FIFA Mobile 22 TOTW Guide: Format, Exchanges, Quests, Offers etc.

The Team of the Week (TOTW) event is live in FIFA Mobile and we have a complete guide on it for your reading pleasure. TOTW is a FIFA Mobile 22 event where every week, EA Sports selects 18 to 23 players from any category based on their performances during the previous week and combines them into a single team.

For the first few TOTW weeks, FIFA Mobile 22 will be using FUT’s previous week of TOTW. The game will catch up to FUT by March. Additionally, there are also new weekly SBC challenges available to collect for the players. In this guide, we will primarily be focusing on how the TOTW event works. In case you missed, do read these FIFA Mobile 22 rules before playing the game!

What is TOTW in FIFA Mobile 22?

TOTW is a permanent event in FIFA Mobile where you can find the top performers from the football world. In the event, you can essentially trade in these players through the Exchange and can open Offers to redeem new Team of the Week players to create your own ultimate team.

TOTW Format

The main way to compete in the TOTW even is to:

  • Earn TOTW Points from completing Daily and Weekly Quests
  • Use your TOTW Points towards Offers to earn TOTW Players
  • Open enough TOTW Offers to earn TOTW Starter Points
  • Use your Starter Points towards guaranteed TOTW Starter Players
  • Trade in extra TOTW Players in the Exchanges for more TOTW Points and Rewards

This enables players to constantly trade in for better players that can help them boost their teams and increase their overall TOTW progress.

FIFA 22 Quests

TOTW Quests.png

TOTW mainly gives you two types of quests to complete in the form of Daily and Weekly Quests. Fulfilling these quests grant you TOTW points. In total, finishing all the weekly quests can grant you a total of 100 TOTW points. Here is a list of TOTW quests available to be claimed.

Win 2 Division Rivals Matches35 TOTW PointsDaily
Earn 400 Star Pass Score50 TOTW PointsWeekly
Win 25 Division Rivals Matches50 TOTW PointsWeekly
Score 300 Goals50 TOTW PointsWeekly
Complete 15 Skill Games and/or Matches in Daily Training50 TOTW PointsWeekly
Complete all Weekly Quests100 TOTW PointsWeekly

It is to be noted that TOTW points from a week do not expire until the TOTW event ends. This means that you can stack up a bunch of TOTW points from one week to another and use them all together if you choose to do so. These Challenges are fairly easy and you should be able to complete them without any hassle.

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TOTW Offers

You can use your acquired TOTW points to open a TOTW Offer for either a TOTW Reserve or a Starter player. Whenever you redeem this opened Offer, your TOTW countdown starts to get closer to zero. You need to hit this zero on the TOTW countdown in order to get a TOTW starter point. Which can then be used to redeem a guaranteed TOTW Starter Player.

TOTW Offer.png

It is definitely a good way to get a Starter player however make sure you have enough TOTW Points to make the countdown reach 0.

Here are the stats for TOTW offers:

TOTW Offer100 TOTW Points1 TOTW PlayerNone
TOTW Starter Offer1 TOTW Starter Point1 TOTW Starter PlayerNone

It’ll be better to horde on TOTW points until your favorite player or a master card (90+OVR) joins Team of the Week.

TOTW Exchanges

The TOTW event lets you trade in the players you don’t need for the ones more suited for your team. You can use this option by bringing your TOTW Players to the Exchanges where you can trade them in exchange for TOTW points or Skill Boosts. However, do note that there is a certain completion limit for every exchange. This Limit refreshes daily so make sure to capitalize while you can!

TOTW Exchanges.png

Here are the requirements for the TOTW exchange along with their respective rewards:

Requirement 1Requirement 2RewardCompletion LimitRefresh
3 TOTW Players from Current Week2 73+ TOTW Players (from any week)100 TOTW Points3 timesWeekly
1 TOTW Starter from Current Week3 76+ TOTW Players (from any week)100 Skill Boosts2 timesWeekly

Currencies in TOTW

There are two kinds of currencies used in Team of the Week. Depending on how you use them, they can either turn out to be useless or very beneficial. The complete details for these currencies are shared below.


TOTW Points

TOTW points can primarily be earned by completing Daily and Weekly Quests. However, another way to earn them is by trading your players in the TOTM Exchange. The best way of utilizing them is by hoarding them and using them to earn your desired TOTW player from the TOTW offers.


TOTW Starter Points

TOTW Starter Points are the rarer currency of the event that can be earned whenever the TOTW countdown timer reaches zero. This currency can be used to get a guaranteed TOTW Starter Player for your team.

This is the FIFA Mobile Team Event of the Week in a nutshell. Would you like to share your feedback on this guide? Let us have it in the comments below!

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