When does FUT Weekly Objectives Reset in FIFA 22?

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) has you construct a fantasy football team filled with all-star players as you compete with other custom-made teams from players around the world. To get ahead, you’ll need to be completing weekly challenges that reward you with the XP you need to get your favorite player.

Knowing when your weekly challenges and other objectives reset can be pivotal in helping you decide when to schedule your matches so that you can grind them out accordingly. Thankfully, the developers have a set reset time for Weekly Objectives in FIFA 22.

FUT 22 Weekly Objectives Reset Time

According to our calculations and an official comment by the developers as well, weekly challenges are refreshed every Friday at 10 AM PDT or 1 PM EDT. If you were unable to complete or have missed last week’s objectives, they remain accessible for another week.

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If you end up not claiming your Weekly Rewards even though you’ve completed your challenges, no worries! EA will automatically add them to your club and you’ll be getting a pop-up next time you log in notifying you of such.

Do you always complete your FUT 22 challenges? Or do you lag behind? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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