Fortnite: Best Weapons in Chapter 3 Season 2

After the introduction of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, there are new weapons added to the game alongside new mechanics and new quests. If you want to get familiar with the new mechanics of the game, Epic Games has introduced the Boot Camp quests that assist the player to understand the features. However, today’s guide will take a look at the best weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

There are some new weapons added to the game, while others have been adjusted to make them better. If you haven’t tried it out yet, we will show the best weapons in Chapter 3 Season 2. We suggest that you try out all the weapons and decide for yourself as well since everyone’s playstyle will be different. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started.

Fortnite: Best Weapons in Chapter 3 Season 2

While you might not agree with the order of our list, keep in mind that these are after experiencing them for a little while. I might make an updated list after some time has passed and I’ve had the chance to try out all these weapons even more. We would also love to know about your list down below.

Striker Burst Rifle

Starting with the strongest new weapon this season, the Striker Burst Rifle is an AUG that you can aim down sights with. The red dot aim will assist you greatly to land accurate shots on enemies. As you can tell from its name, it is a burst rifle that has great damage and a good range as well.

Unlike the MK-7, the recoil on this weapon is balanced so it is not overpowered. If you want to take mid to long-range fights, the Striker Burst Rifle is your best friend this season.

Combat SMG

The Combat SMG has an amazing fire rate and damage. It might just be the most overpowered weapon of this season so far. Using this weapon is faster than using the pump shotgun and then swapping to something else. We are certain that this gun will get nerfed in the upcoming updates.


C4 has and always will be broken. At least that’s what the majority of players think. If you want to destroy the enemy, throw a C4 at them and watch them run in panic while you do an emote. Here’s to hoping this doesn’t get into the competitive meta otherwise the game will only revolve around this.

Thermal AR

This AR has been changed since last season. Now, it is a semi-automatic weapon that has reduced damage than before. While that might seem like counter-intuitive, it gets the job done.

Drum Shotgun

While this isn’t a new weapon, it has been available since last season, the Drum Shotgun has some adjustments made. Despite the players still feeling that it isn’t a good weapon due to its lack of damage, the gun fires quicker now.

Those are all the best weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. We would love to hear your thoughts on which weapon do you think is the best. Let us know about your favorite weapon in the comments below!

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