UFC 4 Update 9.00 Patch Notes on March 4 | Kevin Holland, Vicente Luque

EA Sports has released this new UFC 4 Update 9.00 yesterday and we have the full list of patch notes for you to read through. We have covered the full breakdown of this new Update 9.00 for UFC 4 which includes two new licensed fighters and gameplay updates. All the information you need to know regarding this patch has been covered below.

The total file size you need to download for the UFC 4 Update 9.00 is around 3.97 GB, which could be different for players on other platforms. The two new fighters in this patch are Kevin Holland and Vicente Luque.

UFC 4 Update 9.00 Patch Notes

UFC 4 Update 9.00

Here are the official patch notes for the UFC 4 Update 9.00 that is now live for all the players on every supported platform of the game.

Major Updates:

  • Added 2 new fighters, Kevin Holland and Vicente Luque
  • Added a timed delay to matchmaking if a user repeatedly does not finish online matches 

Gameplay Updates:

  • Clinch Knees now receive a boost when Knees Boost is active in Career
  • Fixed animation issue in a specific diving punch knee on belly entry

Community Feedback:

  • Updated Michael Chandler’s nickname to “Iron” Michael Chandler
  • Osoto-Gari is no longer available to Created Fighters
  • Slipping strikes are now slower while rocked
  • Significantly increased effect of Grapple Advantage on Takedowns
  • Decreased denial window for the low single takedown
  • Takedown denials now drain 20% more permanent stamina from the attacker
  • Fixed animation issue in the early denial of the open stance single leg
  • Added damage for the following slams:
    • Kimbo Slam (right turn from cage single leg)
    • Double Leg Slam from Cage Single Leg (left turn from cage single leg)
    • Cage Bodylock Slam (left turn from cage double leg)
  • Slowed down the advancing switch kick
  • Body knees and frontal kicks can no longer be evaded by head movement
  • Slowed down back side posture fakes and made the animation more readable
  • Slowed down lead overhand combos
  • Special counter from Side Saddle to North South now requires a large stamina advantage
  • Fixed issue with jab – body side kick combo not working with “mixed movement”, such using one strike advancing and another stationary.
  • Fixed a brief “freezing” animation issue when trying to walk and sway after a slipping straight
  • Significantly slowed down jab – handplant kick combo

This is everything for the UFC 4 Update 9.00. In case you missed it, the developers at UFC 4 have been adding licensed fighters with every update for the last three or four patches. If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

[via EA Sports]

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