Best FUT Budget Teams in FIFA 22 (10-70k)

FUT is an extremely popular game mode in FIFA that allows players to create their own team from scratch. The better your team; the better your chances of winning games and getting a higher rank. However, getting a high-tier team requires tons of in-game – as well as real-life – currency. Worry not because this guide will show you the best FUT budget teams in FIFA 22.

Whether you are low on coins or are a newer player, this guide will be divided into 4 sections. Each section will have a team within a fixed budget, for e.g 10k team, 20k team, and so on. Regardless of how many coins you currently have, you will find a solid team within your budget. With that said, let’s dive straight in and check out the best FUT budget teams in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22: Best Budget Teams In FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team)

As mentioned earlier, this guide will showcase the 4 best budget teams. The higher number of coins you spend, the better your team will be. Your team will start getting quite good around the 50k mark and you will be able to compete against solid teams as well. However, if you are just starting out, the 10k team or the 20k team is perfect for you. All of these screenshots are made via the FUTBIN Squad Builder.

10k Team

Best FUT Budget Teams in FIFA 22

Starting off with the 10k team that is ideal for starters. Your best bet within this budget will be mostly the Serie A players. The good thing about this league is that there are tons of good mid-range cards. On top of that, since these players are not popular as the other leagues, they are quite underpriced.

Your ace will be your striker Muriel with Lozano supporting him on the right-wing. Plus, Lazzari and Haps are great for attacking the wings and supporting Muriel as well. Even though this team is the cheapest one, it still works great. As you gradually improve your team, Muriel will still come in handy as a superb substitute or as your primary striker.

Keep in mind that you can swap some of the players for better alternatives and you will still stay within the 10k coins range. Combine this team with the best custom tactics and you have a strong team that is great for starters.

Total Cost:

PlayStation: 8,400

Xbox: 8,800

Origin: 8,550

20k Team

Best FUT Budget Teams in FIFA 22

If you have 20k coins, you can get players from Bundesliga as they have the best value for their price. Since your team will mostly consist of Bundesliga players, this team will have 100 chemistry. You will have to play around Sane and Kostic as your main players since they have a good pace. Your CM – Marco Reus – is also a great option as he is superb at creating long balls.

20k Subs

The main weakness for this lineup is the defense. That does not mean that they are bad players by any means. However, since you will have quite a bit of coin remaining, we suggest getting Mbabu, Klostermann, and Schulz as substitutes. All of these are great players that are good alternatives if your players get tired or injured.

Total Cost

PlayStation: 16,350

Xbox: 16,950

Origin: 17,550

50k Team

Best FUT Budget Teams in FIFA 22

Moving on to the 50k side of things, your best bet will be to get La Liga players. While Ronaldo and Messi have left La Liga, there are still tons of amazing players that are performing extremely well. The team that you will have won’t focus on pace but instead on dribbling skills. With that said, make sure that you are good at dribbling otherwise you will have a difficult time.

This is an all-around team that excels in all fields. Plus, if you are playing on the PlayStation or Xbox, you will still have extra coins remaining. Use them to purchase good alternatives for some of your key players so that they can get a rest when needed. Your key players will be Bale, Hazard, and Depay. This is a strong front-line that even the most experienced FUT players will fear.

Total Cost

PlayStation: 44,050

Xbox: 45,700

Origin: 49,100

70k Team

Best FUT Budget Teams in FIFA 22

Finally, the last team in our guide costs you about 70k coins. Keep in mind that the prices of each player may vary on the platform that you are playing on. This team will cost you 73,250 on PC but on consoles you will remain under 70k. Players in this team are mostly from the Premier League. Going with the 4-2-3-1 formation, your main players will be the three centers – Havertz, Foden, and Mount. On top of that, you have Lukaku who is great at finishing and will certainly score some amazing goals for you.

You have a strong defense as well in the shape of Ruben Dias, Gomez, and Wan-Bissaka. You might have noticed that Schmeichel is the keeper in this team as well. It is because he is a great keeper, especially in this price range. If you can find a good alternative, you should go for that.

Total Cost

PlayStation: 69,550

Xbox: 68,800

Origin: 73,250

Those are the 4 best FUT budget teams in FIFA 22. Make sure that you save up on coins and spend them smartly to get the best results. Any team above the 80k mark will be extremely solid and can win you tons of games but that requires a heavy sum of coins. If you are interested in FUT, then make sure that you partake in Flash Challenges and weekly challenges as well. Let us know what your current team looks like and what do you think of our lineups.

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