Vote Now for Mobile Game of the Year | Esports Awards 2020

Esports Awards 2020 logo

The finalists have been announced and you can now vote for Esports Mobile Game of the Year at the Esports Awards 2020. Over the next few days, you will see several games that have been chosen as a finalist promoting the awards from their social media channels and will be asking for votes.

Esports Awards has been showcasing top class innovation from players, teams, games and media since 2016. They have been doing these awards to highlight top talent and epic games. Like every year, the finalists have been already announced and you (the community) can start voting now!

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How to Not Get Banned in COD Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile Profile

I don’t think anyone wants to get banned in COD Mobile on purpose, really. But there are a few who like to take risks with cheats and sooner or later get banned eventually. Like most other battle royale games, Call of Duty: Mobile also has an anti-cheat system in place that catches players with hacks on and bans them from playing the game.

There have been several reports of hackers spoiling the game for genuine players by using aimbots, speed hacks etc. In fact, if you Google up about this, you will find countless players complaining to Activision to tighten their anti-cheat system ban cheaters for life. COD Mobile has millions of users and out of those, a big chunk use unfair means to win matches and rank better.

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Download PUBG Mobile Lite 0.19.0 Update

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.19.0

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.19.0 update is now live globally and you can download the new patch right away from the official website. This game is the lighter variant of the popular PUBG Mobile game that is targeted towards budget phones that can easily run a smaller gameplay and enjoy similar features as its elder brother.

The new update has brought several changes to PUBG Mobile Lite. The first change is the all new lobby UI which is very similar to what we saw in PUBG Mobile 1.0 New Era update. Further, the infamous zombie mode (Survival Till Dawn) is back in the game along with a couple of new additions.

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How to Unlock High Alert Perk in COD Mobile | Vigilance Event

High Alert Perk in COD Mobile

The new High Alert perk can now be unlocked in Call of Duty: Mobile as part of an event called Vigilance in Season 10 (The Hunt). The event has just started and includes relatively easier challenges to complete and get this new perk as the reward. Perks are power-ups that you can attach to your loadout and it helps in defeating opponents in Multiplayer matches.

This perk was first launched in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as a tier 2 perk, but it soon became very popular. It gives a quick second chance to swiftly take an action and take down the enemy. In COD Mobile, this perk was initially spotted in one of the Season 9 test servers but it is finally launched to the public in Season 10.

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5 Reasons to Buy Battle Pass in COD Mobile

Buy Battle Pass - COD Mobile

Here are the top five reasons why should you buy Battle Pass in COD Mobile. Most of the players in a hugely popular game like the Call of Duty: Mobile will always play for free and never spend a dime. But for those who like to collect new items and play with unique loadouts, will always go the extra mile to stay competitive and better than their opponents and purchase the battle pass. We already looked into the differences between a Battle Pass and the Premium Pass. but let’s discuss the benefits and why should you buy the battle pass in this game.

If you just started playing COD Mobile, we do not recommend getting the battle pass from day one. Instead, you should spend the next few weeks playing the game casually with friends or random people online to get a good feel of the game. Next step should be to rank up faster and improve your level so the game starts getting competitive. Only then you should consider buy the pass.

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How to Rank Up Fast in Call of Duty: Mobile

How to Rank Up Fast in COD Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most competitive mobile games these days and to rank up fast in its Multiplayer mode, you have to play the game regularly and level up quickly. Leveling up higher can be difficult for some, so in this guide we discuss a few tips that can help you rank up faster in COD Mobile.

Ideally, when you start a match, the matchmaking servers make sure you are paired with someone with the same level or equivalent skill so the game stays competitive. Once you start ranking up, you are matched with tougher players and you gradually play better with each game.

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What is Battle Pass, Premium Pass, Premium Pass Plus in COD Mobile

COD Mobile Season 10 Battle Pass

Call of Duty: Mobile features a tier based rewards system each new season for new content that allows you to buy Battle Pass or a Premium Pass in the game. This is how COD Mobile delivers new content in the form of weapon XP cards, character skins, new guns and other items. If you have just started out playing COD Mobile and are confused between the types of passes available in the game, you have come to the right place.

Previously, this tier based system was only related to certain tasks and challenges that you had to complete each season in order to progress up your tier level. As you go up each tier, you unlock something new. This all changed with Season 6 when the team decided to abolish the challenges / tasks criteria and instead you level up as you play more matches and gain experience points (XP Points).

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Download PUBG Mobile New Era APK

PUBG Mobile New Era

Download the latest PUBG Mobile 1.0 APK here for Android phones and tablets. The most-popular battle royale shooter has finally reached v1.0 with this “New Era” update bringing a huge enhancements, an all-new updated Erangel 2.0 and a new user interface. This marks a major milestone for PUBG Mobile and Tencent – the parent company. You can grab and install the latest PUBG Mobile (New Era) APK here for your Android device.

Due to a recent ban on PUBG Mobile in India, side-loading the game with an APK file makes all the more sense. If installed using the APK and OBB files, the game works perfectly fine without any problems.

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PUBG Mobile Season 15 Royale Pass | Release Date, Price, Rewards List

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Royale Pass

PUBG Mobile Season 15’s Royale Pass is all set to begin in less than 12 hours now. This new season called “Beyond A.C.E” is being hyped up as the best ever Royale Pass update so far with a long list of rewards and new skins! And it makes sense for all the hype with the new Erangel 2.0 update and all the new features that made it through to PUBG Mobile 1.0. But when does this PUBG Mobile Season 15 start? And what new rewards are we getting and the price? To find out more, continue reading ahead.

In May 2020, PUBG Mobile was the highest grossing game on a mobile platform making $226 million for Tencent, the parent company of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. Considering all the new content and paid promotions, the upcoming Season 15 Royale Pass is definitely bigger and better than ever before.

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PUBG Mobile Bans Over 2 Million Accounts This Week

PUBG Mobile has banned over 2 million accounts that were using some kind of hacks, cheats or mods with their updated anti-cheat system. These new updates were first announced with the launch of PUBG Mobile 1.0 (New Era) and it seems the team was not kidding around about the new anti-cheat system. PUBG Mobile is no doubt one of the first and biggest names in Battle Royale games and with such popularity, you always find players using different shortcuts to rank better.

From 4th to 10th September, 2,245,936 accounts (to be precise!) have been permanently suspended from accessing the game, which means a straight 10 years ban! And this huge numbers comes in after PUBG Mobile officially launched a video investigation mode and allowed players to send them proof about someone cheating the system.

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