Wreckfest Update 2.12 Patch Notes | Carmgeddon Tournament Update

Bugbear Entertainment has just released Wreckfest Update 2.12 (PC v1.278680) and we have the complete patch notes for your reading pleasure. The update brings the new Carmageddon Tournament Patch including bug fixes, stability improvements as well.

The update is available globally on all supported platforms and will be a mandatory download. You can take a look at the complete patch notes down below for more information.

Wreckfest Update 2.12 Patch Notes

Here are the complete patch notes for Wreckfest Update 2.12 (PS5 Update 01.012.000) that is available on all supported platforms:


  • New tournament: Carmageddon
  • New free Carmageddon tracks
  • New Eagle-R reward car

We’re excited to announce a new tournament, and it’s a very special treat!

If there’s one game that perfectly blended racing and destruction, not to mention a wicked sense of dark humour, that’s the original Carmageddon and its numerous successors. When we got a surprise chance to inject some of the Carmageddon vibes in our game we didn’t need to think twice about it – Carmageddon inside Wreckfest is like a marriage made in heaven! So there you have it: the new update adds two iconic environments “Bleak City” and “Devil’s Canyon” from the original Carmageddon, the infamous Eagle-R car and a healthy number of zombies to run over, all wrapped in the pixelated glory of the early 90s, perfect to release your inner Max Damage.

Let’s start smashing some zombies!

Additionally, this release also contains a few additional improvements but we invite you to check out the release notes below for a complete summary of items fixed or improved upon. Unfortunately, the title also suffers from a few issues at the moment which we are going to address, and a list of those can be found below as well.

Game version

PC: 1.278680


  • Added two new environments from Carmageddon: Bleak City and Devil’s Canyon.
    Both new environments feature a race track and a free roam environment, and additionally Bleak City also has a reverse race layout as well as a dedicated demolition arena.

    Server admins note: the internal designation for the tracks are as follows:

    Bleak City Race Track: crm01_1
    Bleak City Race Track Reverse: crm01_5
    Bleak City Demolition Arena: crm01_3
    Bleak City Free Roam: crm01_2
    Devil’s Canyon Race Track: crm02_1
    Devil’s Canyon Free Roam: crm02_2


  • New tournament season: Carmageddon.
  • New tournament reward car: Eagle-R.


  • Game no longer crashes to fatal error whenever save data is corrupted.


  • Steam networking asserts are no longer displayed in the server console.


  • Performance issues in multiplayer.
  • Dedicated server currently suffers from a severe memory leak, most likely causing the server to crash eventually.
  • Hosting in-game does not currently work (neither Internet or LAN), please use the dedicated server in the meantime.
  • In-game ping currently displays ~30 ms too much, meaning that your actual ping is ~30 ms less.
  • Server message is not being displayed.

That’s everything you need to know about the new update! If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

Source: Bugbear Entertainment

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