World of Tanks Console Server Down on June 8 | Patch Notes

Wargaming has just released World of Tanks Console June 8 Update and we have the complete patch notes for you alongside details on server maintenance and downtime. The new update will be bringing some changes to matchmaking with the free tank rotation being changed as well.

World of Tanks Console servers will be going down at 4:00 AM CDT for about 2 hours. Players will then be login soon after. You can take a look at the complete patch notes down below.

World of Tanks Console June 8 Patch Notes

After the servers will be going down at 4:00 AM CDT on June 8, Here are the complete patch notes for the update that will be rolling out:

Content Changes: 

  • +1/-1 Matchmaking (June 11 through 13)
  • New Premium tank: A43 Black Prince
    • A43 Black Prince skin
      • Available in the reel and sold in bundles
  • Premium tanks available for Free XP on the PTT June 8 through 14: 
    • IS-3 auto
    • Captured King Tiger
    • Iron Rain Rhm-B WT
    • TL-1 LPC
    • T-34-88
    • Somua SM  
  • On Track: United Kingdom (June 8 through 14)
  • Tank available for purchase on the PTT:
    • Bat-Chatillon Bourrasque
  • Bounty Hunter: Needle (June 8 through 28)
  • Let’s Celebrate: The Queen’s Birthday (June 12) – (Event June 11 through June 14)


  • No fixes have been confirmed at this time. If this changes, I will update this thread as soon as possible.


  • German Assault:
    • Revenant Kraft’s Panther
    • E 25
    • Tiger 217
  • Chinese Bulwarks:
    • Type 59-II
    • Yazi WZ-120-1G FT
    • 112
  • British Strength:
    • Banshee Comet
    • Jackal M4A4 FL10
    • Vindicator Charioteer
  • Big Booster Blowout! (June 8 through 21)​
    • 10% off 25 packs & 20% off 50 packs of:
      • x3 XP Boosters
      • x4 Commander XP Boosters
      • x1.5 Silver Boosters

Deals of the Week:

  • Mauerbrecher

Personal Offers:

  • SU-130PM
  • 50TP Prototyp
  • WZ-111

WoTConsole Twitch Streams – 1400 CDT (1900 UTC):

  • Friday, 11th June – Community Update with PainGod

DISCLAIMER – These are advanced notes provided early for your benefit. As these notes are provided in advance, please be aware that they may subject to change before the update is completed. 

 If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

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