World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is currently the only game these days that is receiving daily new Hotfix updates, just like the most recent one today December 10 Hotfix Update. This latest patch is now live for everyone and we have the complete update notes below for you to see all the changes Blizzard made to the game.

For those who do not know, Shadowlands is an expansion pack for the World of Warcraft game. These frequent updates only started after the release of this expansion pack.

There is nothing to download on your end. All of these changes seem to be from the server side and you don’t have to install anything at your side.

WoW Shadowlands December 10 Hotfix Update Notes


  • Death Knight
    • Unholy
      • Fixed an issue where Withering Ground (Night Fae Conduit) would not grant bonus damage with Defile (Talent).
  • Druid
    • General
      • Oath of the Elder Druid (Legendary Effect) will no longer incorrectly activate from shifting into Mount Form during combat.
    • Restoration
      • Vision of Unending Growth (Legendary Effect) will no longer consume Soul of the Forest (Talent).
  • Priest
    • General
      • Fixed an issue where the Item Level 200 Haunting Apparitions (Conduit) had an incorrect scaling value, and was less powerful than the lower item level versions.
    • Shadow
      • Psychic Link (Talent) will no longer replicate increased damage taken bonuses from the target.


  • Fixed an issue preventing players from completing the Conduit tutorial quests for their covenant if conduits were added to the Forge of Bonds before accepting the quest.
  • Kyrian
    • Fixed an issue where Mikanikos could not be infused with anima for the quest “Partner for Eternity.”
    • Path of Ascension
      • Increased the reflect damage from Spiritforged Aegis.
      • Fixed an issue where Myn’ir would not attack her target when they were hiding behind a pillar. She now understands how to play the game of hide and seek.
      • Fixed an issue where enemy debuffs would be removed when switching between Mikanikos and Bron.
  • Night Fae
    • Corrected the research time of the third tier of the Night Fae Anima Conductor to be consistent with the other covenants.
  • Venthyr
    • Fixed an issue that caused the automatic guest list refresh that occurs after the Ember Court scenario to incorrectly consume a Blank Invitation.
      • Developers’ note: Speak with Lady Ilinca above Sinfall to purchase additional Blank Invitations. Blank Invitations allow you to swap a guest on your Guest List to invite a specific guest you want to be BFFs with, build the most compatible party crew, or just replace guests that you haven’t unlocked yet.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Azgar no longer evades while casting Torrent of Ash.
  • Mayhem the slime kitten has taken his name less seriously and will now appear for all players to pet, regardless of what phase they are in.
  • Taerlina has restocked her Inscription supplies and now sells Rune Etched Vials and Aerated Water.
  • The icon for the Unguarded Gorm Eggs event will no longer display on the minimap if the event is not active.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Castle Nathria
    • Lady Inerva Darkvein
      • Lady Inerva Darkvein’s health reduced by 10% on Normal and Heroic difficulties.
      • Harnessed Specter’s health reduced by 10% on Normal and Heroic difficulties.
    • Council of Blood
      • All council members will now stay within the dance hall and allow for the encounter to be reset.
  • De Other Side
    • Resolved an issue where scale increasing auras, such as the Prideful Affix on Mythic Keystone difficulty, could prevent some larger player models from passing through doorways within the gnome wing.
  • Necrotic Wake
    • Kyrian Stitchwerk will now attack the closest player when its main target is out of range. Additionally, Tenderize now stacks to 4 (was 6) and Mutilate damage reduced by 8%.


  • “The Final Pieces” now automatically progresses if the quest items are in the player’s bank or obtained from a Guild Bank.
  • Twigin should now return to give players a ride back to the necropolis in case you leave during the quest “This Way Out.”

The Maw: Eye of the Jailer

  • “Feed Your Soul”, “Guaranteed Delivery”, “Stalking the Warrens”, “Power of the Colossus”, “Forces of Perdition” and “Words of Warding” are no longer classified as group quests.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented completion of “Stalking the Warrens” after successfully completing a Hunt in the Maw.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

  • Fixed a few locations where it was possible to get trapped behind the exit portal on a certain floors, preventing the player from continuing to progress through the tower.
  • Anima Powers
    • Rogue
      • Pouch of Soul-Ash reduces the remaining cooldown of Vanish by 10 seconds (was 5 seconds) after defeating an enemy.
      • Slippery Wraithcoil reduces the cooldown of Shadowstep/Grappling Hook by 6 seconds (was 5 seconds). This anima power can be selected a maximum of 3 times (was 5).
      • Unceasing Chain Link causes Finishing Moves to increase the damage of your next combo point generator by 150% (was 100%). This anima power can be selected a maximum of 3 times (was 5).
      • Rupturing Spike causes Shadowstrike/Ambush to apply a 5 combo point Rupture (was 1). This anima power can be selected a maximum of 1 time (was 5).
      • Vial of Unseen Poison can now be selected a maximum of 3 times (was 1).
      • Silent Footpads now heals you for 15% of your maximum health when entering Stealth (was 5%) and leaving Stealth now increases your damage by 10% (was 5%) for 5 seconds (was 3 seconds). This anima power can be selected a maximum of 2 times (was 3).
      • Resolved an issue that prevented Red Ink from increasing the damage of all bleed and poison effects.

World Quests

  • Fixed an issue where not all Battered Souls would give credit when returned in large numbers to Collector Marissa during the World Quest “Battered and Bruised.”

WoW Classic

  • Naxxramas
    • Fixed an issue where Instructor Razuvious might attack totems or pets instead of players when engaged.

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