Where is Behemoth Bridge in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2


Fortnite’s ever-evolving nature presents the players with new challenges every week to complete. With the introduction of the new season recently these challenges have gotten a new coat of paint as Resistance Quests, where these challenges are aimed at taking the fight to the Imagined Order.

Many of the quests are quite straightforward and easily achievable though some are becomes a thorn in your way when you can not locate them. This is the reason why we wanted to help you locate the Behemoth Bridge where you are required to cross it in a vehicle for a Week 2 Resistance Quest.

Behemoth Bridge in Fortnite Season 2

Hearing the name of the bridge one would assume its behemoth-ness will be easily noticeable apparently. But that’s a ruse and the Behemoth Bridge is not marked on the map and its making it difficult for some players to complete the otherwise simple challenge.

Behemoth Bridge 28Top View29 Landmark Fortnite

The Behemoth Bridge is present southwest of Shifty Shafts or northeast of The Fortress. The Bridge has been there for some time now but nobody knows its exact name because it’s unmarked on the map.

Behemoth Bridge Fortnite Location.jpg
Behemoth Bridge Location

Before making your way towards the bridge, do get yourself a vehicle from the nearby locations like Shifty Shafts or The Fortress, as the bridge probably won’t have any in its vicinity. Once you jacked a vehicle drive it to the Behemoth Bridge, marked for your convenience on the map above. Cross the bridge while driving the vehicle and you will have completed the Week 2 Resistance Quest in no time.

Just be careful of all the other players like yourself that are visiting this location to complete their challenges. So arm up as this place will probably be a hot zone for many fights.

Were you able to locate the bridge easily? Did you complete the challenge peacefully or was there fighting involved? Let us know in the comments below.

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