Warframe Update 30 Patch Notes – April 13 | Call of the Tempestarii

Digital Extremes have finally released Warframe Update 30 (Call of the Tempestarii) and we have the full list of patch notes. We have covered the complete notes below that also lists down the changes and fixes coming to the game with this big patch. There is so much to uncover, that let’s get right into the patch notes below.

We do not have a file size of this Warframe Update 30, but you can let us know in the comments if you see in the Download Center on your console.

Warframe Update 30 Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for the Warframe Update 30 that is now live and rolling out to all supported platforms of the game.

Railjack Changes & Fixes:

  • Increased Affinity reward for each Orphix to scale between 1,000 to max of 2,000 at level 60.
  • Railjack Earth Proximas Iota Temple, Ogal Cluster, Korm’s Belt, and Bendar Cluster now have a guaranteed Point of Interest.
    • Point of Interests are needed for Void Storm gameplay to ensure Void Fissures spawn to collect Reactant.
  • Sigils can now be equipped on Crew mates via their Appearance screen.
  • Added more unique Railjack Crew descriptions.
  • Fixed endless Affinity gain from Crew Repairs by sitting in a mission and allowing the Railjack to take damage while your Crew cleans up. Affinity granting Repairs from Crew mates now has a cap of 20 per mission.
  • Fixed Corpus Railjack Fighters endlessly spawning, resulting in exploitive farming.
  • Fixed the new Railjack Armaments (Glazio, Laith, Talyn & Vort) at any Tier only returning 25 Endo when Scrapped.
    • Upon login, players who sold the Glazio, Laith, Talyn, or Vort Armaments will receive the respective Endo difference per Tier up to a maximum of 40,000 Endo returned (roughly equal to 200 Armaments Scrapped). Our reasoning for the cap correlates to the Corpus Fighter spawn exploit that was used to endlessly acquire items, including Armaments.
  • Fixed Host migration while streaming into a Railjack mission resulting in an infinite load tunnel
  • Fixed Necramech’s not counting as being inside the Capital Ship airlock, which is needed to continue the mission.
  • Fixed various functionality issues related to being outside the Railjack as the Operator.
  • Fixed enemies not spawning and Capital Ship Turrets not firing during the weak point destruction phase of the Volatile mission.
  • Fixed objective marker for Point of Interests occasionally remaining active after completing it.
  • Fixed missing Railjack loading tunnel and incorrect skybox for Clients who load in faster than the Host.
  • Fixed On-call Crew members not attacking or repositioning when in Melee range of an enemy.
  • Fixed Railjack Crew assigned to the Pilot position not staying near the Corpus Capital Ship after approaching it and having to destroy the scan points.
  • Fixed becoming stuck in the Railjack load tunnel when attempting to start a Sanctuary Onslaught mission while in the Railjack Star Chart.
  • Fixed Clients experiencing the screenshake and sound effect of Void Hole when cast by the Host.
  • Fixed Necramechs not despawning in the Railjack when returning to the Dry Dock.
  • Fixed description for Railjack Drift Maneuver on controller being incorrect.
    • Instead of reading “press & hold LS to drift” it now properly reads “Tap LB while boosting to drift”.
  • Fixed momentary black screen occurring when viewing your Companion loadout while in the Arsenal in the Dry Dock.
  • Fixed issue where the names of Elite Corpus fighters in Veil Proxima were appearing as TARO instead of ORM.
  • Fixed getting pushed out of the Corpus Crewship and into Archwing when standing under a moving elevator within the Crewship.
  • Fixed Clients not seeing the visual dash FX of Corpus Elite Fighters.
  • Fixed Aurax Polaris & Aurax Culveri Moas counting for “Demolyst Killed” in the End of Mission player stats screen from Corpus Railjack missions.
  • Fixed Crew mate Transmissions affecting other NPC Transmissions.
  • Fixed the Railjack Gox always colliding with itself and causing a direction change when moving fast enough forward.
  • Fixed Sentinels equipped with Vacuum sucking in items that can’t be used when Piloting the Railjack.
  • Fixed Primary/Secondary crosshair being overlapped with the Melee crosshair in the Dojo after returning to the Drydock from a Railjack.
  • Fixed Intrinsics text in the End of Mission screen being squished together.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur in rare cases when returning to the Relay Dry Dock.
  • Fixed a rare script error that could occur if you entered the Railjack loading tunnel just as Stalker or a group of Syndicate Assassins arrived.
  • Fixed a script error when a Client interacts with the Plexus on the Hosts Orbiter.
  • Fixed a harmless script error that could occur when aborting from specific types of Railjack encounter.

New Codex Fan Art

In anticipation of the Call of the Tempestarii Update, we commissioned 5 of our official Warframe Creator Fan Artists to create pieces that are now live in the Fan Art section of the Codex! Use any Display in your Orbiter to decorate with this stunning artwork.

  • Sevagoth Lucifuge Helmet by Voli
  • Sevagoth by FloofyDwagon
  • Sevagoth Reaper Form by DasterCreations
  • Sevagoth Tombstone Form by Zarionis
  • Zephyr Deluxe by RoyalPrat


  • Improved networking performance for all platforms.
  • Made optimizations towards the Grattler FX that were affecting GPU time.
    • We’ve also scaled down the Grattler projectile size to further improve performance.
  • Made a micro-optimization when opening the Invite panel.
  • Made micro-optimizations to some core engine code.

General Additions:

  • Added Somachord Fragments for a special tune (avoiding spoilers here) from Call of the Tempestarii.
    • Find these Fragments in the Call of the Tempestarii Quest! If you miss them during your first run you can replay the Quest from the Codex


  • The Clan Dojo Room Limit of 128 is now visible for Dojo Architects. This limit always existed but was never exposed to the player, which could cause confusion when building/destroying rooms.
  • When viewing the Dojo Transporter menu, the room you’re currently in will appear faded out with an arrow next to it to indicate that ‘YOU ARE HERE!’.
  • Khora’s Whipclaw line of sight checks are now a little more generous.
    • To quote [DE]Ruu’s post: No longer will small rocks or detailed floor geometry block Whipclaw’s explosion! Enemies that hide behind cover will not be hit by Whipclaw if you hit the front of the object that enemies are hunkering down behind. However, if you strategically hit beside them, you will vanquish your foes.
  • Brood Mothers maggots now spawn less and less frequently the longer they’re alive to mitigate exploitive gameplay.
  • Removing unreleased Corpus Captura Scenes from nonexistent crates (as shown in the public drop tables).
  • Acolytes will no longer spawn underwater in Submersible Steel Path missions due to the water killing them instantly. They haven’t learned to swim yet.


  • Fixed Eximus enemies no longer having drops due to the recent move of Oberon & Ash Blueprints to Railjack.
    • For now, Eximus drop tables will reflect their normal variants. We’re experimenting with some other potential drop avenues and making improvements to Eximus overall on the heels of this change.
  • Fixed scenario where you could force the Acolytes to spawn in a Cambion Drift Steel Path mission at level 30 instead of the intended Steel Path level 100+.
  • Fixed scenario where dying while in Voidrig’s Guard Mode could prevent player movement.
  • Fixed enemies unable to target Titania when Reave (via Helminth Subsume) is cast while Razorwing is active.
  • Fixed Melee Guidance not being affected by Aura Strength Mods. This was causing Ash’s Blade Storm clones (also likely Mirage & Equinox clones) to give you temporary Melee Combo Duration buffs from their auras.
  • Fixed Deimos Captura Scenes found in hidden areas under Deimos not being Sellable or Tradable.
  • Fixed incorrect wording for the Deimos Heart Captura Scene description.
  • Fixed Halikar Wraith not having the correct Riven Disposition.
  • Fixed inability to Chat Link the Halikar Wraith.
  • Fixed Necramech and Archgun Affinity gained not displaying for the Host player if Necramech was dead at the time of mission completion.
  • Fixed ally Specters getting stuck in perpetual weapon swap animations.
  • Fixed World State Window always displaying that there are 5 Steel Path Incursions, despite completing some/all.
  • Fixed Zephyr getting stuck in her Divebomb animation when going through a Sanctuary Onslaught portal.
  • Fixed Mission Progress screen showing incorrect amount of Standing earned after completing a Bounty phase.
  • Fixed the Nautilus Wings Sentinel Attachment not respecting chosen Energy color.
  • Fixed typing while Extracting from a mission causes text to appear both in the Chat and the End Of Mission rewards search bar.
  • Fixed incorrect ingame Market icon for the Baza Prime Stock.
  • Fixed missing breed type for Vasca Kavat Imprints.
  • Fixed text in the Leverian dioramas being very difficult to read when using a light UI Theme (ie. Nidus, Orokin, Tenno).
  • Fixed the Imperator Festive Syandana attaching to Octavia Prime’s back, not her neck like the other Imperator Syandanas.
  • Fixed audio issues with the Morgha Alt Fire.
  • Fixed audio issues with the Halikar Wraith.
  • Fixed a script error occurring during the Vox Solaris Quest when attempting to detonate the K-bomb.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Mirage’s Sleight of Hand ability.
  • Fixed script error related to the Sentient omnidirectional laser attack.
  • Fixed a harmless script error that could be caused when a Chesa Kubrow attempts to Neutralize an enemy.

Warframe: Call of the Tempestarii is now live on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

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