Farming Simulator 22 Known Bugs and Issues

Farming Simulator 22 has just been released and people have been getting started with their lives as virtual farmers. However, as players get more and more into it and explore new content, there are a few bugs and issues that are getting identified, and we have compiled them all together to help you find out if buying the game is worth it or not.

It hasn’t been long since Farming Simulator 22 has been out and there are a large number of bugs and issues that have already been identified. Although the game has gotten positive reviews mostly due to the amazing graphics and additional content, some players have been worried about these bugs and when will they be fixed. This is why we have prepared a comprehensive list to help you keep track of all these bugs.

All Known Bugs And Issues In Farming Simulator 2022

The past few hours have been flooded with people taking their concerns regarding issues in Farming Simulator 22. Here are all the issues that we have identified:

Pigs Escaping

According to players on Reddit, there is a bug that lets pigs escape out of the pigpens when you are trying to feed them. There are currently no fixes for this bug.

Kverneland Ecomat Plough

One of the most expensive ploughs in the game, the Kverneland Ecomat Plough is unable to rotate due to some bug hindering the movement.


While working in the fields the textures are supposed to change and let the player know that their efforts are not in vain, however, a bug has been identified that doesn’t allow for a change in textures of a field when you are working on it. However, this issue has only been faced on PC Stadia.

Xbox Remote Play No Display Bug

Some people have reported that the game has been experiencing an unreliable video signals bug on Xbox Remote Play that makes the game unplayable as the display never shows up.

Class Trac Pack Update Bug

After installing Class Trac Pack, some people have been stuck in an infinite update loop. However, the community has found a fix for it as if you launch the game directly from the .exe, the game will work.

Stuck Contracts

Contracts seem to be getting stuck for some players as soon as they finish up harvesting all the crops planted. This makes the progress of the game come to an abrupt halt with no way of progressing.

Xbox One D-Pad Not Working

On Xbox One, in some of the menus, the D-Pad just stops working. This is a very frustrating bug, however, if you leave the menu and re-enter, the functionality goes back to normal.

No Lease Price

Although not necessarily a bug, the shop does not show lease prices anymore along with the purchase prices. There are only daily and hourly rates, which can get a little frustrating for some players.

Farms In Elm Creek

Farms around Elm Creek do not have any usable buildings and the only places you can use are the buildings around the central farm. This is a massive let-down after how much the new areas were hyped by the developers.

So there you have it, these are all the issues currently being faced by players of Farming Simulator 22. Did we miss out on something? Let us know and we will update the post accordingly.

Farming Simulator 22 has received a very pleasant welcome amongst the community, however, some players seem to be facing multiple issues when they get started with the game. Have you faced any of these issues? Let us know in the comment section below.

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    • What about helper ploughing problem? It looks like it doesn’t work, I have to do all the ploughing by myself. Really annoying.

  1. the game freezes in Elm Creek off the farm at the large barn and field up to the main road in john deere 7810 with a disc harrow and front loader on.
    I have tried restarting the game and resetting the machines but without luck

  2. After harvesting a field and loading crop on to a train for selling,it only says 90% complete even though all the crop has been delivered which then leaves me without payment! Is there anything I can do to correct this issue?

  3. I pre ordered farming simulator 22 on ps5 and I can’t install the claas trac pack keeps saying something went wrong all the other dlc installed just not that one any suggestions?

  4. Having a problem with farm Sim 22 on PS4 AI jobs delivering product to silos for load and delivering any help would be appreciated

  5. Silage gets stuck to one side of bunker silo and it is impossible to get half of it out. only one option atm: selling the silo, but then all silage gets turned back to grass

  6. On start from scratch mode it will allow me to accept contract but won’t allow me to work the field that’s on the contract. It says.. This vehicle / tool is reserved for contract work. Everytime it says this.

  7. Currently attempting to harvest the original canola in field 4 Elm Creek with A topLiner 4090H, I cannot finish the middle strip. I Have unloaded the harvester, I have exited the harvester, on off header, raise lower header etc. This is on XBOX

  8. While doing the side jobs (harvesting) u get almost done with job it’s cuts off…..disappears and ya don’t get paid!!! Why?

  9. A Strange thing happens to my PS4.
    After playing FS22 my console starts beeping and it tries to eject the blueray disc , Aldo no disc is present.
    Is it just in my PS4?

  10. Front loader w proper tool for loading big bags onto trailer. Game keeps freezing in the attempt. This is PC

  11. Is there any place to sell crops at Elm creek ? I can’t find any place that will accept wheat, just loading places.
    Game freezes for a second when changing the map size at xbox one x.
    Very small map icons, can’t see them when driving.
    Details looks kinda poor on xbox one x.
    Been playing fs since fs13 on console, but these new changes to selling places and map icons are in my oppinion flat garbage.

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