Valorant 2.00 is all set to launch Episode 2 Act 1, and we have the early patch notes now with us. There are several new additions in this patch like a new agent (Agent 14 – Yoru), a new Battle Pass and a Run It Back bundle. The Battle Pass will launch on January 12 and will go on till March 1. Apart from these, other notable changes include nerfs to Classic and Omen and a major buff to Brimstone.

Since most major updates for Valorant arrive on Tuesday, so expect this update next week. We do not have a file size yet of this download, but it should be revealed in a couple of days time.

Valorant 2.00 Early Patch Notes

Here are the unofficial and expected patch notes for the Valorant 2.00 update that is arriving on Tuesday, next week.

Agent 14 - Yoru | Valorant


  • Incendiary
    • Cost reduced: 300 > 200
  • Stim Beacon
    • Equip time removed
  • Sky Smoke
    • Range increased: 4200 > 5000
    • Smoke duration increased: 14.25s > 19.25s


  • Paranoia
    • Cost increased from 200 > 400
  • Dark Cover
    • Travel speed decreased from 4000 > 2800


  • The right-click spread of the Classic has also been increased drastically.

This is everything we have for the Valorant 2.00 update so far. Expect a detailed list of patch notes once this update goes live for everyone on all supported platforms.

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