Train Sim World 2 Update 1.46 Patch Notes on Oct. 5

Dovetail Games have just released Train Sim World 2 Update 1.46, and we have the complete list of patch notes for your reading pleasure. The latest patch primarily brings the eagerly anticipated Meissen Extension with a lot of new content and some preparation for the London Commuter update on Oct. 7.

You can download and install this latest patch right away on the relevant consoles and PC. Here is all the relevant information regarding Train Sim World 2 Update 1.46. The latest patch will roll out at different times for all platforms. We don’t have the actual file size of this update yet.

Train Sim World 2 Update 1.46 Patch Notes

Here is the official list of patch notes for Train Sim World 2 Update 1.46 rolling out on all supported platforms of the game:


  • Core – Fix Reskin artifacts on PS4
  • Core – Fixed – speed limit data now not being drawn on the right-hand side of the graph, or missing entirely after driving a longer distance
  • Added Rush Hour passenger volume and behaviours to Bakerloo Line and Schnellfahrstrecke Köln-Aachen

Nahverkehr Dresden

  • Updated the time-of-day system on Dresden to improve performance on console
  • Lowered the road and raised the landscape to remove instances where the road was seen to be floating.
  • Fixed instances where cars were seen to be doing somersaults.
  • Various fixes to NPC’s at Weinbohla station to stop instances where they sink into staircases or the floor.
  • Updated the boundaries at Weinbohla station so that there are no longer gaps you are able to go through
  • Updated the scenery at the chemical plant so that it is no longer seen to be floating, also adjusted the size of the doors which were previously too small.
  • Updated the platform lights at Riesa so that they are more noticeable at night and turn off during the day.
  • Increased the volume of crowd ambient audio at Bischofsplatz station.
  • Updated the Cooling tower steam to look more white and stopped it from going dark in the afternoon.
  • Made sure signals at Dresden Hbf don’t try to show ZS3v when they don’t have the indicator.
  • Updated entry signals to Weißig correctly show HL12a limiting speed to 40kmh
  • Fixed an issue with a bridge that had no collision volume.
  • Fixed incorrect GPA behaviour, PZB should now work correctly during the “Wrong Road” scenario.
  • Fixed an issue with Ks Distant signals displaying the additional lamp when displaying Ks1
  • Updated the 500Hz magnet on Coswig track 5 so that it now works correctly.
  • Added additional station information required for off-route PIS
  • Added Gen8 console (Xbox one, PS4) specific timetable that contains ICE 3
  • Removed ICE3 for Gen8 console (Xbox one, PS4) in default timetable
  • Updated journey so that everything works correctly after the changes made to the timetable.
  • Renamed Sggmrsss formations in the scenario designer so that they are now correct.
  • Enabled substitution on MRCE BR 185 and DB BR 363 formations in scenarios
  • Updated the mis-ordering of the instructions on the S1 eastbound services so that it now shows as ‘Stop at, load, go via’ around the Pieschen area
  • Made various updates to the Dresden Timetable:
    • Added DB BR 155 and MRCE 182 to freight
    • Joined up Meissen services so they run the full length as playable
    • Added additional S1 SBahn services added for Rush Hour
    • Added additional Freight services added throughout day.
    • Fixed destinations for a large quantity of trains PIS
    • Fixed freight trains so they have end-of-train boards
    • Fixed all service titles, descriptions and mapping information in the user interface.
    • Updated routing of several services to improve flow and make it more natural.
    • Improved all passenger services to have an initial 1-minute load time so the player has more time to complete set up.
    • Updated all flip-states to ensure trains are all facing the right way and journey works correctly.
    • Improved start positions at Grossenhein to prevent trains from hanging out.
    • Fixed ZACNS wagons from teleporting back to their original start positions if you spawn in after their work is completed
    • Updated the final end point of IC services in Dresden so the train is more comfortably in the platform.
  • Updated the way NPCs embark/disembark at Weinbohla station
  • Updated the bridge near Dresden so that you can no longer get stuck underneath.
  • Improved the tutorial for the DB BR 363 so that you can still complete the objective even if you hold down the throttle.
  • BR 146.2 AI services should have wipers on when rain is present
  • Fixed instances where ‘PZB Acknowledge’ and the ‘Sifa Pedal’ triggered on the gamepad while safety systems were switched off.
  • Fixed instances where ‘PZB Acknowledge’ and the ‘Sifa Pedal’ triggered on the gamepad while safety systems were switched off.
  • Corrected AFB Holding brake to come off at 10kn TOTAL on the BR 146.2
  • Fixed minor braking issue involving the holding brake being harder than necessary to get off DB BR 146.2
  • DB BR 442 – Updated PIS so it is more visible when coming in from longer distances
  • DB BR 442 – Fixed PZB acknowledge being triggered in a rare case after PZB was turned off.
  • DB BR 442 – Improved seat meshes
  • DB BR 442 – Fixed traction lock icon on the MTD screen from using consist information to using data per car
  • Doppelstock – Trap doors between coaches when coming in from a distance are down properly and connected
  • Doppelstock – Updated views so PIS displays are visible when coming in from a long distance
  • Habbiins wagons – Removed unnecessary materials
  • ZACNS – Updated length and other physics parameters to prevent overlapping and coupling issues
  • DB BR 363 – Updated ladder to use the passenger environment, so that climbing up doesn’t try and take over control of the loco
  • DB BR 363 – Updated PZB cut-in valve to use the correct direction
  • DB BR 363 – Improved how gamepad works with PZB acknowledgement
  • MRCE 185.5 – Fixed pantograph not set correctly when coming in from a distance
  • MRCE 185.5 – Fixed overcharge braking issue – on releasing the brake it will return to the original pressure before application, making brakes less liable to sticking on
  • MRCE 185.5 – Updated rate at which PN mode can apply the brakes, making them less likely to stick on
  • MRCE 185.5 – Updated AFB holding brake to come off at 10KN
  • MRCE 185.5 – Fixed minor braking issue involving the holding brake being harder than necessary to get off
  • MRCE 185.5 – Updated external shunting cameras so they use the new head out camera settings
  • MRCE 185.5 – Fixed PZB acknowledge being triggered in rare case it was turned off
  • MRCE 185.5 – Fixed – various issues related to EL/PL switch and EQ indication
  • MRCE 185.5 – Fixed – Brake Pressure indicator will now read Brake Pressure, instead of incorrect EQ pressure
  • DB BR 143 – Fixed – EBULA screen is now not red
  • DB BR 143 – Fixed – SIFA light now comes on in the cab
  • DB BR 143 – Fixed – SIFA alarm now audible outside the cab
  • Dopplestock – Updated PIS functionality to include ‘Coaches Update’ display on start of play session
  • DB BR 143 – Updated functionality to fix PIS issues

Boston Sprinter

  • Improved Chinese localisation for the F40PH-3C in the Boston timetable
  • Improved aspects of Herbonville and Read interlockings when switching tracks.
  • Updated the cab lights in the F40PH-3C so that it’s no longer too dark in the tunnel during the introduction
  • Fixed display boards at Stoughton station so that they now working correctly
  • Updated the signal aspect for Thatcher distant and Boro home to be Approach so that they now match how they’re programmed in real life
  • Updated the signal aspect of Plains west end to correctly be stop.
  • Improved the overhead line equipment with the updated graphical changes.
  • Fixed the incorrect number on the platform car stop sign at Boston Back Bay
  • Updated the ceiling of Boston Back Bay station by lowering it.
  • Added additional feed link socket to the Boston cantilever overhead line equipment gantry.
  • Moved trees which were seen to be obstructing the track
  • Updated the road traffic by extending it along the freeway by the side of the track.
  • Improved the level of detail at the bridge near Readville to stop it “popping” in.
  • Extended the boundry and the out of bounds area so that you are now able to complete the “Marching In” scenario.
  • Various minor improvements to the scenery and night lighting
  • Fixed the character diorama which was shown to be spawning twice in the same location

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Source: Dovetail

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