FIFA 22 Bugs, Known Issues and Fixes | Disconnections, Game Quitting

EA Sport’s FIFA 22 has certainly improved upon its predecessor. However, there still are a few issues that the game is plagued with which hinder its overall performance. With that said, we’ve compiled a list of the most common issues and their workaround which include disconnections, save files being corrupted, and more.

As always, these issues have been picked up from the community with some fixes being official suggestions while others are community sourced. Just like NBA 2K22, we’ll be updating this post with more issues and their workarounds as they pop up.

FIFA 22 Known Issues and Fixes (All Platforms)

Here’s a list of all the commonly found known issues and their fixes in FIFA 22. If your bug / issue isn’t here, let us know in the comments down below!

Disconnections from Rivals and FUT Champs

Issue: Your game might randomly start disconnecting in Rivals and FUT Champs. This issue seems to be occurring on the PS4 / PS4 Pro.

Fix: While this may generic, currently, EA has mentioned power cycling your console, unplugging the modem, and turning the console back on as the only fixes. You should try re-installing the game if these fixes don’t seem to do anything.

Score A Goal From Bicycle Kick Objective Not Working

Issue: Scoring a goal from a bicycle kick in Squad Battle on Minimum World-Class Difficulty (or Rivals) does not seem to be working

Fix: Make sure you’ve not done a scissor kick. If your character is to the side even slightly, the kick will not count.

Installation Stuck on 27%

Issue: Your game’s installation will be stuck at 27% on the PS4 / PS4 Pro and PS5

Fix: Open the notifications on your PS Home. You’ll notice that the game is partially downloaded. After the download finishes, you’ll be able to play the game fine!

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Please Confirm Your Active Profile Message

Issue: After finishing a match, the game wouldn’t save with the prompt An Active Profile needs to be signed in to do this.

Fix: Highlight the FIFA 22 title with the Menu button. Now, choose Manage game & add ons. Now, head on to Saved Date and delete the file which has your Gamertag. Restart your Xbox and load back into the game.

Failed To Load Settings

Issue: When starting the game up on PC, you may receive a Failed to Load the Settings File error

Fix: Head on to Customize > Profile > Delete and delete the Personal Settings 1 file. This will not delete any of your in-game data like your FUT squad.

Banned For No Reason

Issue: Some user accounts have reported that they’ve been banned for no reason.

Fix: Currently, your best bet is to consult EA Support. If you genuinely did not use any hacks or exploits, your account will be unbanned.

Stuck on Downloading and Applying Squads

Issue: As soon as the game starts, the downloading and applying online squads prompt appears.

Fix: Head to Customize > Profile > Delete. Now, delete the online squad files and your game should run as normal!

Did any of these fixes work out for you? Or are you still having trouble? If there’s an issue you are suffering from or a fix that worked for you that we haven’t mentioned, let us know in the comments down below!

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  1. Manager Career Mode – when you take the Northern Ireland or Wales job, you should be involved in European qualifying for the World Cup, but no qualifying matches ever seem to take place. Has anyone else had this issue?

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