We’ve updated the tutorial. It is still focused on the basic aspects of running your settlement so let us know how you find it after the changes!

  • Added additional tips to the tutorial.
  • Icons related to the currently active tip will now blink.

Needs system rework, part 1There’s a large content update coming that will make good use of the updated needs system, and we’re already preparing for that. No spoilers yet, but it will be something tasty.

  • Needs displayed in the Well-being panel and after clicking a beaver are now grouped (for example, Hunger, Thirst, and Sleep are now Basic needs).
  • Needs previously reserved for adults are now also available to kits. What it means is that it is now possible to reach population well-being of 15.

BuildingsWe’ve added three types of decorative fences. Go ahead and customize your settlements further! Also, Paper Mill has a new model.

  • New building: Log Fence (150 SP, 3 logs)
  • New building: Plank Fence (150 SP, 3 planks)
  • New building: Metal Fence (250 SP, 3 metal blocks)
  • Paper Mill now has a new, symmetrical model that’s easier to use and connect power to.
  • Fixed the lighting in Rooftop Terrace.

Bug fixes

  • It is no longer possible to build Floodgates on top of the 3×2 roof.
  • Lists of goods (for example in the Distribution Post) are now sorted alphabetically based on the localized names.
  • Beehive no longer increases the growth progress of withered crops.
  • Fixed Depth Marker’s behaviour when built on a platform.
  • Fixed global height limits on water levels – the water on the map can now be as high as the highest allowed buildings.
  • Fixed a bug with overlapping in-game text.
  • Metal Blocks are now properly saved as “MetalBlock” in savefiles.
  • Fixed rare cases when beavers refused to plant at certain spots.
  • Flag workers will now try to move currently carried goods to a warehouse if their flag is paused/destroyed.
  • Buildings will no longer display “vacant” warnings if they’re paused.
  • Fixed performance drops that happened when large numbers of unemployed beavers tried to resupply Breeding Pods with no resources available. They were just trying to help, mkay?
  • Fixed a problem with “leaking” map edges after placing and removing a water source in the map editor.
  • Fixed a problem with the flooded/not flooded status on rotated Water Wheels.
  • Fixed a crash caused by deleting a Deep Water Pump built at the highest possible level.
  • Fixed a problem with the Underground Warehouse’s entrance being blocked when built at the lowest possible level.

Other changes

  • The player logs now include more information about the user’s hardware configuration. It helps us identify scenarios where crashes and other problems occur on a specific setup.
  • There are now limits on the values entered on the Custom Difficulty Mode screen.
  • Map Editor now allows adding multiple ruins at once by dragging a cursor.

If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

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