How to Use the Homing Launcher in Fortnite

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Fortnite has recently come out with its latest update adding the Zero build mode which has finally made Fortnite a game that I actually want to play again. Zero Build mode is exactly what it says on the tin, removing the building mechanic of Fortnite and making it a mode where only your aiming and combat skills are put to the test.

So now that you don’t have to worry over a 13 year old crafting the Burj Khalifa every time you land a shot, lets talk about the other exciting addition in Fortnite’s most recent update, the Anvil Homing Rocket Launcher. This hefty beast is capable of dishing out big damage numbers to large structures and cause some serious mayhem. This is how you can use it:

How to Use the Homing Launcher:

Using the Homing Launcher is an extremely simple process to the point where one would have to wonder why we even have to explain this but nevertheless, here’s how you can use the homing launcher in Fortnite’s latest update:

  • Find the Anvil Homing Launcher anywhere in the map.
  • Press Right click or or Right Trigger to aim and lock-on to any object or structure or you want to blow up.
  • Press Left click or Left Trigger to Fire the Rocket.
  • This will send a rocket fly into the air and then seek out your targeted object causing insane damage, more than enough to kill anything that moves.
  • We highly recommend using this weapon for situations where you’re pinned down and need to get your target down as soon as possible or if you’re being chased by a vehicle as this is a weapon that excels in wiping out vehicles.

And that’s how you can use the newest Anvil Homing Rocket Launcher in Fortnite’s latest update. We hope now you know how to shoot a gun in this third person shooter and get those sweet Victory Royales as much as possible. The Anvil Homing Launcher is a fantastic new addition to Fortnite’s already very expansive arsenal and we hope the Zero Build mode gives this great weapon a time to shine in its spotlight.

Fortnite: Zero Build

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Fortnite has caught the eye of players all over the world once again including myself with the addition of its latest Zero Build mode, for many people the building mechanic had been one of the most frustrating barriers of entry with many asking for a separate mode that would remove this mechanic altogether. Well it seems that Epic Games have finally listened with the addition of “Zero Build” mode.

This mode brings the core combat mechanics of Fortnite to the front and center while focusing on a much more “pure” and relatively simplified gameplay experience akin to something like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends. It is unknown however whether Fortnite will be able to cultivate a new lasting following through this mode alone or if it will be forgotten by gamers a few weeks after its out.

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