Valheim Update 0.204.4 Patch Notes on November 8

Iron Gate Studios just released the Valheim Update 0.204.4 patch notes and we have all the details for you right here. This patch focuses on bug fixes and a couple of improvements to the state of the game.

All the information regarding this patch is covered in the next section. You should be able to download this patch right now without any downtime. We still aren’t sure of the file size of this particular update just yet.

Valheim Patch Notes: Update 0.204.4 (November 8)

Here are all the improvements and bug fixes made to Valheim in this latest patch:

This patch features some various improvements and fixes, including a long-awaited update of the engine version. Have fun playing!


* Jack-o-turnip cover offset fixed
* Spirit damage no longer affected by wet
* HP regen on mobs & bosses fix (They were previously regenerating HP faster than intended)
* Tar pits spawn fix (In some edge cases they spawned on the edge between two biomes)

* Unity engine updated (Fixes some random crashes related to pathfinding)
* Comfort calculation performance optimized
* Mead bases show status effect on tooltip
* Localization updated, build menu overlapping fixes & added missing localization strings

* Some locations in Black Forest now have discovery music (still needs some work though)
* Removed clutter from spawning in Mistlands (It’s now…very empty)

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