FIFA 22 Game File Size, Update 1.000.001 with Day One Patch

FIFA 22 Update 1.000.001 has just been released by EA and we have the complete file size of the game for you to read alongside what’s been changed in the new update. As of yet, it seems like the patch focuses on improving stability and getting rid of bugs here and there before the game’s eventual release.

With preloads for the game being opened on Sept 25, you should start clearing out space from your platform as soon as possible to make way for the latest and greatest version of FIFA! You can get all the relevant details for the file size of FIFA 22 down below.

FIFA 22 Game File Size

As of yet, the game seems to have a moderate file size ranging from between 30-53 GB depending on which console you have. You can take a look at the complete details down below:

PS4 Game Size

The PS4 version of the game which features HD textures will be coming in at 30.8 GB at the time of pre-loading and the eventual release of the game.

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PS5 Game Size

Filled with 4K updated textures and visuals, the most visually pleasing and smoothest version of FIFA 22 will be coming out on next-gen consoles like the PS5 and will be coming in at a whopping 53 GB. A 20 GB difference between the PS4 and PS5!

PC Game Size

The PC version of FIFA 22 will approximately be about 40 GB in size. However, we can expect the size to go higher if you opt for 4K textures. Generally, EA games on the PC have heavily compressed downloads.

Are you getting your SSDs ready for pre-loading FIFA 22? Or will you be waiting for the final release of the game? In any case, you can stay tuned to learn about everything you need to know about the game alongside the latest patch notes!

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