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Kalypso Media has released Tropico 6 Update 14 today and we have the full list of patch notes for those interested. This marks a major update for the game as it brings some new features and several bug fixes since the last hotfix release.

The entire list of changes and updates have been covered below in the release notes. You should be able to download and install this Tropico 6 Update 14.

Tropico 6 Update 14 Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for the Tropico 6 Update 14 that is now live for all the players on supported platforms of the game:

New Features

  • Added new ‘Resource Overview’ tab to Almanac
    detailing eachresource e.g., current amount stored, production history, or recent distribution.
  • Added 3 new multiplayer maps:
    • Islas De Mesetas (2-player)
    • Isla del Trébol (4-player)
    • La Península Gigantesca (4-player)

Bug fixes

  • Added key binding option for toggling the ‘Demolition’ tool
  • Fixed an issue where the population change graph in the Almanac could show no values.
  • Fixed amount of money displayed in the ‘Private Bank’ work mode
  • Fixed some issues with the ‘Lightbulb Ban’ edict when relocating houses with the ‘Electrification’ upgrade.
  • Fixed cases where highlighted buildings affected by the Manure Spreader were missing.
  • Fixed player receiving too high a tourist rating after visiting a Gourmet Restaurant with Sushi Mastery Work mode
  • Fixed Museum of Modern Art not being affected by the ‘Permanent Exhibition’ work mode of Luxury Hotel
  • Fixed tourists getting stuck in Tourist Port – a result of the captain dying during travel to the port.
  • Fixed a mine within the ‘Tropicoland’ mission that was inaccessible.
  • Fixed a rare scroll bar glitch
  • Corrected positioning of Ancient Ruins in ‘Lirio Dorado’ map
  • Fixed a few crashes.
  • Fixed a couple of localization & text issues.
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed stuttering when moving military units.
  • [Caribbean Skies] Fixed Drone Factory using up Resources even when the Outstock for a specific kind of Drone is already full.
  • [Caribbean Skies] Fixed an issue in the mission ‘Penultimo’s Secret Mission’, where it was possible to lose the game due to suspicion even after completing the final raid.
  • [Caribbean Skies] Fixed Construction Workers walking on cliffs in mission ‘The Scientific Method’.
  • [Caribbean Skies] Adjusted duration of Meteor Shower disaster music in the mission ‘Drone City’
  • [Linux] Improved edge scrolling behaviour on Linux
  • [PS4]: Fixed Flophouse and Official Residence being available in ‘Shackland’ mission.

Tropico 6 is now available for the PC, Linux, Mac, Xbox One and PS4 platforms.  If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

Source: Kalypso Media

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