YuGiOh Master Duel Xyz Festival: Everything You Need To Know

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel’s very first event has finally begun and there is a lot of stuff available for grabs. If you are looking for everything related to the Xyz Festival then you are at the right place. This brand new event by Konami Digital Entertainment can be celebrated by logging in over the course of the event.

Players can now get their hands on a brand new Structure Deck, Rage of Cipher, and much more. This guide will cover ways to make the most out of the XYZ events so keep your ears perked as we head into the YuGiOh Master Duel Festival.

What is the Xyz Festival?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: Every Xyz Festival Reward

The Xyz Festival is Yu Gi Oh Master Duel’s first-ever game event that lets players Duel using special restrictions. This includes the XYZ monsters and nothing else in your extra decks. Players can now face each other in this event to gain medals and more.

The rewards will be calculated based on the number of Medals they manage to obtain So make sure to gather as much as you can before the event ends.

When Will the Xyz Festival End?

Xyz Festival Event Information

Yu Gi Oh! Master Duel has released an official statement regarding this. According to them, the Xyz Festival will run from 7.30 am GMT on 17 February to 4.59 am GMT on 24 February. Therefore, you will have around 8 days to complete the event. While the event time itself might seem short, it makes the event all the more exciting.

How to Earn Rewards in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel’s Xyz Festival

In order to unlock the abundant prizes available in the Xyz Festival, you simply need to focus on collecting medals. There is no shortcut for this, unfortunately. You will be earning a total of 50 medals for a loss and 100 for a win so either way, you will be earning lots of medals.

While abusing the surrender button might seem like a plausible idea, it won’t work since Konami Digital Entertainment has programmed it so you don’t get anything on surrendering. So make sure to play the entire match whether you win or lose.

The reward system is milestone-based and you will be receiving your rewards as soon as you cross that milestone. These milestones start out at one per 100 medials and are placed further the more you win. However, the medals needed for the first 10 rewards are the same.

Rewards List for Master Duel Xyz Festival

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel's first event, XYZ date and details

The total reward count for this event spans 50. While the latter ones are spaced further away, it is still possible to complete this event in three days if you dedicate yourself to the grind. Try to win as much as possible to min/max your efficiency. With that said, here is every reward available at Yu Gi oh Master Duel Xyz Festival:

100Gems (x100)
200Xyz Reward Ticket (x2)
300Gems (x200)
400Xyz Reward Ticket (x2)
500Gems (x300)
600Xyz Reward Ticket (x2)
700Gems (x600)
800Xyz Reward Ticket (x2)
900Gems (x200)
1000Xyz Reward Ticket (x2)
1200Gems (x200)
1400Xyz Reward Ticket (x2)
1600Gems (x120)
1800Xyz Reward Ticket (x2)
2000Gems (x200)
2200Xyz Reward Ticket (x2)
2400Gems (x100)
2600Xyz Reward Ticket (x2)
2800Gems (x100)
3000Xyz Reward Ticket (x2)
3200Gems (x100)
3400Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
3600Gems (x20)
3800Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
4000Gems (x20)
4200Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
4400Gems (x20)
4600Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
4800Gems (x20)
5000Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
5500Gems (x20)
6000Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
6500Gems (x20)
7000Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
7500Gems (x20)
8000Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
8500Gems (x20)
9000Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
9500Gems (x20)
10000Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
11000Gems (x20)
12000Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
13000Gems (x20)
14000Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
15000Gems (x20)
16000Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
17000Gems (x20)
18000Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
19000Gems (x20)
20000Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)

It will be a good idea to stop at 3200 if you are busy since the number of gems beyond that decreases significantly. However, the Legacy Pack tickets are nothing to scoff at either so choose wisely!

That is everything you need to know about the XYZ event. Will you be grinding the Xyz event to completion? Let us know in the comments below! For more guides, head to our Guides section!

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