How to Master Finishing in FIFA 22 | Tips and Tricks

FIFA 22 has seen a major upgrade in terms of goalkeepers’ AI which means that the goal-scoring difficulty has increased significantly. Keepers have turned into superheroes in FIFA 22 after the update which requires you to try different shots and master them in order to improve your scoring rate.

This guide will highlight insights into the perfect methods of finishing ranging from Low-Driven shots to a calculated Finesse.

Far Post Shots Are Better Than Short Post Shots

Try scoring towards the far posts. Due to a major improvement in AI, keepers position themselves better this year which automatically reduces the chances of them exposing space on the near post. While making forwards runs in FIFA 22, observe the positioning of the keeper and evaluate the opportunity of finding space on the far post.

Two boxes of power aimed towards the opposite side of the keeper is the way to go inside the box. You can try your luck with the near post if required through high-powered shots to make sure that the ball passes through the top corner.


Use Swing To Your Advantage

Finesse shots have never been better in any edition of FIFA. You can use the R1/RB + shoot button at 45° or 90° angles to shoot those swinging beamers into the goal. Try practicing the finesse shots in the shooting part of the Skill Games as it significantly improves your chances of scoring from a distant range. You’ll still need some high-rated players in your FUT team to use this tactic successfully.

This shot is most effective while taking a chance from outside the box and it allows you to experience various new goalkeeper animations as they react to these shots. Situations where you are aiming the near post at a 45° angle as a defender might block your shot on the far post, try pressing Shoot + Pass buttons to fake a shot and cut the defender which can be followed by a finesse to score on the top corner of the far post.

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Time Your Shots To Perfection

Finishing can further be mastered through learning the timed finishing. This form of finishing requires you to tap the shoot button twice but the timing between both the taps shout be accurate enough to time the shot perfectly into the goal. It improves your scoring chances considerably, even through tight areas. If the Trainer Mode is on, the colored bar over the player indicates the perfect time in green. 


Low Driven Shots Lead To Success

Low-driven shots allow you to test the keeper more. In FIFA 22, goalkeepers react the best towards mid-range shots which is why low-driven shots are very effective. Use L1/LB + R1/RB + Shoot Button while aiming the shot and the ball will race through the nets at the bottom. You still have to aim your shots well to make sure that the keeper reacts late to the shot.

At a 45° angle, the best way to do it going across the goal while driving it low with 3 boxes of power.


Chip Shots and Ball Rolling

Chip Shots

Chips shots are the way to go when the keeper is coming forward. This year, you have to time your chip early with slightly more power (around 3 boxes) to score successfully. Try aiming the poles with the L1/LB + Shoot button in order to avoid the goalie getting any hands on it.

Ball Rolling

Always pass when you are in a two-on-one situation with the goalkeeper as it is a 100% safe way to score a goal. However, if you lack support during a chance, use the right analog stick to roll past the goalie through the last moments giving your player open space to drive in a shot. The ball dribble has improved in FIFA 22 so it is one of the best options to utilize out there.

FIFA 22 how to shoot main

Finishing is the absolute key to winning games, especially when it comes to FUT matches. Whether it is taking a lead or scoring an equalizer, no one wants to waste a chance from a scoring range which is why we highlighted the effective finishing techniques. Use all these options to increase your chances of success and master the ability to go one up.

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