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FIFA 22 FUT Reset Point

With the imminent release of FIFA 22, the question of whether all your players, cards, FIFA points, coins, and progress will be transferred from FUT 21 to FUT 22 is a question of pivotal importance. This guide talks about how you can carryover and transfer your progress from FIFA 21 to FIFA 22 and what items won’t be getting carried over. (Spoiler alert, there’s a lot!)

It seems like EA this time too has not been too keen on letting players carry most of their items over from the previous version of FIFA. According to the publisher, this is because the games have drastic changes in terms of their economy and they wish to present players with a fresh start. Thankfully, there still are a few items you can transfer from FIFA 21 which you can read about down below.

Transfer Progress to FIFA 22

As of yet, it seems like the developers are quite stringent about what can be transferred from FIFA 21 to FIFA 22 and other platforms of the game. As of yet, the same pattern is

ItemTransferable To FIFA 22?
FIFA PointsYes
FUT Club ProfileYes
Unopened PacksNo
Unassigned ItemsNo
Match Records & HistoryNo
FUT Club Data and RecordsNo
Progress & Divison LevelsNo
Achievements & TrophiesNo
Career Mode ProgressNo

What Items Cannot be Carried Over

Here’s an overview of items that cannot be carried over to FIFA 22:

  • FIFA Coins: Unfortunately, you’ll have to bid farewell to all your hard-earned coins as they won’t be popping over to the new game. As soon as you log in to FIFA 22, your coins will be reset back to 0.
  • Card Items: No card will be carried over including:
    • Managers
    • Players
    • Contracts
  • Unopened Packs / Unasigned Items: Your items and packs will also be reset.
  • Match History: Your match history will be reset in FIFA 22.

How to Transfer FIFA Points

FIFA points are an alternative premium currency primarily used to purchase FUT Packs. If you do not wish to spend your FIFA points in FIFA 21, you can use them in FIFA 22. They will be transferred automatically once you start FIFA 22 for the first time.

You’ll be getting a pop-up as soon as you open up the game for the first time asking you whether you’d like to transfer. You can accept or delay the operation. After you’ve done the transfer, the message will go away and the transfer will be complete.

So, if you do not want to transfer your coins, do not log in to the game before you spend all your points in FIFA 21.

How to Transfer FUT Established Date of Club

Your established date is automatically transferred over to FIFA 22 as soon as you log in for the first time. If your having trouble with the wrong dates in FIFA 21, the problem will remain in FIFA 22 as the date will remain the same.

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Can I Carryover Progress Between Platforms? (Xbox / PC / PlayStation)

No, carrying over your progress will remain on the same console. Moreover, your points, for example, will not be transferred from FIFA 21 on the PS4 to FIFA 22 on the PS5. You will need to purchase points for that particular console and points are not shareable within platforms.

How to Carryover Progress to FIFA 22

As soon as the game is available for players subscribed to EA Play, you’ll just need to launch the game once with the same account that you have used on FIFA 21 and all your progress will be transferred automatically!

Will Progress from Older FIFA Editions Transfer?

If you haven’t played FIFA 21, then there’s a low chance that your progress from other FUT titles will transfer. However, there is a chance that your Points and some other progress might end up carrying over.

Are you getting your SSDs ready for pre-loading FIFA 22? Or will you be waiting for the final release of the game? In any case, you can stay tuned to learn about everything you need to know about the game alongside the latest patch notes!

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