Valorant Update 2.11 Patch Notes on June 8 | FPS Improvements

Riot Games just deployed the new Valorant Update 2.11 for all the players and here are the complete list of patch notes. This new update brings a hosts of new improvements, changes and small updates to the game, most importantly the frame rate optimizations. Update 2.10 was skipped, so now we have the new Update 2.11 after almost a month.

Fans have been expecting the big launch of Episode 3 soon, but this Valorant Update 2.11 is a welcome patch which helps with the overall game experience. We do not have the file size of this patch yet, but will update once we do.

Valorant Update 2.11 Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for the Valorant Update 2.11 that is now rolling out to all supported platforms of the game:

Not for nothing, Patch 2.11 should improve your framerate by 1% on average if you’re on a medium–high spec machine.

– Riot Games


  • Added a Leaderboard search bar to help you find players by name


  • Replication is back as part of our modes rotation and will replace Escalation for now


  • Improved Client framerate by 1% on average for medium to high spec machines by optimizing abilities, equipment, and weapons in the your inventory
  • Optimized Agent and Environment mesh clipping calculations 


  • Fixed fonts for various regional languages to improve readability
  • Updated ping wheel and radio wheel to ignore non-movement inputs while the wheel is displayed
  • Fixed an animation issue with abnormal hand positions while equipping weapons



  • Fixed an issue where Reyna couldn’t sell then rebuy Dismiss ability during Buy Phase


  • Fixed a bug that was causing an infinite load symbol while viewing a friend’s career.
  • Fixed several Leaderboard UI bugs.


  • In the model viewer, a hitch is caused by the Sharpening setting interacting with MSAA
    • If you encounter this, we advise that you toggle off the Sharpening setting until we can ship a fix.

If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

Source: Riot Games

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