Fortnite No Build / Zero Build Tips and Tricks (How to Win Every Game!)

Best Tips and Tricks For Fortnite Zero Build Mode

Epic has introduced the Zero Build mode in Fortnite as a permanent and separate playlist for players to enjoy. This guide will provide some of the best Tips and Tricks for the Fortnite Zero Build Mode to help newcomers and veteran players get used to the new mechanics and flow of the game.

Many of the players who didn’t like to build structures in Fortnite have returned to the game and by the time they are done reading this guide, they will have learnt a lot of cool things about this new playlist.

Fortnite Zero Build Mode: Best Tips and Tricks

Fortnite has seen a lot of improvements and tweaks to its mechanics over the past few years, making it an ever-evolving, fun BR title on the market.

One of the biggest requests people had been pestering Epic with was the introduction of a Zero Build mode, where they didn’t have to worry about building towers and stairs every few seconds.

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Now that Zero Build is a part of the game in all formats (Solo, Duo, Trio, and Squads), we thought it would be appropriate to cover some of the best changes that have been introduced to the game with this mode and how you can traverse the map better in the absence of stairs, using certain items in the game.

Land in an Uncontested Spot

When landing in a normal Fortnite match, all good players try to land near places with stone, wood, and brick resources to farm up quickly and be ready for fights.

Zero Build Mode requires you to shake that strategy up a bit since you won’t be collecting any building resources. Instead, you should focus on picking up ground loot as quickly as possible and then go for the chests.

Fortnite Zero Build Tips 2

To do that, you need to pick your landing zones smartly and land in uncontested spots. Developing this habit will ensure that you get blue and purple loot very early on in the match.

Focus on Your Aim

As you can’t build your way out of a sticky situation, you will have to win your gunfights if you plan on playing the Zero Build mode in Fortnite. Players also have an auto-charging over the shield that protects them from getting one-shotted from a distance.

Gunfights tend to be a bit lengthier in the Zero Build mode, as players move from cover to cover, using the different movement mechanics.

This is why having the right sensitivity and training yourself to learn the recoil patterns of your favorite weapons is key to becoming a better Zero Build player.

Don’t Rush Opponents.

You might have developed a habit of rushing towards the first enemy you see, building crazy structures around them, and killing them effortlessly, but that strategy won’t work here.

Rushing your opponents in Zero Build mode means exposing yourself to direct gunfire and the only way to dodge it out in the open is by moving to either side, sprinting, or sliding. In most cases, you’ll be shot down before you can even get close to the enemy.

Instead, utilize the scopes on your weapons and wait for the perfect moment to third-party other players. This tip is interlinked to the next one, which is about positioning.

High Ground Wins Games

While positioning has always been a very important factor in deciding who wins a fight in Fortnite, this time, you can’t rely on stairs and towers to escape when you are cornered. We suggest sticking to high ground such as the blimps, mountain tops, tall buildings, etc.

Fortnite Zero Build 4

This season, the loot pool consists of a lot of Range-favoring weapons such as the Burst Rifle, Thermal Rifle, and a lot of different Sniper Rifles. So, make sure you are nice and high up as you scout the area and wait for your prey.

Cow Catchers are Dope

Besides upgrading your vehicles in Fortnite, you can use cow catchers to do a lot more. They can be used to increase the toughness of your ride and as cover as well.

If you are running out in the open & start getting shot at, you can deploy the cowcatcher as a remote cover and focus on returning fire.

Tanks are Deadly in Zero Build

You can use tanks to cross large open spaces and get to cover without worrying about getting shot down and even mow down entire towns if an opponent decides to camp.

Fortnite Zero Build 3

Be careful, though, as almost everyone is packing an Anvil Rocket Launcher these days that can obliterate a tank in 2-3 shots. After every encounter, you can carry a repair tool to repair your tank or a cowcatcher to upgrade your tank’s defenses.

Rethink Your Endgame Strategies

As the circle gets smaller, you have to focus on your positioning, as getting stranded out in the open will surely get you killed. Try to move with the storm and stick to the edges.

This can change based on the positioning of the circle itself. Wait for others to start the fight and then third-party them to minimize the risk of engaging multiple enemies at once.

Moving around is also key during the final stages of the circle as enemies might throw grenades or rocket launchers at you from a distance, and since you cant build, dodging those might become a problem.

How to Improve Movement in Fortnite Zero Build?

The mechanic that has seen the most change with the Zero Build mode is your movement. Previously, players could cross entire map sections using stairs and ramps, changing how people would engage in different situations.

But now, you cannot build anything, so you’ll need to utilize the structures around the map more to move effectively. Moving cover to cover is very important now because you can’t just whip out a whole brick tower to defend yourself anymore.

Dashing, Sliding & Vaulting

Another mechanic you can utilize in the Zero Build mode is the dash (allowing you to sprint faster than a normal sprint for a few seconds) and slide.

Epic has implemented both of these mechanics in a very balanced way, making sure it is fun to use them and that they don’t break the game unfairly.

You can also use the vaulting mechanic to freely reach higher ledges, rooftops, and scale buildings. Using all three of these movement mechanics in sync can help you weave out of combat or close in on an enemy.

Shockwave Grenades

If you throw a shockwave grenade at your feet and then jump with perfect timing, you can jump in the direction of your choice. This move is excellent for relocating or closing in on enemies during fights.

Not everyone does this, so you are bound to catch players by surprise. Mastering the throwing mechanics of these grenades and mixing them with the other movement mechanics can help you dominate lobbies in Fortnite’s Zero Build Mode.

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