Warframe Update 30.9.0 Patch Notes | Prime Resurgence

Digital Extremes has just deployed Warframe Update 30.9.0 and we have the complete patch notes for your reading pleasure. The update brings in the Prime Resurgence Event, starting off on November 16. moreover, there have been tons of balance changes and stability improvements to the game as well.

The update is available globally as a mandatory download. You can find all the relevant information for Warframe Patch Notes: Update 30.9.0 down below. We still aren’t sure of the file size of the update as of yet.

Warframe Update 30.9.0 Patch Notes

Here are the complete patch notes for Warframe Update 30.9.0 coming out for all supported platforms:

A Prime Resurgence is upon us…

Coming November 16 for a limited time, we are launching Prime Resurgence! This event provides Tenno with a schedule of Vaulted Prime releases. The impending War grows near day by day, Tenno. A new (yet familiar face to some?), Varzia Dax, has an opportunity to fortify your Arsenal with Prime items that have long been Vaulted.

We first announced that we are looking at running a Prime Vault event of sorts on Devstream 156 – and Prime Resurgence is just that! It is our first stab at offering an alternative to Prime Vault: A one-stop shop to gain access to Vaulted Prime content and Relics with a fully transparent schedule to allow players time to plan.  

Varzia, a Dax from the Old War, will appear in Maroo’s Bazaar November 16th on all Platforms with a slew of Prime goods for you to obtain. You can either purchase Relics from her Wares with Aya (free path) or gain instant access to Prime items and bundles with Regal Aya (purchase path).

What are Aya and Regal Aya? 

These are the currencies that are used to purchase items from Varzia! 

Aya is an earned currency that is your free path to gaining Prime items through the in-game Relic system. It is a resource that is exchanged for Void Relics and other non-premium items available in Varzia’s wares. Aya is found in Missions (The Void or Bounties) or has a chance of appearing in Relic Packs available for purchase in the Market for Platinum or Syndicate Offerings for Standing.

Regal Aya is a premium currency (similar to Platinum, but not tradeable) that gives you instant access to Prime Warframes, Weapons, Accessories, and Bundles available in Varzia’s wares. It can be purchased in the Market or online storefronts.

We have an extremely thorough Dev Workshop / FAQ explaining how this Event came to be, including the introduction of Regal Aya. Simply put, The Prime Vault program has undergone many changes over the years, all driven by player feedback and requests.

The theme over these changes has been to offer more choice and quicker access to Vaulted Prime rotations. Which is where Prime Resurgence comes in. Please read our Dev Workshop for more information, otherwise enjoy the largest Prime Vault opening of all-time, with a significantly streamlined process for Devs and Players alike! 

Please see our Prime Resurgence Workshop for more information & FAQ in the official Warframe Forums: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1285421-prime-resurgence-dev-workshop-faq/ 



Introducing the ‘TENNO GUIDE”!

Added a new UI notification when inside the Orbiter that is a persistent reminder for Quests, to help guide new Tenno to their next steps. A lot of new players have felt lost once they finish Vor’s Prize, and this persistent reminder will show them what to do next! This can be disabled at any time in the menus under Options > Interface > Show Tenno Guide! 

Heat Sword Crafting Requirements

We are changing the crafting requirement for the Heat Sword to require a Neurode rather than a Neural Sensor. Originally, this was meant to incentivize players to explore new nodes, but we want to get better gear in players hands earlier! This change is smaller than most, but meaningful to new players looking to upgrade their melee early on.

Reduced Crafting Times for the Rising Tide Quest

In March 2021, we made Railjack more accessible by reducing the crafting resources and the time it took to build your Railjack. Now, we will be reducing the crafting times again from 1 hour to 1 minute per part. As Railjack becomes a larger part of the game, we hope this change will allow new players to swiftly complete Rising Tide, and prepare their Railjack for future fights!

Amp Recipe Reductions

This change is two fold: reduced crafting costs for Amp parts, and reduced Standing cost for purchasing parts. Our goal here is to make constructing an Amp more accessible to players by reducing resource demands. This is rooted firmly in the role upgrading your Amp plays in performing well in main quests like The Sacrifice as well as engaging in Focus Tree related content. Here are the changes below:


  • Raplak
    • Standing cost reduced from 2,000 to 1,000
    • Iradite cost reduced from 60 to 40
    • Murkray Liver cost reduced from 3 to 2
    • Tear Azurite and Esher Devar cost reduced from 30 to 10
  • Shwaak
    • Standing cost reduced from 5,000 to 1,500
    • Iradite cost reduced from 80 to 40
    • Norg Brain cost reduced from 3 to 2
    • Esher Devar cost reduced from 30 to 15
    • Marquise Veridos cost reduced from 20 to 10
  • Granmu
    • Standing cost reduced from 7,500 to 2,000
    • Cuthol Tendrils cost reduced from 3 to 2
    • Breath of the Eidolon cost reduced from 5 to 3
    • Marquise Veridos cost reduced from 20 to 10
    • Star Crimzian cost reduced from 10 to 6
  • Rahn
    • Standing cost reduced from 10,000 to 2,500
    • Iradite cost reduced from 60 to 50
    • Seram Beetle Shell cost reduced from 3 to 2
    • Tear Azurite cost reduced from 30 to 20
    • Esher Devar cost reduced from 30 to 15


  • Pencha
    • Standing cost reduced from 2,000 to 1,000
    • Grokdrul cost reduced from 60 to 40
    • Murkray Liver cost reduced from 3 to 2
    • Cetus Wisp cost reduced from 10 to 3
    • Pyrotic Alloy cost reduced from 85 to 60
  • Shraksun
    • Standing cost reduced from 5,000 to 1,500
    • Grokdrul cost reduced from 80 to 60
    • Norg Brain cost reduced from 3 to 2
    • Cetus Wisp cost reduced from 15 to 4
    • Coprite Alloy cost reduced from 85 to 60
  • Klebrik
    • Standing cost reduced from 7,500 to 2,000
    • Mukray Liver cost reduced from 3 to 2
    • Cetus Wisp cost reduced from 20 to 5
    • Breath of the Eidolon cost reduced from 5 to 3
    • Fersteel Alloy cost reduced from 50 to 40
  • Phahd
    • Standing cost reduced from 10,000 to 2,500
    • Grokdrul cost reduced from 60 to 40
    • Seram Beetle Shell cost reduced from 3 to 2
    • Fersteel Alloy cost reduced from 85 to 60
    • Heart Nyth cost reduced from 2 to 1


  • Clapkra
    • Standing cost reduced from 2000 to 1000
    • Morphics cost reduced from 10 to 6
    • Fish Oil cost reduced from 35 to 20
    • Murkray Liver cost reduced from 3 to 2
    • Cetus Wisp cost reduced from 10 to 3
  • Juttni
    • Standing cost reduced from 5000 to 1500
    • Neurodes cost reduced from 10 to 6
    • Fish Oil cost reduced from 35 to 20
    • Norg Brain cost reduced from 3 to 2
    • Cetus Wisp cost reduced from 15 to 4
  • Lohrin
    • Standing cost reduced from 7500 to 2000
    • Fish Oil cost reduced from 35 to 20
    • Cuthol Tendrils cost reduced from 3 to 2
    • Cetus Wisp cost reduced from 20 to 5
    • Breath of the Eidolon cost reduced from 5 to 3
  • Anspatha
    • Standing cost reduced from 10000 to 2500
    • Morphics cost reduced from 10 to 6
    • Fish Oil cost reduced from 35 to 20
    • Seram Beetle Shell cost reduced from 3 to 2
    • Radian Sentrium cost reduced from 2 to 1


  • Cantic
    • Vega Toroid cost reduced from 5 to 3
    • Longwinder Lathe Coagulant cost reduced from 10 to 6
    • Gyromag Systems & Radiant Zodian cost reduced from 5 to 3
  • Lega
    • Vega Toroid cost reduced from 5 to 3
    • Charamote Sagan Module cost reduced from 10 to 6
    • Gyromag Systems & Radiant Zodian cost reduced from 5 to 3
  • Klamora
    • Vega Toroid cost reduced from 5 to 3
    • Tromyzon Entroplasma cost reduced from 10 to 6
    • Gyromag Systems & Radiant Zodian cost reduced from 5 to 3


  • Exard
    • Calda Toroid cost reduced from 5 to 3
    • Longwinder Lathe Coagulant cost reduced from 10 to 6
    • Atmo Systems cost reduced from 3 to 2
    • Hespazym Alloy cost reduced from 50 to 30
  • Dissic
    • Calda Toroid cost reduced from 5 to 3
    • Charamote Sagan Module cost reduced from 10 to 6
    • Atmo Systems cost reduced from 3 to 2
    • Hespazym Alloy cost reduced from 50 to 30
  • Propa
    • Calda Toroid cost reduced from 5 to 3
    • Tromyzon Entroplasma cost reduced from 10 to 6
    • Atmo Systems cost reduced from 3 to 2
    • Hespazym Alloy cost reduced from 50 to 30


  • Suo
    • Sola Toroid cost reduced from 5 to 3
    • Longwinder Lathe Coagulant cost reduced from 10 to 6
    • Marquise Thyst cost reduced from 5 to 3
  • Plaga
    • Sola Toroid cost reduced from 5 to 3
    • Charamote Sagan Module cost reduced from 10 to 6
    • Marquise Thyst cost reduced from 5 to 3
  • Certus
    • Sola Toroid cost reduced from 5 to 3
    • Tromyzon Entroplasma cost reduced from 10 to 6
    • Marquise Thyst cost reduced from 5 to 3

Any crafting component not noted is keeping its current cost.

Reduced Costs for Refined Ore/Gem Blueprints in the Plains of Eidolon

To accompany our changes to Amp crafting, the Standing costs of Blueprints for refined Ores and Gems from the Plains of Eidolon have been adjusted. Here are the new costs:


  • Pyrotic Alloy and Tear Azurite (From 1,000 Standing to 500)
  • Esher Devar and Coprite Alloy (From 5,000 Standing to 2,500)
  • Marquise Veridos and Fersteel Alloy (From 10,000 Standing to 5,000)
  • Star Crimzian and Auroxium Alloy (From 15,000 Standing to 7,000)
  • Radian Sentirum and Heart Nyth (From 20,000 Standing to 10,000)

Sentient Core Standing + Blueprint Changes (NEW since the initial Dev Workshop)

In addition to the already noted changes to Amps and Ore/Gems, we’ve included an increase to Sentient Core Standing return and also modified the Exceptional Sentient Core Conversion Blueprint. Those starting out on their Quills journey should find this allows them to progress through the Syndicate faster to reach the higher tier Offerings.

Increased Standing return from Sentient Cores:

  • Intact Sentient Core Standing return from 100 to 250 
  • Exceptional Sentient Core Standing return from 500 to 750 
  • Flawless Sentient Core Standing return from 1200 to 1500 

Exceptional Sentient Core Conversion Blueprint Changes:

  • Exceptional Sentient Core Conversion Blueprint now transforms 10 Intact Cores into 10 Exceptional Cores, as opposed to 2:2. 
  • Duration to Craft and cost to Rush have been halved: down to 5 mins and 5 Platinum respectively. 
    • The Radian Sentirum and Heart Nyth values remain as 1 each!

Players who had an Exceptional Sentient Core Conversion Blueprint crafting will get a one-time gift of 10 Exceptional Cores in exchange for only spending 2 Intact Cores. Bank error in your favor!

Necramech Drop Rate & Crafting Cost Changes

Necramechs have started to play a vital role within the System – from being part of the Railjack experience, to a great tool in our Open Worlds. While their firepower provides an advantage, the time and resource investment required to obtain one has shown to be a deterrent to newer players. As The New War approaches, we aim to alleviate that initial friction and provide an easier path of obtainment.

Enemy Necramechs now have a 50% chance to drop a Necramech part across the board, evenly distributed. The battle required to defeat an enemy Necramech is not easy nor quick. This increased chance of getting a Necramech part helps to reduce the time investment  needed in order to gather the mandatory parts to build your first Necramech. 

Additionally, we’ve halved most of the Mining/Fishing part costs for crafting the Voidrig as this is the ‘first’ Necramech players see in the Heart of Deimos quest, so we want to make acquiring it a little easier. Bonewidow has been left as is as a longer-term goal.

The changes are:

Voidrig Casing:
Adramal Alloy: From 120 to 60
Stellated Necrathene: From 16 to 8
Venerdo Alloy: From 40 to 20

Voidrig Engine
Tempered Bapholite: From 100 to 50
Biotic Filter: From 2 to 1

Voidrig Capsule:

Spinal Core Section: From 30 to 15
Marquise Veridos: From 20 to 10

Voidrig Weapon Pod:
Biotic Filter: From 6 to 3
Thaumic Distillate: From 80 to 40

Charc Electroplax: From 45 to 25

Howl of The Kubrow Quest Changes

For new players, we are changing the Kubrow Egg drop rate to be 100% from the first Kubrow Den and setting the Quest to Solo mode only. This change will only affect New Tenno playing the Quest for the first time, and does not affect Kubrow Egg drop rates outside of the Quest. We are also shortening the Survival mission within the Quest from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.

Additional New Player Experience Changes

  • Removed Ceres to Jupiter Task of defeating a Prosecutor to reduce initial friction and get you along your way faster. Prosecutors could take a long time to spawn if you were unlucky.
  • Increased the window of time where you can deal damage to the Vay Hek Propaganda Drone during his boss fight from 8 seconds to 10 seconds. Newer players who attempted the Vay Hek boss fight right when it was available to them found this phase more difficult than it really needed to be.
  • Updated the “The New Strange” objective for Synthesis Targets to make it less confusing. It now reads “Sanctuary Target” as opposed to a specific enemy type which could come across confusing. 
  • Tyl Regor’s Shield now has a Shield Regeneration delay of 2 seconds, compared to how it instantly regenerates currently, to provide newer players more of a fighting chance.


Arm yourself with these new Warframe Augments for Trinity, Lavos, and Xaku!

Trinity – Champion’s Blessing (Blessing Augment)

Gain Primary and Secondary Critical Chance for 12s for each percent you heal on allies up to 350%. 

*Purchase from the New Loka or Perrin Sequence for Syndicate Standing!

Lavos – Swift Bite (Ophidian Bite Augment)

Reduce Ability cooldowns by 4s when at least 4 enemies are hit. Ophidian Bite is granted 30% additional Ability Range.

*Purchase from the Red Veil or New Loka for Syndicate Standing!

Xaku – Vampiric Grasp (Grasp Of Lohk Augment)

When a stolen weapon deals damage to an enemy affected by The Lost: Gaze or The Vast Untime, Xaku heals by 25. 

*Purchase from the Steel Meridian or Cephalon Suda for Syndicate Standing!

Xaku – The Relentless Lost (The Lost Augment)

Casting The Lost increases Ability Strength for The Lost by 35%. The bonus can stack up to 3x and resets if you can cast the same ability twice.

*Purchase from the Steel Meridian or Cephalon Suda for Syndicate Standing!


When we first introduced Forma years ago, Warframe was a much smaller game. We had fewer weapons, fewer Warframes, and way fewer Mods. As players continue their Forma journey, there’s often discussions on doing a Quality of Life (QOL) pass to the way things work with our favourite Golden Puzzle Piece. 

We want your Mastery Rank to be considered when using Forma to establish a baseline power level for your playable characters!

What does that mean?

If a Mastery Rank 30 player uses a Forma, they won’t have to re-unlock any Abilities (or their Ranks) on a given item! Yes, they’ll still need to level the gear itself to apply another Forma but, depending on your Mastery Rank, you can have access to more (or all) Abilities on your unranked gear! This achieves our goal of keeping Forma essential to build customization, but allowing players with higher Mastery Ranks a more convenient experience. 

Right now, using a Forma on a Warframe (or Archwing/Necramech) requires you to start from 0 when it comes to Abilities you can use. Furthermore, you only get the first Rank of your First ability. Take Valkyr for instance. You install a Forma, and you’re back to only casting unranked Rip Line!

Our change will make it so your Mastery Rank impacts how much you have unlocked by default on Forma use. Following our Valkyr example, with this change, a Mastery Rank 10 player would have all of her abilities unlocked upon applying a Forma to her, albeit not at their full strength! 

This ranking process is something players already experience in game – you know by the time you’ve levelled your Valkyr on Hydron to 10, you unlock Hysteria. We are making your Mastery Rank ‘match’ those milestones, so to speak, with the end goal being a Mastery Rank 30 player can use Forma without ever having to be locked out of Abilities. Simply put, the higher your Mastery Rank, the higher the baseline of your gear when using Forma.

*New additions since the Dev Workshop:

Post Dev Workshop feedback and continued conversations have added on another related change to reaching Mastery Rank 30+:

Sorties and Arbitrations now allow Mastery Rank 30+ players that have put at least 1 Forma into their Warframe to bypass the “Rank 30 Warframe” requirement. 


Mind Control

The thinking behind these changes are fueled by the amount of investment towards this single Target, and having that pay off more in your favor. 

  • Base 500 percent Damage increase to the Target itself that you then feed into with your weapons DPS. 
  • Increased base Duration to 45 seconds at maximum rank.
  • Mind Controlled Target now teleports to keep up! This acts similar to other allies (Wukong’s twin, etc).

Psychic Bolts

While this change is minor and provides more of a visual cue, the goal here was to provide a better presentation / feedback when Psychic Bolts connect with a Target. 

  • Added a minor one-time stagger to targets bit by Psychic Bolts. 


  • Increased base Range to 15m at max rank.
  • Scaling Range is now capped at 50m (solving for an exploit), ensuring Damage is balanced by Energy Capacity.
  • Nyx’s Assimilate Augment now allows you to roll, similar to Mesa’s Waltz!
  • Nyx’s Absorb stat screen now shows max explosion radius value.
  • Absorbs additive weapon damage bonus now applies to the player’s equipped Melee weapon.
  • Minor tweak to the GPU particles to clean them up!

We’ve got a handful of reskinned UI screens for your viewing pleasure! Some of these are already live from previous Hotfixes, but we’ve listed them here for full exposure.

  • Invasions
    • The newly skinned Invasions screen offers less cluttered visuals and simplified text to alleviate initial confusion. 
  • Specters
    • A fresh updated look with tooltips on hover!
  • Combos
    • Melee Combos have been visually divided into their own sections with a handy legend of the basic controls at a glance. 
  • Poster screen
    • Fresh updated look!
  • Dojo coloring screen
    • Fresh updated look! Additionally, the screen title has been updated from “Dyes” to “Polychrome Dyes”, ‘in progress’ state has a new animated icon, ‘in progress’ state is now separate from ‘paused’ state, ‘in progress’ sorts to top (paused and completed continue to function the same as there is already a ‘sort by progress’ option in the sort dropdown), and added Tips! We’ve also fixed the completed Dye description calling it a Pigment.
  • Text customization screen
    • Fresh updated look!
  • Weapons Upgrade Actions/custom weapon vendor actions screen
    • A fresh updated look with tooltips on hover!


Warframe Decoration tools are all about customization. We value that quality. The learning curve for new players, however, can be pretty steep. Tools like Surface Snapping and Rotation Axis are ideal for ambitious decorators with particular visions for their Orbiters and Dojos, but they can overwhelm Tenno new to decorating. 

We aim to address that difference! The UI improvements and more discussed below include improvements for new and experienced decorators alike.

Introducing Basic and Advanced Mode

To accommodate different approaches to decorating, we’ve created two distinct modes. The UI team has also done a polish and pezaz pass on decoration menus!

Basic Mode only offers essential tools: Place, Move, Remove, Duplicate, Rotate, and Scale

  • The new Help window describes Camera Movement, Capacity Cost, and Advanced Mode.
  • This mode is intended for new players and Tenno who just want to quickly place decorations to give rooms a bit of flare. It’s introductory and quick to use.

Advanced Mode houses all the customization-focused tools decorators already know and use expertly.

  • Decorators can press Tab any time to switch between Basic Mode and Advanced Mode.
  • This mode is intended for Tenno who are serious about custom decorating. It’s specific and focused.

Controller Binding Changes

Some decoration controls on controllers were adopted from Archwing and Railjack. We’ve decoupled those functions to create controls specific to decorating!

Here are the biggest key binding changes:

Old Bindings:Place Decoration: RSClear Decorations: NonexistentMove Decoration: XRemove Decoration: LTRotate: LTRotation Axis Cycle: RBReset All Rotation: RTPush/Pull: RTCamera Facing: RBConfirm: XAdvanced Mode: NonexistentHelp: NonexistentMove Camera Up & Down: A & LBConstrained Movement:Move X: D-Pad LeftMove Y: YMove Z: RTNew Bindings:Place Decoration: XClear Decorations: RSMove Decoration: ARemove Decoration: LBRotate: LBRotation Axis Cycle: XReset All Rotation: YPush/Pull: RBCamera Facing: XConfirm: AAdvanced Mode: LSHelp: RSMove Camera Up & Down: LT & RTConstrained Movement:Move X: D-Pad LeftMove Y: D-Pad UpMove Z: D-Pad Down
Old Bindings:Place Decoration: RSClear Decorations: NonexistentMove Decoration: SquareRemove Decoration: L2Rotate: L2Rotation Axis Cycle: R1Reset All Rotation: R2Push/Pull: R2Camera Facing: R1Confirm: AAdvanced Mode: NonexistentHelp: NonexistentMove Camera Up & Down: X & L1Constrained Movement:Move X: D-Pad LeftMove Y: TriangleMove Z: R2New Bindings:Place Decoration: SquareClear Decorations: RSMove Decoration: XRemove Decoration: L1Rotate: L1Rotation Axis Cycle: SquareReset All Rotation: TrianglePush/Pull: R1Camera Facing: SquareConfirm: XAdvanced Mode: LSHelp: RSMove Camera Up & Down: L2 & R2Constrained Movement:Move X: D-Pad LeftMove Y: D-Pad UpMove Z: D-Pad Down
Nintendo Switch
Old Bindings:Place Decoration: RSClear Decorations: NonexistentMove Decoration: YRemove Decoration: ZLRotate: ZLRotation Axis Cycle: RReset All Rotation: ZRPush/Pull: ZRCamera Facing: RConfirm: YAdvanced Mode: NonexistentHelp: NonexistentMove Camera Up & Down: B & LConstrained Movement:Move X: Control Pad LeftMove Y: XMove Z: ZRNew Bindings:Place Decoration: YClear Decorations: RSMove Decoration: BRemove Decoration: LRotate: LRotation Axis Cycle: YReset All Rotation: XPush/Pull: RCamera Facing: YConfirm: BAdvanced Mode: LSHelp: RSMove Camera Up & Down: ZL & ZRConstrained Movement:Move X: Control Pad LeftMove Y: Control Pad UpMove Z: Control Pad Down

New Look

We also refreshed the UI Design overall with this change. Enjoy the new look that improves readability with a Warframe flare!

Rotate Decoration Previews

Instead of a static image, the Personal Decorations menu will show 3D decoration previews that allow decorators to rotate decorations before placing them. Right now, this feature is only available for Personal Decorations.

All Decorations Are Now Scalable

In the past, only Dojo Decorations have been scalable. You can now scale Personal Decorations too! From Dojos to Orbiters, Tenno can customize decoration sizes.

Dojo Improvement: Introducing the Arrival Gate

You now control where Tenno spawn in your Dojo! Place an Arrival Gate and Tenno will appear in that very spot when they visit. Dojos without an Arrival Gate will default to the current spawn system.

General Additions:

  • Added new animations to Wisp and Titania’s move set when using Gunblades.
  • Lavos, Sevagoth, Xaku, Yareli, Baruuk, Gauss, Hildryn, Wisp, Protea and Grendel are now available and can be used in Frame Fighter once their Fragments have been found/Scanned.
  • Added sneezing animations to Companions – time to start carrying around tissue, Tenno!
  • Added Gilded icon to Amp Inventory description if it has been Gilded.

General Changes:

  • Renamed Gunblade Heavy Attack from Spinning Uppercut to Full Bore.
  • When dragging around Mod Configs to swap (i.e Swapping Mod Config A to Config B), we now swap applied Helminth abilities as well to support the Modding of a given Helminth choice. 
  • Wisp players who have the Fused Reservoir Augment equipped will now start missions with the selection on the Fused Reservoir. 
  • When a player redeems a code in the Market, we now show more robust icons to depict the item you’re redeeming (if applicable). 
  • Sitting in the Helminth chair with a Warframe you haven’t Subsumed yet will now move that option to the top of the list. 
  • We now show you ‘Invasion’ progress at the End-of-Mission screen when you’re completing an invasion (i.e 2 of 3 fights for Corpus complete)! 
  • Changed the description of Galvanized Aptitude to better reflect its current function (which clarifies that area of effect damage is not included)
    • … BUT WAIT! We want to explain why because it’s very important to us that everyone understands where we are coming from with our current design mindset. AoE Weapons are the dominant ones by every usage metric. We see this day after day. Having this bonus apply to the AoE instance felt dangerously close to a myopic choice concerning powering up player Arsenals that simply do not need it. This mod never worked on AoE, and the description now explains that to avoid confusion. We understand those seeking a different outcome will disagree with this choice, but ultimately we are not willing to further bolster AoE at this time. This is due to the increasing difficulty in creating content that serves to challenge the Tenno.   
  • Added some simple logging for Lunaro and Cephalon Capture scoring in dedicated servers. As requested here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/709664-dedicated-conclave-servers/page/26/?tab=comments#comment-12257911
  • Changed Limbo’s Rift status for vehicles (K-Drive, Yareli’s Merulina, etc):
    • On mount, the vehicle inherits the rider’s Rift state.
    • If the rider’s Rift state changes while riding, the vehicle’s will change to match.
    • If the vehicle’s Rift state changes, the rider’s will change to match.
  • Updated Operator Void Dash FX to faster GPU versions.
  • General lighting improvements to trees in the Plains of Eidolon. 
  • Updated Melee Slam FX.
  • Made small updates to the Ghoulsaw ride FX. 
  • Cleaned up elemental FX on the Heat Dagger.
  • Added ‘Numeric Separators’ option in the Interface settings to change how numbers are formatted. By default, the format chosen is selected based on your language. There are 4 different formats supported:
    • Comma for thousands and period for decimal
    • Period for thousands and comma for decimal
    • Non-breaking space for thousands and comma for decimal
    • Period for thousands and apostrophe for decimal 
  • You will now be sent back to the Dojo instead of your Orbiter when everyone in your squad dies and loses all their revives in Railjack missions.
  • In scenarios where you’re taken to the Relay from your Orbiter (Initiating the Help Clem mission from Navigation, etc) you’ll now be taken to the Strata Relay on Earth. With Strata being the first Relay new players encounter it made sense to swap Larunda out for a more accessible Relay. 
  • Vallis Surveillance Drone in the first mission of the Vox Solaris Quest will now continue to replenish Shields if they have been completely depleted.
  • Clarified the “Hold Your Breath” Nightwave Act to include “in the Kuva Fortress”, as to alleviate some confusion expressed here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1126851-de-please-make-the-kuva-survival-nightwave-explicit/ 
  • Removed Tenet Grigori eligibility from Conclave.
  • Reflection intensity increased on metals to better match environment lighting conditions.
  • Increased lighting in certain areas in the Orbiter’s Personal Quarters.
  • Maroo now has a Ayatan inspired map marker in Maroo’s Bazaar. 
  • Quests that thrust you right into the action will now at least wait for you to select your reward from the Daily Tribute screen before the big thrust.
  • Removed the ‘Repeat Mission” button after completing a Kuva Flood mission due to an exploit.


  • Optimized Vauban’s Bastille vortex to fix dips in performance. 
  • Fixed significant framerate drops when Nidus “Larva” ability grabs large groups of enemies.
  • Fixed a nasty hitch that would occur periodically in Sanctuary Onslaught missions.
  • Optimized several small hitches when standing near certain level triggers (i.e Navigation on the Railjack). 
  • Optimized changing Wear and Tear in the Orbiter interior appearance tab.
  • Fixed micro-hitches that could occur when loading into missions.
  • Optimized pathfinding for low-core systems. 
  • Made some systemic micro-optimizations to the UI-system.
  • Made several UI loading optimizations. 
  • Made minor performance optimizations across the game.
  • Made data optimizations for the Cambion Drift. 
  • Optimized loading times. 
  • Made micro-optimizations to rendering. 
  • Made micro-optimizations to level loading. 
  • Made micro-optimizations to game startup and level loads.
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to multi-core support.
  • Optimized small hitches that would occur when a Quest did a screen fade.


  • Improved Melee weapons rumble controller feedback to have a more accurate response when attacking.
  • Changed Nightwave ‘Cred Offerings’ callout on controller to be the top face button (Y on Xbox) instead of clicking the right thumbstick, as it would conflict with the new Tenno Guide hover action. 
  • Fixed issue with tutorial hints not updating if switching between keyboard and controller while the hint is active in the Call of the Tempestarii Quest. 
  • Fixed icons in the controller binding screen being misaligned.


  • Changed The Vast Untime to recast while active by tapping ability and deactivated by holding. 
  • Fixed inability to turn off Vast Untime if you do not have enough Energy.
  • Fixed a gap between the casting animation with Xaku’s Gaze and freezing the target, which allowed them to die before they were affected by Gaze. 
  • Fixed Xaku’s Grasp of Lohk weapons having glitchy animations. 


  • Fixed Mutalist Ospreys, Napalms, and likely other enemies not being able to damage/inflict Status Effects on Yareli while on Merulina.
    • This also fixes missing HUD FX when a Status Proc is afflicted while on a vehicle.
  • Fixed inability to pick up Index Points while riding on Yareli’s Merulina. 
  • Fixed inability to pick up the Isolation Vault Bait while riding on Yareli’s Merulina.
  • Fixed the UI prompt for Railjack Tactical Menu and Omni disappearing after a player casts Merulina as Yareli with a controller.
  • Fixed getting stuck in parts of the data vaults in Corpus Spy missions while riding Yareli’s Merulina. 
  • Fixed Tenet Diplos lock-on ability not working for the Client players when using a Vehicle (Merulina, K-Drive, etc). As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1270984-tenet-diplos-lock-on-not-working-on-k-drive/ 
  • Fixed incorrect translation for the Yareli Physalia Helmet in Traditional Chinese.


  • Fixed a crash that would occur if you ran the game without the Launcher.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when casting Nidus’ Larva multiple times. 
  • Fixed a large spot-load when exiting the Arsenal in quick succession if you had a Helminth puppy. 
  • Fixed Teshin not using his weapon properly in The War Within Quest.
  • Fixed a case where an enemy converted to a Kuva Lich Thrall under the influence of faction-changing abilities or Status (ex: Radiation Status) would be unable to be finished with a Mercy in a Defense mission. 
  • Fixed certain scenarios where Acolytes would spawn in Steel Path when you’re AFK.
  • Fixed Arsenal changes to your Warframe not saving after removing an overridden Ability via Helminth.
  • Fixed certain screens (Simulacrum selection, Grustrag Bolt selection, etc) losing functionality if you typed into the search bar before the items showed up.
  • Fixed coloring issue with the Nidus Phryke Skin. This issue was isolated to the “loincloth” section of the Phryke Skin, where the color channel was showing 2 opposing colors when using a bright color for the Secondary channel.
  • Fixed Eidolons being forcibly moved with Bonewidow’s Firing Line ability. While this may sound harmless, a full squad of Bonewidows could displace the Eidolon into water instantly spawning multiple Vomvalysts.
  • Fixed Ivara’s Cloak Arrow turning your Necramech permanently invisible.
  • Fixed Clients seeing the Host player stuck in a knock down animation and then sliding around.
  • Fixed Steel Path Incursions on Disruption nodes having incorrect completion requirements (1 Conduit complete versus the intentional 4).
  • Fixed Amalgam Alkonost not enhancing the grabbed enemy and instead just hugging before letting go. 
  • Fixed Fishing Spear phase during the Heart of Deimos Quest not being correctly thrown the 2nd throw. 
  • Fixed Nakak’s Operator Masks not displaying on preview.
  • Fixed Deluxe Warframes with skin-specific attachments (Ember Pyraxis Skin, etc) having them unequipped by default when purchased.
  • Fixed “Last Mission Results” not retaining total mission time.
  • Fixed Lech Kril respawning inside the ground if he was pushed off the map with a push ability (Banshee Sonic Boom etc) in his fight alongside Vor.
  • Fixed Subsumed Aquablades having no cast audio. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1281219-subsumed-aquablades-have-no-cast-audio/ 
  • Fixed weapons with 1 bullet in their magazine (such as Vectis and Exergis) bypassing the Fire Rate limit if equipped with a max rank Arcane Pistoleer.
  • Fixed reloading an extra bullet into the Strun if you fired 5 or more shots before the reload. 
  • Fixed shooting yourself with the Arca Plasmor when first firing it after you’ve been Revived. 
  • Fixed the Cernos Prime Vertical Spread shot doing 2x damage of Horizontal Spread shot.
  • Fixed rapidly toggling Titania’s Razorwing mode/Operator allowing you to clip through geometry.
  • Fixed incorrect version of Alad V appearing via Transmission during the Second Dream Quest. 
  • Fixed several Nekros Helmets having silver parts that could not be colored otherwise.
  • Fixed Wisp ‘destroying’ the source Mote by flying to them with Wil-O-Wisp. This only affected the Mote visually, as the functionality was still there.
  • Fixed Mastery-style Challenges such as Rifle Mastery, Pole Weapon Mastery, Blade Mastery, Bow Mastery etc. not tracking the Challenges correctly.
  • Fixed the “From On High” Challenge not tracking in Orb Vallis or Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed a door within the Sister of Parvos Showdown Capital Ship that was unnecessarily locked. 
  • Fixed Bonewidow’s Meathook giving Affinity when it misses an enemy and costs 0 Energy.
  • Fixed Voidrig’s Necraweb grenade canister exploding prematurely. 
  • Fixed Amalgam Barrel Diffusion not modifying the roll length of Dodges.
  • Fixed Glaives not being affected by abilities that attract projectiles (i.e Mag’s Magnetize).
    • This also fixes a Glaive that has been redirected in such a way infinitely bouncing.
    • This also fixes Glaive being unable to punchthrough certain Metal surfaces (Crewman Helmets)
  • Fixed Projectiles from Jugulus enemies not always being redirected when intended (i.e Turbulence, Shatter Shield). 
  • Fixed issues with textures in the Sands of Inaros Quest.
  • Fixed UI element inconsistency in Railjack Void Storms between Hosts and Clients.
  • Fixed issues with the Sordario Syandana having green lens flares that cannot be coloured. 
  • Fixed playing as Volt during the tutorial allowing Electric Melee Damage to occur as a result of the passive. 
  • Fixed an issue where capes can sometimes float in dioramas. 
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect placement of infested sinew in a Deimos Isolation Vault. 
  • Fixed an issue with the Railjack Forward Artillery reticle not changing if you swap weapons while in the seat.
  • Fixed an issue with the Akkalak Turret explosion always showing as white. 
  • Fixed HUD issues with Companion Health and Shield stats that would occur whenever a player is revived. 
  • Fixed issues with menu stacking in the user interface on Junctions.
  • Fixed some issues with waypoint marker navigation in parts of the Grineer Fortress. 
  • Fixed an issue with Controllers not being able to properly select pop-up options on certain UI menus (i.e Email Permission popup). 
  • Fixed issues with certain languages’ text strings not fitting in the Syndicate UI. 
  • Fixed unowned Parazon Mods not getting shown as ‘NEW’ when first picked up.
  • Fixed some enemies being unable to activate alarms. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1281911-bug-enemy-seems-like-not-triggering-alarm-now/ 
  • Fixed Cedo magazine being stuck in your hand after reloading. 
  • Fixed “Executioner” Nightwave Act progressing from certain non-stealth kills.
  • Fixed Darvo’s open line when accepting the “Man of Few Words” Quest being cut short by the diorama.
  • Fixed Basmu lifesteal reload sound getting spammed if you were knocked down. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1283405-basmu-sound-bug/ 
  • Fixed dual Energy color not properly being applied on the Targis Prime Armor.
  • Fixed Boosters not being listed near the top when sorting the End of Mission Rewards from “Importance”. 
  • Fixed the Cremata Syandana on Titania Prime appearing flipped and bigger after using Razorwing.
  • Fixed Hangar doors in Grineer Galleon sometimes not having collisions. 
  • Fixed being unable to open the Polychrome colour picker if clicking the colour instead of the name of the category.
  • Fixed some mountain visibility issues in the Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed part of the terrain in the Plains of Eidolon extruding out of a rock. 
  • Fixed certain parkour path decals showing up as black in the Corpus Gas City tileset.
  • Fixed the Eros Wing Ephemera’s Icon missing the ‘Primary feathers’.
  • Fixed some areas where players could fall out of the world in the Grineer Settlement tileset. 
  • Fixed the Harmonious Pillars puzzle in Pavlov, Lua being far more difficult to complete for Clients due to the clues displayed on the wall not lining up with the order that the pillars must be activated in.
  • Fixed activating Transference in a certain spot in the entrance of the Orb Vallis elevator disconnecting the player camera if the Host does it, and causes you to become invisible, unaffected by gravity, and invulnerable if the Client does it. This also fixes everyone losing the ability to open the pause menu.
  • Fixed Larvlings/Candidates spawning when no one in the squad can actually start an Adversary (did not complete the Call of the Tempestarii Quest). 
    • This also fixes cases of being able to gain a Sister of Parvos when you’re ineligible. 
  • Fixed falling out of the Corpus Ship tileset when Void Dashing as the Operator down a specific part of the map.  
  • Fixed being able to get out of bounds in any Void Survival mission without any risk from the enemies.
  • Fixed Lua being visible from the Orbiter while orbiting Earth before having completed the Second Dream Quest. 
  • Fixed script crash caused by quitting through Menus if your ‘Hey Kiddo’ friend was in the process of disappearing after making an appearance. 
  • Fixed a floating rock near the Temple of Profit in the Orb Vallis. 
  • Fixed incorrect Legendary Core icon in the Legendary 1 Mastery Test screen. 
  • Fixed using Launcher weapons in proximity of a Shock Eximus causing self-damage.
  • Fixed one of the flashback sequences in The War Within playing faster than the dialogue if Void Dashing ahead too fast. 
  • Fixed script error related to Trinity’s Blessing. 
  • Fixed a part of the background overlapping on top of an asteroid in the Sentient Anomaly Murex tileset. 
  • Fixed Unairu’s Void Chrysalis’ HUD indicator showing damage remaining to be blocked instead of damage reduction. 
  • Fixed clipping issues with the Lokan and Red Veil Armor across many Warframes. 
  • Fixed the Terminal Velocity Mod not applying projectile velocity changes to Sentinels using the Helstrum weapon. 
  • Fixed changing the emissives on the Ogris Rocket Launcher Skin not applying changes.
  • Fixed avatars sometimes clipping through elevators if running with low framerate. 
  • Fixed Squad Restores appearing gigantic when placed on a specific spot on the tram in Pallas, Ceres. 
  • Fixed being unable to use Archwing Blink in Open Zones if Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors is active before deploying Archwing. 
  • Fixed being able to fly inside the Corpus Capital Ship’s model after parking the Railjack right against it. 
  • Fixed the Tenet Agendus’ shield appearing partially upside down when equipped with Baruuk. 
  • Fixed ships flying in and landing at the Platform in the Relays stacking on top of one another. 
  • Fixed Nidus Prime missing half of his body when exiting the Dorsal or Ventral Turrets in the Railjack.
  • Fixed the Railjack hologram above the Plexus console in the Orbiter defaulting to blue briefly before reverting to chosen color after returning to Orbiter from Relay or Hub.
  • Fixed the ‘Locate the Father’ objective UI not appearing during the Heart of Deimos Quest. 
  • Fixed a soft lock when Clients are viewing a profile or Chat Link from the Relic selection screen if Host cancels the mission vote.
  • Fixed enemies appearing ghostly and losing body parts when surviving Mag’s Pull.
  • Fixed player not reviving properly as Sevagoth’s Shadow if they die in Archwing in Railjack missions. 
  • Fixed disarming an Acolyte with the Halikar or Halikar Wraith replacing your secondary weapon with a Rank 0 version of the Acolyte’s weapon. 
  • Fixed some areas in the Corpus Outpost tileset where players could get stuck. 
  • Fixed Client getting stuck “Waiting for Players” when attempting to extract from the Capitol Ship in Corpus Railjack missions if the Host dies and has run out of revives. 
    • This also fixes the Host getting stuck dead on the Capitol Ship with an endless “Please Wait” screen. 
  • Fixed floating environment parts in the Grineer Sealab tileset. 
  • Fixed script error caused by backing out of a weapon bundle screen in the in-game Market before it opens and then quickly snapping to the purchase weapon button and selecting it. 
  • Fixed the Glyphs in the Glyph selecting screen missing their backgrounds and blending in with the background UI theme color.
  • Fixed Growing Power Aura Mod not applying its effects on deployed Arch-Heavy Weapons.
  • Fixed Clients still seeing Nemesis (Lich or Sister), waypoint, and health UI in HUD after squadmate gets the full Requiem sequence correct. 
  • Fixed map hole in rock wall in the Corpus Outpost tileset. 
  • Fixed MR0 players being able to access Steel Path incursions. 
    • Players cannot access the Steel Path incursions until they have unlocked the Steel Path, meaning taxiing is no longer an option for them. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Arsenal could get “stuck” if you swipe your mouse across all the different weapon types. 
  • Fixed Credit Cache not showing the correct amount in the End of Mission screen. 
  • Fixed Kavats in the Look Link dioramas showing the same tail style regardless of their actual tail style. 
  • Fixed elevator clipping issues in the Grineer Sealab tileset. 
  • Fixed players being unable to damage Infested Spawn Pods if their primary or secondary weapon don’t have any form of punch-through. 
  • Fixed a small hole and missing collision at the entrance to the bottom right cave by the Hillside Ruin in the Plains of Eidolon. 
  • Fixed multiple NPCs (Railjack Crew or Spectres) attempting to revive other fellow NPC which ultimately ended with them not being able to be revived. 
  • Fixed script error when depositing Index Points. 
  • Fixed script error with Eidolon fights.
  • Fixed script error when damaging Corpus Crewships. 
  • Fixed script error with Kuva Lich’s Tactical Inversion ability.  
  • Fixed script error with Baruuk’s Desolate hands.
  • Fixed the first Sortie mission being locked even if the node is unlocked until the player accesses a regular mission node.
  • Fixed enemies realizing they can push aside Helium Barrels that fall in their path in the Gas City tileset. 
  • Fixed texture-streaming glitches that could occur when loading into missions.
  • Fixed the game pausing after changing HUD colours while in a solo mission. 
    • Also fixes a full loss of functionality when using Transference after changing HUD colours. 
  • Fixed a script error after Host Migration in Mobile Defense missions. 
  • Fixed hard shapes/outlines around Warframe while walking through water.
  • Fixed Host not being able to melee and Clients not being able to shoot after throwing Voidrig’s Necraweb canister.
  • Fixed “Host migration…” dialog going away prematurely for Clients.
  • Fixed the Hidden Messages quest guide inadvertently taking players to the proper Planet for the riddle.
  • Fixed being able to get multiple drops from Stalker, while only using one beacon.
  • Fixed multiple issues in the Deimos Crypt Captura Scene. 
  • Fixed the default button in Captura returning your settings to whatever you had selected when you pressed the Advanced Camera Controls button.
  • Fixed Nidus Prime having a hole in his armpit. 
  • Fixed some Crew Mate transmissions only playing for the Host but not the Client players.
  • Fixed Fish in your Personal Quarters Aquarium being damaged by Bullet Jumping and playing FX/sounds.
  • Fixed movement momentum carrying over when using Transference while Titania is in Razorwing. 
  • Fixed Wisp Reservoir buffs and Sevagoth Gloom FX affecting Titania’s Razorflies.
  • Fixed Railjack option appearing in the Orbiter Pause Menu before you acquire a Railjack.
  • Fixed Town Vendors/Syndicate NPC bodies disappearing when opening a player’s Profile while interacting with them.
  • Fixed jittering body when on a K-Drive and adjusting the camera angles.
  • Fixed Enemy Name text overlapping for those that have longer names.
  • Fixed the image for the Initiation Bounty from Konzu being stretched.
  • Fixed the “Deimos Delicacies” Juggernaut getting stuck in numerous doorways when trying to sniff out a snack.
  • Fixed Dargyns in the Plains of Eidolon sometimes not attacking players in Archwing.
  • Fixed the Inventory weapon summary not indicating that an Arcane Adapter is installed.
    • An icon will now appear for an installed Arcane Adapter.
  • Fixed getting a HTTP 400 error when attempting to fuse Vort Railjack weapons together.
  • Fixed enemies getting stuck between railings and crates in a specific area in the Corpus Ship tileset. 
  • Fixed notification popup for when the Deadlock Protocol Quest becomes available even when you aren’t Mastery Rank 4.
  • Fixed seeing “Ungilded Moa” instead of “Ungilded Hound” when attempting to Polarize.
  • Fixed Landing Craft Skin hover information always saying you don’t own the respective Landing Craft even when you do.
  • Fixed Augments not being properly marked as owned in the Syndicate Offerings.
  • Fixed a handful of Syandanas not sitting properly on Railjack Crew Members.  
  • Fixed the highlight diamonds around Mining locations not appearing when you have your Mining tool in hand.
  • Fixed seeing “Bounty Failed” UI and “Rounds Complete 1” if a Host and Client complete 2 full rounds of an endless Bounty in the Cambion Drift, start the 3rd round but then extract to the Necralisk.
  • Fixed the hoops attached to the waist of base Equinox Skin clipping through the leg when equipped on Equinox prime.
  • Fixed Octavia’s Mallet marker being visible to everyone (should only be visible to the Octavia that casted it).
  • Fixed overly aggressive UI shake while standing within Vome residue hotspot in the Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed Garuda’s Blood Altar affecting Conservation targets. 
  • Fixed the name for the newly selected Wisp Reservoir overlapping Ammo counter & Melee Combo counter. 
  • Fixed inability to duplicate Ayatan Statues in the Dojo if available in the Vault.
  • Fixed Cephalons missing in the “Cephalon Capture” Conclave gamemode. 
  • Fixed normal Star Chart nodes being locked after an Event expires (e.g. Necralisk after Night of Naberus).
  • Fixed Mods marked as “NEW” throughout the mission not having the “NEW” tag on the End of Mission screen. 
  • Fixed one of Vor’s taunt Transmissions playing twice in two different missions during Vor’s Prize Quest.
  • Fixed a flickering texture on the floor of Ballroom Simulacrum. 
  • Fixed incorrect mini map icon for Vay Hek during his boss fight. 
  • Fixed the camera in the “Pursue Teshin into the Asteroid Field” stage of The War Within continually switching between first and third person. 
  • Fixed the “Gift” Recent Players list not populating players who are Offline or Friends or Clan members.
  • Fixed Helminth “Next Reward” text being cut off. 
  • Fixed text for in-game Market Discounts being outside it’s text box. 

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