How to Complete the Flash Challenge in FUT 22

FIFA 22 enhances upon its FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) 22 by adding some new and exciting features. From new mechanics to new challenges, this year’s FUT is one that you won’t want to miss. While it is understandable that most players don’t want to spend countless hours in FUT to level up their teams, it can be quite addicting and fun. With that said, this guide will show you how to complete the Flash Challenge in FUT 22.

Completing this challenge is relatively easy and a simple process that might sound complex but it isn’t. Although, if you just started or are still a new player, you might not meet the conditions to apply for the Flash Challenge. Let’s dive straight in and find out everything about the FUT 22 Flash Challenge.

FUT 22: Completing the Flash Challenge

To complete the Flash Challenge, you must first meet the conditions of it. Once you fulfill the criteria, you’ll be able to submit your team in exchange for the reward offered by this challenge. Keep in mind that the team you submit will be traded for the reward so don’t use your main team for it. With that said, the conditions and rewards for this challenge are explained in the next sections.

What is the FUT 22 Flash Challenge

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) 22 is introducing a new Flash Challenge as a pre-celebration of Black Friday. This challenge will last for about an hour before disappearing for good, so make sure that you complete it on time.

EA confirmed that this challenge will not be repeatable and if missed, you won’t be able to play it again. The challenge also grants the player certain rewards if you complete it on time. Much like the weekly challenges, the Flash Challenge will also reset quickly.

Conditions to Complete the Flash Challenge

How to Complete the Flash Challenge in FUT 22

There are a certain set of conditions that you have to meet in order to take part in the FUT 22 Flash Challenge. While they might sound difficult to meet for newer players, they’re actually pretty easy. With that said, make sure that your team meets the following conditions:

  • Leagues: Max 4
  • Nationalities: Min 3
  • Same Club Count: Max 3
  • Rare: Exactly 11
  • Team Chemistry: Min 80
  • Squad Rating: Min 65
  • Number of players in the Squad: 11


The reward for this challenge is quite good. Every player that completes the FUT 22 Flash Challenge, will receive a Prime Mixed Players Pack. This will help you build your team by giving you, high-rated players. Keep in mind that this challenge – much like its name – is a limited-time challenge that will disappear quickly. You will have a short period of time to complete it so make sure to finish it as soon as possible.

That about does it for the Flash Challenge. If you meet the conditions, simply submit your team for the challenge and you’ll earn the reward for it. It is an easy challenge that will give you the Prime Mixed Players Pack which is a welcomed addition. Meanwhile, check out how you can get Draft Tokens in FUT 22.

Let us know in the comments below if you managed to complete this challenge yet or not. Hurry up if you haven’t because it’s only here for about an hour.

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