Fortnite has just released the Season 5: Zero Point update. The update includes a lot of new features and changes made to the game. The Mandalorian has been added as a skin to the game. Moreover, Baby Yoda or The Kid is now an unlockable Back Bling in Fortnite as well. We’re going to be showing you how you can unlock it for your character!

The Kid was tasked to be hunted by the Mandalorian. However, later on, he becomes his adoptive father and protects him from the Imperials. He is a cute character and is added as a Back Bling in Fortnite and completes the Mandalorian Set!

How to Unlock Baby Yoda Back Bling

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The Kid is the last available reward for the Battle Pass when you reach tier 100. You can get the Back Bling by leveling up quickly. To level up quickly, we recommend that you do your daily and weekly challenges to earn XP and gain rewards.

The Royale Pass this time around has many new exciting challenges that are quite easy and fun to do at the same time. The Weekly challenges, however, are a bit harder as they involve

This concludes everything you need to know about unlocking the Baby Yoda Back Bling. Stay tuned for more news!

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